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Human Skeleton 12029879

This image is provided to members of deviantART without charge for use as stock imagery under these specific Terms and Conditions. Any use of the image will confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

You can download an even higher resolution version of this image at: [link]
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Jeesh, why do your terms have to be so technical? At least have a section for dummies summarizing what is and isn't allowed. Obviously, I will go elsewhere for stock.
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Morgue Jpg by nitchwarmer  Thank you for the great stock
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I don't want to waste my time reading your onerous terms and conditions.  
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Virgin Papyrus - Chat icon - 50x50  SANS WHY IS HE NAKED??????
Sans Nervous Icon  I dont know.......
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Points of view by doclicio  used here thanks :-)
Pictured: The Hollywood standard for "slightly pudgy" actresses.
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Thank you very much! Used it here: and here:…
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Hi i used your stock here…
thank you!!!!!!!!
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Used it here:
My Skin by debNise
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Thanks for the awesome stock! Used here:…
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I used this as reference here:…

Thank you.
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used your stock here:
Thank you!
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Do you know is it male or female skeleton? I have a feeling looking at pelvic bone it's female. I'm using it for a man so I can prepare myself for mocking :D Thank you for the stock and I'll leave link as soon I upload art.
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i used this picture here [link]
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Thanks for the stock used here [link]
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Used this here [link] Thank you =)
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Hi, I used this stock here: [link]
Thank You!!!
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It's a spectacular image. Thanks so much!

Here's what I did with it and why...

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Amazing! It's so realiztic!
I am currently doing a complicated commission for a friend, who is writing a book series, and one of the races she has asked me to draw has a very complex skeletal structure- fortunately it is fairly humanoid. I am attempting to draw it in steps now but could use some references.
Would it be alright if I used this one just for reference purposes? I just need something to look at to get a feel for what I'm drawing really. ^.^ I had to sell my science textbook last semester and no longer have one to use.
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