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The End of Love
*Spoiler warning* *sort of???* *refer to note at the bottom*

And then it hit.
It hit Prosper harder than anything he had ever experienced.
And, already on his knees, he fell to his hands. And on his hands, he fell to his face.
He couldn't stand this, this -- hellish, blazing, beautiful fire. Worse than fire. Worse than his guilt, his despair, his kicking-himself and allowing-himself-to-be-kicked.
It was all of that, and more. It was everything he regretted, it was everything he was proud of, everything that he'd ever wanted and never wanted to receive.
It was why he had ordered Gahiji not to touch him, that night in Jamanakai. 
Why he had left J'avi's soul to bleed in the frost. 
Why he had become Hidoi's Gateway. 
It was why he had run from Eboni. 
"J'avi," Prosper gasped. "I don't want this -- t-take it back..." 
His hands tightened in J'avi's. The little Fragment grinned, his eyes wet and full of that exquisite pain.
"But it's
yours, pop!" he said.
"That's right," Soren murmured, and Prosper realized that he held
his hand, too. Soren's voice was as gentle a comfort as any embrace. 
"It's yours, Povelitel." 


note - this is actually an illustration of Eboni, and that written accompaniment is actually from one of Prosper's arcs in book 2 of Whisper. So, technically spoilers? But it mostly concerns what's already happened in book 1. And the whole scene is super vague, so. Shrug I'm pretty confident you guys aren't getting any major spoilers, even though it's a huge part of the second book :'D 

also all of this has to do with that new oneshot I keep talking about, y'all better get HYPED for this

"The End of Love" is a song by Florence + the Machine. ;v; 
a state of suffering
[a state of suffering in which someone's refrain from comfort is a morbid comfort in and of itself.]

Will be posting another one-shot to The Fragments soon...!! Be on the lookout. This one has a lot to do with some of the aftermath of Whisper. 
Inktober 13 (2018)
*Soren stomping in the distance* "J'avi!!" 

last Inktober I managed to get done. Maybe I'll start up again one of these days... for now just gonna focus on surviving. :XD: 
Inktober 12 (2018)
"Emma... Can I ask you something before you go?" 


"... Did I ever really know you?" 

"Oh, my dear Azamat. You have always known me -- and I, you." 

casually leaks major-but-incredibly-vague spoilers for book two
Tagged by :iconblysk:! It's been ages since I've done one of these :'D 


-You have to post ALL the rules.
-Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
-Choose 12 people.
-(Actually) Tag these people.
-Tag the author too.
-Can't say you don't do tags.
-Tag backs are allowed.

Blysk's 12 Queshions:

1. What's your favorite kind of carnival/amusement park food?
Once I got one of those giant salted pretzels that they also sell at movie theaters? Mmmm, so good. 

2. What's your favorite kind of ride?

3. Beach or cabin in the woods?
Oh boy, I'm kinda cabin-ned out, I'll be honest. :XD: But the beach stresses me out... so cabin it is! 

4. Snowglobe or commemorative mug?
A mug, for sure. I can actually use them. 

5. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a kid?
Yes ma'am! A stuffed monkey named Monkey.

6. What's one thing you couldn't go a day without?
I'll be honest, I'm a goody-two-shoes whose first thought was prayer and scriptures. :XD: But if we're not talking spiritual, I'd have to say clothes. ... Don't wanna go a day without clothes. 

7. Do you know what position you lie in when you're first falling asleep?
On my side, generally. 

8. Do you ever have that thing where you're just falling asleep, but then you dream you're walking and you stepped into a hole, and you wake up from the jolt to your leg?
YES. Yes I do. Had it just the other night. The jolt goes more to my stomach though. 

9. If you had to get a piercing and it wasn't your ears, what would it be? (Or what's a non-ear piercing that you already have?)
Not planning on one, but I could stand a piercing through my eyebrow, I guess. 

10. Have you ever been menaced by a goose/duck/chicken/other large bird?
Thankfully no! I'm careful to maintain a healthy distance from such creatures, and so far it's worked. :'D 

11. What is one book/movie/show you really wish you could rewrite the ending of?
NinjaGo, actually. :XD: There were a feeeew seasons that don't sit quite right. I'd probably tweak the whole show, just to do more justice to the characters and ideas.

12. What is one thing you're really glad you did, otherwise you know you'd have regrets?
I climbed into a harness, climbed a forty-foot pole, and jumped off! :D 


12 More Question-oes:

1. Root-Beer-Float or 7Up-Float?
2. If you could work anywhere doing anything, what would that be?
3. Name one or two color schemes you really like. 
4. What's your favorite artificial flavoring of something natural? (i.e. cherry, watermelon, banana)
5. How about your least favorite food? 
6. Would you prefer a gi-gant-a-la-normous house with a small yard or a small house with a gi-gant-a-la-normous yard? 
7. Do you play any instruments?
8. What's your favorite board/card game? 
9. Do you like long or short hair better?
10. What's your favorite story (movie/show/book, etc) and why? 
11. Say there are now restrictions on the colors you can wear. All your pants/bottoms are black, and all of your shirts/tops are a single, solid color of your choosing. What color do you choose?
12. What is your favorite genre to read, and what is your favorite to write? 


StoneByrd's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Artist, author, animator, and rocker chick.



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