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Finally, the season we waited the most is here. No school, friends, sunbathing, cold drinks, shorts, parties, sunsets and sunrises, midsummer, laughter, joy, dancing, traveling, standing in the rain, be with your beloved one, lie in the grass doing nothing all day long, enjoying the nature, wind breezes, music, hiking, bike riding, huge sunglasses and hats, ice-cream abd tears of joy, tanned skin, inspiration, beautiful clouds, unforgetable moments, birthdays, proms, rock concerts, baloons, guitars and umbrellas, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, kisses and hugs, new people, surprises, the sea.
Those will be the best memories.

"The tans fade, but memories last forever"

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." -Russel Baker

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." -Wallace Stevens

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." -Sam Keen


summer dream by curLy-babe :thumb165720290: swallowed in the sea by carrionshine aureolee de beaute by carrionshine Paeonia Maria Lannotti by hold-steady :thumb166716877: :thumb168129941: One summer sunrise by Kalechenkov :thumb139382263: :thumb163608460: :thumb101153064: :thumb141189295: :thumb151452549: Little mess. by CasheeFoo :thumb168158248: 2010_06_16 II by ENDarkArt Rain. by caitlin-may :thumb168108765: Summer time... by Jibril85 :thumb151444746: :thumb90120781: :thumb166701129:  :thumb128986789: :thumb162531476: :thumb168342382: :thumb168094403: Playing in the rain by BlocX First Sunset Photo of Summer by KeelyWeisPhotography Baltic Sea, Study 7 by kapanaga :thumb153844120: Seaside 2 by laurentdudot Seaside Mood by The-Nightmare-Escape summer song by aimeelikestotakepics :thumb115662088: :thumb165060456: Fields of gold by onixa feel it... by impatienss :thumb80266585: pointless nostalgic. by eHSiiCa :thumb157861356: :thumb168131474: Made of Stars by naked-in-the-rain :thumb130610000: Empty summer by cha-feily Seaside. by thecatspyjamas Golden explosions by CatchMe-22 :thumb152064694: golden sakura by jyoujo Golden darkness by JoInnovate a song for remembering by bailey--elizabeth :thumb164009068: That Feeling by CharlesLovesTrees :thumb167843386: :thumb168246919: :thumb168146495: leaf heart by chpsauce :thumb168211983: sunset by sl-photographer :thumb104615080: Menanti Kepulanganmu. by MahiraKhairia New York City by DarkSaiF Burning sky by Maciej-Koniuszy Midsummer by Lionique Arizona Dream I by Mamotte Blush by addy-ack Hot weather. by Lileinaya Rock n' Roll Lovers II by MalloryLynn :thumb82049737: Yesterday by blabla-bla Like lovers do... by S3BR4 Young Lovers by artcreamz sunrise by revolt727 4th of July by myoung4828 :thumb137677434: Morning Glory by jpadfx june 12th, 1972 by aimeelikestotakepics happy belated birthday by byebyebeautifool Happy Birthday to Me. by SaylaMarz happy birthday steph by MelissaRobin July.. by RoHu-veronicaP Sometimes in June II by mijnnaamis Hope by farhadvm Candles by pinkdinosawr July 3 by e-string Party Poopers by tongueINcheek walk away . . by estellamestella :thumb151614609: August by negruta end of august by Ivan-Suta august by KalifBanane silent sea by fantaisiee last August by emma-id FLY SHDW by augustcaptured :thumb166095388: :thumb119376977: august IV by fruwacka :thumb56233700: Bubbles by ELogan-Photography :thumb95023826: Trip by PaulMachikhin The Bike by SureFireBackfire woman with umbrella by JSzmaglinski forest by myhhy Forest light by Lionique No country for young girls by andree182 country girl. by tori-f Country Life II by eulalievarenne with a cold winter kiss by carrionshine Alejandro by XxXJaPpAnErDieXxX A moment of joy by Last-Delight joy pure joy by peacelovehappyness coca-cola and white glasses by emauz jump for joy by EperAgi blown out joy by sivel12001 we had joy, we had fun by loLO-o :thumb85569403: joy ride by ryussei23 joy by poivre The pool by anarchiekueken :thumb155642252: fan by Innadril Crazy by imallergictoyou :thumb123454127: Cold wind by NadyaBird crazy shoulders by lans-bejbe :thumb143721215: :thumb87883009: :thumb158761440: :thumb106984535: dance with the wind by MelodyOfLeeLoo blowin' in the wind by AmeliePom To give heat of heart... by mechtaniya Dance. by Yagodka :thumb127755572: there . by aoife :thumb168378833: :thumb117290389: :thumb160372621: memories. by gnash-pie in my memories by LenaCramer memories by Pathogens Memories by celuloide :thumb137564812: Blue memories by Julie-de-Waroquier :thumb93140447: :thumb147172334: :thumb168274087: :thumb163038627: Paris... by pluschkind Wake me up in Paris by Borboletra :thumb133342891: Retro girl by grassel Retro berry by feel-urban little mermaid by carrionshine Queen Of The Night by kalinaicons Be different. by addy-ack Feeling Alive... by WhiteBook Put down this night. by RomanceOnTheTarmac Busy by Al-Baum Heavenly. by me3009 it's so easy. by magnesina Ordinary World.. by Khomenko 124 by angelikadurys Stereo by Chaerul-Umam Hot Chocolate by Littography black fire by Santina s nny by estellamestella Thistles and a Girl by Piddling bad memories by UrielReyes :thumb168440772: Just Dance by Kezzi-Rose Just One Last Dance by Ichiyo we used to dance by marissamcpeak :thumb100486882: Nothing lasts forever by tearsandchocolate :thumb156278219: Why do you do these things? by Lyndzie Do you remember by Healzo Do not forget me by WouterPera do you wanna mr fridolin? by LenaCramer :thumb137852479: What do you want by Pitrisek do you remember by FttSniper :thumb133005031: do something by Megson what do i feel by byebyebeautifool Blind People Do Dream by FaMz do it by rami777 Just do it by Engel-der-stadt all u have to do by bhawank where do birds fly? by meyrembulucek Do you remember, love? by memoriesofnobodies :thumb143619908: love can do all but by aimeelikestotakepics :thumb150719682: not like you do by nowaryesblack :thumb160532050: So blow wind blow. by tugbaakdag :thumb163697704: Midsummer Eve's Kiss by MarcWeiz Kite by aiamsaiour :thumb167138910: Summer's laugh by MendYourHand :thumb157543256: hug the earth by kim-e-sens Strand by Chaerul-Umam day one hundred twenty three by Natasia-L :thumb165009501: Baby I Need Your Lovin by kyokosphotos :thumb168259921: Dandel by Al-Baum :thumb167841585: featureless by Erdbeerstern :thumb161063180: The Color Of Love. by Blutr0t :thumb165479039: Drowning by Krynicki :thumb167248794: Amazonka by AnitaSadowska :thumb164654096: It will come by EliseEnchanted FlowerForest by moninyok                                    

I've got a bike by charrlotte :thumb131829111: Summer days.. by Miglee :thumb167971346: The Birthday Girl by PorcelainPoet  after rain by chryztoph Laugh it up by x-myapocalypse :thumb147228974: oh dear sicily by skafunk  the non-existent town by BigboyDenis :thumb81916303: smoking smoke by johnberd Once in a day by Bruynzeeldesign before the worst by SabrinaCichy :thumb161609337: .r e a c h : u p. by ShadowSakami :thumb160349138: :thumb129508620: burnt flowers fallen by xenia-u :thumb106952160: :thumb166075857: Happy Birthday by Lucem Sunrise by XBloom0BabyX :thumb167422065: Golden Sunset with bird by mohaganbev Shine through. by ArrArr Summertime in the field 1 by Freddi1 Spain Beach. by W-indwolf Sand Branches by AutumnPetals magical by Pinkproud Happy 18th Birthday by emilu Birthday cake by LittleFantasy Laugh by HiThere90 Fracture of a moment. by Be-at Seaside again by badur :thumb129621745: Cornflower by Pete1987 golden by bryan-cuttance Smoke by Floarea-Soarelui :thumb151054055: :thumb164365725: :thumb76990873: And there's gold by downpoured Golden... by Jennbawa :thumb162157350: Golden - portrait by timeisatraveller Lovers by Dissent-Is-Cool Summer by rapidvision in the woods by Bruynzeeldesign :thumb28626575: Sunrise, sunrise... by cloud-room Sunrise by Fabiuss :thumb168284052: :thumb168272106: feel good lies by SabrinaCichy Alejandro by DaShark13 ..Wiki.. by hubert-adamus hot by GalaGankina Temporary joy by punk-widow Hot portret by IIEE D. D. K. by Prueneta HOT CYPRUS by ictenbey :thumb131817502: A Lovers Escape by HollyBroomhall lovers by photoplace Sunrise sunset by twilight-bella :thumb138882695: Daylight robbery. by juliadavis London sunrise by silje6 Into the Sun Part Deux by colombianrebel Can we make this last forever? by kimmy16 :thumb64137646: :thumb162032145: :thumb142190431: :thumb100620268: :thumb159408605: :thumb121342140: :thumb109951358: :thumb137180270: :thumb137338565: :thumb146106930: :thumb97490225: :thumb76167801: :thumb67003772: :thumb34168091:  :thumb66128168: :thumb34224354: :thumb92914635: :thumb132522641: :thumb62303957: :thumb99970124: :thumb73784345: :thumb166773947: :thumb133526323: :thumb66260096: :thumb96600284: :thumb132598745: :thumb134246620: :thumb96930774: :thumb125996491: :thumb135508240: :thumb60881034: :thumb118350056: :thumb67085340: :thumb164192336: :thumb85913289: :thumb123105806: :thumb106387615: :thumb167065671: :thumb149554785: :thumb140671079: :thumb167704103: :thumb137745191: :thumb60281366: :thumb101269895: :thumb157858654: :thumb137033108: :thumb162850226: :thumb60411880: :thumb151509112: :thumb115337768: :thumb90263974: :thumb66522432: :thumb136226686: :thumb109111856: :thumb168381720: :thumb165865347: :thumb73369283: :thumb46760659: :thumb133373264: :thumb77799681: :thumb90108631: :thumb150739746: :thumb104389094: :thumb94973956: :thumb42316778: :thumb166773947: :thumb126344837: :thumb115378494: :thumb94450955: :thumb146744045: :thumb114286379: :thumb142276688: :thumb87214047: :thumb102435957: :thumb101418095: :thumb129322572: :thumb130945995: :thumb161477594: :thumb168439265: :thumb137327608: :thumb168336890: :thumb94298971:  :thumb168438932: :thumb86030114: :thumb128978771: :thumb168443429: :thumb168441287: :thumb121717656: :thumb128078337: :thumb82397009: :thumb165345733: :thumb104526593: :thumb148161334: :thumb84100723: :thumb160162406:  :thumb120551142: :thumb167890256: :thumb167597008: :thumb165729047: :thumb166182596: :thumb166878075: :thumb164939218: :thumb168284052: :thumb164931913: :thumb168216014: :thumb158570642: :thumb89428856: :thumb165613434:                                    

:thumb145392232: :thumb168207745: :thumb100053286: :thumb164356882: :thumb111831255: :thumb122487838: :thumb102978397: :thumb145023891: :thumb168185639: :thumb156732366: :thumb168143003: :thumb168220568: :thumb162654948: :thumb168196650: :thumb89035194: :thumb168213436: :thumb167998236: :thumb168174752: :thumb63304999: :thumb168193530: :thumb126708485: :thumb110092117: :thumb168359040: :thumb168154239: :thumb168216469: :thumb115994522: :thumb168026511: :thumb163735996: :thumb115658387: :thumb167981153: :thumb101899731: :thumb133962797: :thumb168174936: :thumb167416724: :thumb164107364: :thumb168147459: :thumb168112510: :thumb166399819: :thumb168136520: :thumb145401296: :thumb168115738: :thumb86416412: :thumb168106417:  :thumb124988896: :thumb168108483: :thumb168108315: :thumb168108075: :thumb168106547: :thumb168095000: :thumb136555691: :thumb168059352:  :thumb168123878: :thumb150456118: :thumb168093163: :thumb166701308: :thumb64240778: :thumb158693080: :thumb90908855: :thumb150389797:  :thumb96201653: :thumb164934381: :thumb167298346: :thumb109573799: :thumb133675520: :thumb167615123: :thumb134272418: :thumb168004250: :thumb167069413: :thumb74035364: :thumb118462352: :thumb168340319: :thumb164782728: :thumb112809680: :thumb136722321: :thumb135575334: :thumb139410207: :thumb91132337:  :thumb51434509: :thumb126305061: :thumb132822194: :thumb161050991: :thumb156892659: :thumb71451708: :thumb145505384: :thumb92484636: :thumb166120890: :thumb72793773: :thumb143038384: :thumb156263145: :thumb131912318: :thumb89715339: :thumb60653072: :thumb95039173: :thumb157307048: :thumb134181203: :thumb125869151: :thumb152699274: :thumb166093292: :thumb166206773: :thumb166238308:  :thumb149282337: :thumb159290442: :thumb104100810: :thumb90641975: :thumb131612141: :thumb88911965: :thumb59442329: :thumb78893478: :thumb58811450: :thumb99390755: :thumb72905085: :thumb47818251: :thumb71557002: :thumb125947875: :thumb129338493: :thumb93072929: :thumb130183263: :thumb132541913:  :thumb148556857: :thumb164558669: :thumb110523187: :thumb97975499: :thumb132478065: :thumb146549428: :thumb73675203: :thumb92065627: :thumb73300919: :thumb149290792: :thumb133148132: :thumb61373718: :thumb40080856: :thumb129099314: :thumb74961491: :thumb147851895: :thumb167065061: :thumb163965434: :thumb167606337: :thumb146064225: :thumb126323248: :thumb163975192: :thumb32366006: :thumb132376641: :thumb85444090: :thumb111158671: :thumb63769370: :thumb107156821: :thumb143619883: :thumb113081857: :thumb95247496: :thumb31924830: :thumb139393583: :thumb164402537: :thumb96229093: :thumb155793550: :thumb135716997: :thumb146342288: :thumb164782181: :thumb114515547: :thumb148963093: :thumb130772668: :thumb156580790: :thumb160996650: :thumb127511712: :thumb96215983: :thumb168379297: :thumb168090101: :thumb61833844: :thumb117832561: :thumb90571793: :thumb49357812: :thumb116884347: :thumb108475913: :thumb84095616: :thumb110247204: :thumb163407518: :thumb93678394: :thumb149323297: :thumb134201208: :thumb94768342: :thumb121954135:  :thumb162349213: :thumb167653331: :thumb151976090: :thumb85369620: :thumb161698609: :thumb91955255: :thumb162539282:  :thumb164185063: :thumb130723218: :thumb164178380: :thumb168376889: :thumb168404978: :thumb168441426: :thumb168441926: :thumb168440660: :thumb168441704: :thumb157536042: :thumb94500959: :thumb143509471: :thumb144179464: :thumb168441431: :thumb128258635: :thumb114437147: :thumb120861881: :thumb152795909: :thumb149954296: :thumb167952364: :thumb155422793: :thumb124652650: :thumb71495398: :thumb145674658: :thumb144635303: :thumb125467290: :thumb106786981: :thumb167628374: :thumb16917457:  :thumb162681938: :thumb167944417: :thumb166959884: :thumb152590922: :thumb165212668: :thumb166937270: :thumb167174293: :thumb166826661: :thumb166190535: :thumb167353137: :thumb167525558: :thumb167416990: :thumb165267926: :thumb168319557: :thumb164250863: :thumb163687565: :thumb167981752: :thumb167454893: :thumb167275146: :thumb167907354: :thumb166814718: :thumb89148960: :thumb126948848: :thumb166938428: :thumb167247898: :thumb166943393: :thumb154570775:               

:thumb112966911: :thumb135318896: :thumb89787542: :thumb124653768: :thumb164281701: :thumb99901583:

:thumb167962798: :thumb91793984: :thumb130976110: :thumb121560059: :thumb128839767:  

:thumb124305679: :thumb102838772: :thumb95869385: :thumb90811905: :thumb91655059:            

I wish you the best summer in your lifetime.
Summer 10' here i come!
© 2010 - 2021 stolentime
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Thank you so much for the feature! :heart: :D
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Thank you kindly! :highfive:
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Thanks for sharing your beautiful features' collection. It's a very nice escape in a stay-home hot-summer afternoon..
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fantastic! (:
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wow, you sure did add a lot of my photos, thanks you sososo much! :+favlove:
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Awesome collection :heart:
thank you!
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:O This is incredible! Thanks so much for including my photo! :glomp:
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Thank you <3
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fantastic collection :clap:
thank you :heart:
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Thank you for the feature!
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Thank you for the feature :)
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really beautiful set of photos! very inspiring
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wowooo, thanks a lot fo this feature!
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Beautifull collection! Thank you for including me :D
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Thank you for the feature. Great collection!
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