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Belize Villa Interior 2

Blender + Indigo
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beautiful work.
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can you tell me the indigo settingss?
what lights/how many?

i hope you will respond :\ ..

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You can see all the lights :P They're just little mesh emitters.
I forget the render settings, but it wasn't anything special, mostly tweaking the tonemapping!
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very nice, I love the blinds
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Is there more photo's of this place or of another place with the same type of artistic to it like this house does? :D if so I'd love to see more.
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Not just yet, but it's something I want to go back to to push a bit more!
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Aw that suck's. Modern artistic housing can be really amazing. :D
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I'll let you know though ;)
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Thank's greatly appreciated. :)
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Wow for blender!
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It's much more capable than most people think :P
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well i tried using it, but i could not get realistic renders.
finding tutorials is tough, i was through the basics, but got
stuck in rendering. if you have some tutorials, could you share?
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I'm supposed to write a tutorial for Ronen Bekerman ([link]) based on the GH House entry I did for his competition, so when I finally get around to it, I'll let you know! I'm probably gonna go through the whole process from CAD drawings to finished rendering. Just how complicated the project I choose will be is still undecided...
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That's huge task... well waiting for it
that's a great site, i never came across
when searching for stuff :(
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I only heard about it when the GH House competition was announced, back in November, I think.
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Wow, lovely! Really impressive work, it looks practically like a photo! :D :jawdrop:
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