Baphil Hill by Hill

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Kharzhunwold - First Hill - NW

City Hall - Baphil’s City Hall sits at the highest point of Kharzhunwold, at the northwestern most end of Riddlewarren Street. The roadway climbs toward City Hall in a series of stairways carved into the hillside and ends at a flattened courtyard girdled by a low stone balustrade. A second point of egress pierces the rail to the west, where a series of stairways leads to Nodolbo Tower. The City Hall itself is a great, round domed building, three stories high. The domed roof is copper plated, as are the doors which are reached by a low railed stair. Several old Blueneedle pines (pine trees) grow near the compound.

Nodolbo Tower - the tower of ravens, shaped rather like a grain silo, twenty five feet tall, built atop the second highest point of Kharzhunwold, accessible only from the City Hall. Ravens are kept here to carry messages. Blueneedle pines grow close up to the balustrade which encompasses its grounds.

Public Works Buildings- snow removal, stonemasons, architects, engineers, etc.

Armory - weapons, armor storage for the city.

Homes for citizens.

Fundhun Plaza - a common on the northwest flank of Kharzhunwold, reached by ascending the carven stair which Riddlewarren becomes as it ascends toward the City Hall. The Plaza is a large, flattened court cut into the hillside, where water can be gathered by Baphil’s citizens. Riddlewarren Street circles around the Plaza to either side, climbing the hillside to merge again some distance above it. On the wall at the northwestern end of the Plaza, a solemn dwarven face spills water into a great stone basin.

Inventor Gozer’s Salvage Shop - Gozer’s shop sits high on Kharzhunwold, a silo shaped tower with a large telescope piercing the roof.

Ulfwold - Second Hill - NE

Balfundhun Plaza- another common, this one covered by a stone dome, supported by a ring of carven, stone columns. Larger than Folfardhun and Fundhun, Balfundhun serves as a farmer’s market by day and a boxing ring by night.

Forgetong’s Fine Armaments - weapon shop.

Armorer’s Shop

Potters Shop

Halftone’s Tattoos

Flintlock’s Engraving

Leatherworker’s Shop

Tavern: The Stone Pony

Gowan’s Home (party adventurer) sits low on the hill, near to Cleftrise Street)

Agharwold - Third Hill - SE

Folfardhun Plaza - built in all ways like Fundhun Plaza.

The Copper Pot Inn - on Undermine Street, midway between the mine and the city gate.

Guild Halls (blacksmiths, jewelers, farmers, stoneworkers, miners) - at the top of the hill.

Bezel Agapp’s Home - owner of the Copper Pot, sits at a level below the guild halls.

Tunnel - Rivenhill Street cuts through Agharwold in a carved out tunnel.

Ilhunwold - Fourth Hill - SW

Temple to Pelor- one of the largest buildings in Baphil, the building is covered in windows to let in the light of Pelor’s sun. The domed roof is copper plated. A flattened courtyard surrounds the building, which sits at the highest point of Ilhunwold reached by climbing Cleftrise Street.

Lucifer’s Home - adventurer, native of Baphil, one time acolyte in the Temple. His home sits low on the hill, somewhere between Cleftrise and Rivenhill Streets.

Stables - on Undermine Street, near to the town gate, across from the Rangers Compound.



Tobacco/Pipe Shop


Spice Merchant



City Center - central Baphil

Dunwolven Copper Mine - a large bore at the center of Baphil surrounded by a flattened yard. Carved stone stairs circle down into its depths. Wooden hoists and lifts surround the pit used for bringing stone and ore from the vault.

Warehouses - hug the lowest slips of all four hills, surround the mine yard.

Ranger’s Compound- a large walled compound at the southern end of Baphil, at a low point where Ilhunwold and Agharwold meet, near to Undermine Street. The compound has buildings for: a kennel for the riding dogs particular to Baphil (Umber Hills Mastiffs, the size of horses), a building for dog breeders, groomers and trainers, a Hall for the Rangers who ride the dogs, and a large yard for the dogs to run and be worked.
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