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A bit of a Sonic fan. I also like FNAF quite a bit as you may tell by my content. I make renders using sourcefilmmaker.

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Models: KabalMystic, RobGaming/Rynfox, HiroshiSan/SaiyanGoku4

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TLDR: I got the offending video taken down. So if you didnt know already, I had a mate come to me telling me someone was using my art without permission nor credit. After I commented on the dudes video his reply literally "Oh sorry nobody told me who made it", despite the work containing an admittingly obnoxious watermark in the corner. He eventually did leave my name in the description but knowing he has done this to other creators really annoyed me. Whenever I have made art that either takes from ideas by others, or remakes I do of other peoples art, I try to make a damn good effort to make sure I establish that. I have never taken someones art and reposted without making sure to credit if I knew where the art came from, especially in my discord server. So to see someone doing that with my work is just alittle frustrating, especially when they are getting 4x/5x the views my original piece did. I decided I wasnt having it and put in a copyright complaint and have the video taken
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Hey all, so it has come to my attention that someone has used my work in a youtube video they made. It involves a werehog render I did with the addition of fart sounds. I would like to thank a member in my discord server (I dont know if he wants shouted out for this) for calling my attention to this. I feel a little insulted by this as I would have probably gave him permission to use it if he asked. I would have asked him to just credit me/link to my original work. What rubs salt in the would for me is, the guy has almost 3000 views while my original submission is barely close to 600 (at the time of writing). Not to mention, I DONT like fart content. As it seems, however, I am not the only person to have been affected by this dudes thievery either, to which I have sent messages to other artists I was able to identify and inform them of it happening to them too. Again, if you want to use my work, either ask my permission or give me credit (or both). Since this guy decided to put little
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Will I ever get the hang of it? I dunno? I dont know if DeviantArt is temperamental or not but I can never seem to get the hang of BBCODE on this site. I have been working a lot lately on requested and commissioned works, as well as seeking inspiration to remake and bring my own interpretation to another persons artwork. I always want to try and ensure that I credit my external sources well. This is especially true since I dont want the artist of which I took inspiration to feel their own work was in vein, so i try to make sure to credit and promote their stuff. Now, you know how DeviantArt has the feature that allows you to tag people and other stuff? Well it seems to be VERY temperamental for me. Theres been times where I try to tag someone and when I finally publish the submission, the tag is broken... Then you get occassion where they do work and you realise you could be spamming the persons notification feed with mentions... What is even my luck? (-‸ლ) If you are one of these
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