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Welcome to StockProject, deviantART's official group focused on community dialogue about commercial stock offerings!  This group is your home to discuss how we should design an on-site integrated stock offering, to view educational resources about making, selling, and licensing stock, and to access hundreds of free stock assets.
Our goal is to provide deviants a place to talk about stock (both creating stock for others and incorporating stock assets into new pieces of art) with fellow enthusiasts and to benefit from the passionate stock community already active on deviantART. We are starting the process by providing access to millions of images through the deviantART Stock Project with Fotolia.  It aims to give deviants the ability to find and use stock under simple licenses at fair prices.

Fotolia, a leading microstock provider worldwide, is the perfect partner for this project as they're a company that is truly committed to using community involvement to change the traditional business of microstock offerings. Fotolia provides important expertise in making stock work as a commercial undertaking.

We're excited to be embarking on this new adventure and want to hear your feedback during the journey!

:star:  Key points to keep in mind as you browse the group:

:bulletblue:  No gallery submissions will be accepted -- yet.  For the time being, this group serves as a discussion and information headquarters.  However, feel free to check out our gallery to access and download free stock assets.

:bulletblue:  We welcome all deviants to join as Members or Watchers!  Doing so will ensure that you receive timely and important updates regarding the deviantART Stock Project as it develops.

:star:  There are a few ways you can get involved:

1.  We want your input!  Let us know what you think about the deviantART Stock Project by commenting on this blog!

2.  What exactly is microstock?  Want to learn more?  Join our Educational Corner to expand your mind!

3.  Check out our stock gallery where you can download hundreds of stock images completely free, courtesy of Fotolia.

4.  Millions of gorgeous stock images are available just a few clicks away at stockproject.fotolia.com.

What are you waiting for?  Now's your chance to get involved!  :eager:

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia
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k1-brigade's avatar
erm excuse me, i have already a drawing of a sin (for the sin contest), envy to be exact, but it envolves vocaloid, am i gonna have problem with that?
kokorostrings's avatar
I was about to ask the same thing :/
k1-brigade's avatar
heheh which was yours? :iconquestionmarkplz:
devinquent's avatar
If someone uses an image from deviantART Stock Project with Fotolia, is that image no longer available for others to use?

Help required Please...
TrollKidsStock's avatar
Sounds like a good idea for those that WANT to do it. As long as we are not forced or coerced to participate, things are fine. My issue is my stock mostly consists of pictures of my children as models. That's why use of my work is limited to artist who will abide by my rules. I don't want my work used commercially unless I say so.:analprobe:

Not to mention they want "commercial quality" stock,... most of us are novices.

:iconthefarthestshore: Wants to install all kinds of things to get commercial quality on the cheap...or the free.

I can understand why, but he forgets that this site isn't just to post our prettyies ...but to learn.

I think that if you want to sell your photography stock on a site like that... go for it. :unimpressed:

I myself like the way things are. Right now it's not for me, maybe my mind will change down the road.:O_o:

If someone else wants to do it ...more power to them.:hmm:

acday1001's avatar
All in all I like the idea of a standardized system for stock. If it works, and if it sells (unlike prints... sorry I have to be honest) then it's a good thing. It should make it easier for stock artists to load a bulk of stock and make some spare change on it.

Now I can see some stock artists feeling jipped, just because they probably could make more for their stock just through negotiation. I.E. People who don't use stock sites, and are purchasing it directly from the artist may not realize that they can get similar stock for less, and may be willing to pay the higher price, but this way they could "shop around" for a lower price first. This creates "bargain shoppers" who have no loyalty to an artist, just a loyalty to the price. So on an individual level, the stock artist could stand to lose money.

Even if they increase their prices they only get a percentage of the return, and with higher prices the probability of the average poor dA artist purchasing them decreases to zero.

I feel this way about the prints. It does give me the opportunity to put sales in someone else's hands, however, I really don't make anything unless it's selling in bulk. And I'm not a "bumper sticker phrase maker", so it probably won't. So even with 2 DDs and over 300 active watchers I haven't sold 1 print. (not bragging, that's nothing compared to a lot of much better artists, and there are a lot of better artists with less exposure, this is just for numbers sake) So even though 1,000 people "like" my piece, no one likes it enough to pay that much for it, and on top of that if they did I'd only take home enough for a McDonald's meal.

Where instead I could sit down and make a private commission with a client and make sure that I take home a good sum. (Normally I let them print on their own-- keeps me from having to factor that in and make the price look exorbitant.)

So my suggestion is if you don't care what you make financially from stock, this would be a carefree way to handle it. And as long as they don't limit stock artists from creating and selling outside of this bubble (like we can sell around prints) then I'm okay.

dA is a business, we all know that, and they want to make money. That's why they sell subs and have a store. They have a good idea, millions of starving artists in one location, who want to be seen are willing to pay money for subs, for llamas, for points, and willing to give money to dA for selling for them. It is a good idea. But it's up to us as individual artists to sell ourselves and figure out if it's worth it. We could complain or we could go out and learn a little more about the business world so this works for us too.
Della-Stock's avatar
Okay so if we do sell stock through this company, we don't have to sign the exclusive statement, right?

"Total Exclusivity is a status for contributors who upload and offer their Royalty Free Contents only on the Fotolia.com Website.

This Total Exclusivity status means that no Content from this contributor is offered for free or for sale on another royalty free stock photography website or on the artist’s own website.

All the contributor’s Contents must be exclusively offered for sale or for free on the Fotolia.com Website.

If one or more Contents are offered on Fotolia in a non exclusive manner (ie also offered on other websites or agencies), the contributor is not eligible for the Total Exclusivity status.

To be eligible for the Total Exclusivity status, the contributor must first remove all his or her Contents from all other websites or agencies where the contents are available for sale or download.

Total Exclusivity status may be set up in the member profile section of the Contributors account or during the indexation of his or her contents. "
Vlue's avatar
when you submit an image you will have an option to submit it as exclusive or not exclusive. just make sure you UNcheck the Exclusive checkbox when signing up or submitting images
Della-Stock's avatar
Okay. I think I found that when I went further in the process. Thanks
TomFawls's avatar
I've been selling through a number of other stock photo services for 5 or 6 years now. I've also been writing, negotiating and enforcing IP (Intellectual Property) Agreements for over 25 years. Most of the legal issues that I hear folks worry about, while valid, don't happen all that often...and the stock photo companies like Fotolia.com, shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com and others have a lot more resources to find and stop misuse of images licensed through them than the average artist has.

My personal concern is that content of my portfolio will governed by fotolia, not me. Currently every stock site I sell through as very limiting criteria for what they are willing to sell. As they and their share of the stock image market has grown over the last 5 years, their "standards" for determining subject matter and "quality" that are "commercially viable" have narrowed considerably....and become more and more arbitrary.

I joined deviantart.com to have a place to show more "artistic" work (yeah, yeah, I know I'm no Ansel Adams, but I like what I do!). I have no desire to get involved with another site that is only interested in selling what every other site already offers.

It will be interesting to see how deviantart handles this. I'm hoping they stay true to the "art" and aren't just using this as a ploy to leverage us members to increase their income.
giggles855's avatar
how do i to gallery?
sambees's avatar
I was all for this idea while it was still being talked about, I like the idea of letting stock artists sell their packs and stock on DA if they so choose to (and already do with their own systems). Seeing now what you really wanted to do with it... well I really could not be less interested in this project.

But if I where at all interested in uploading my stock for sale on a site that wasn't DA, I would do that. The fact that it is another stock site like Fotolia is really just the nail in the coffin, for all the reasons stated by :devmajikstock: [link] . The type of stock found and accepted by this site could not be further from what artists and manipulators would want to work with and I feel like the mark has been missed so completely you have to wonder if the people who came up with this ever knew what they where aiming for in the first place.

I will not be participating in this. If the DA commercial stock project is ever brought back to DA we'll talk.
azularts's avatar
Sad. Just another istock.
tattered420's avatar
This is all cool and sounds great. It's an awesome idea, and i will join, and be waiting and watching for the news. :D
Compusician's avatar
I'm not sure I like the buy structure. Maybe if a piece of art is new, it should be next to free, no matter how good it is.

As time warps by, and it grows in popularity, maybe it should be worth more to purchase?

I want to pay 10 cents for stock. I know I am dreaming. So, how about graduate it?
Compusician's avatar
Confusing Confusing. Might be a great idea, but here is an idea...

Sit down. Drink a fifth of Jack Daniels. If you can figure out a website in 30 minutes, then you pass the simplicity test.

I signed up. I have no email confirmation yet from fotolia.

The gen pop ain't gonna get it unless it is EASY.

Peace, I'll keep trying... Gary
Mechanic-Star's avatar
This is just another way for DA to fill it's pockets whit money, despite all the fancy words and the promise of successful for the artists (than remain only as that, "promises"), this isn't new...and believe me, I honestly understand DA it's running a business and want's to make money, but if an assorted set of stress-balls wouldn't worth about US$60 (after all, they are only rubber balls), or an online membership like US$100 per year don't you guys think the people would buy more on DA products and memberships if you put a reasonable price?, truth, sad truth is, we, artist get a small share of the profits made by our prints or things like that and we have to pay insane prices to stay relevant or at very least somehow important on DA... seriously guys, many DA members I've talked to don't have premium membership because the price it's unrealistic (and not because they are not willing to pay for it), or don't buy merchandise or stock-images for the same reason, ...it's not about the "strategy of sale", but' it's about "is this rubber ball worth US$30 each?, WOW!"....and there is where the costumers go, whit SO MANY other options on the net to pick up one to upload and promote your art, many of the artists are let aside castaway from the main-stream not because they have no talent, but because they can afford to be "popular" on DA, and this is just another way to fill the DA pockets, sadly it has nothing to do whit artists...
FantasyStock's avatar
Premium membership: $29.95 (USD)
Complete Set of (8) Emoticon Stress Balls: $20.00 (USD), $2.50 (USD) per ball
Mechanic-Star's avatar
* Premium membership for a year: USD$ 118.42 [link]
* Rubber balls assorted set: US$80 [link]

Look, I'm not trying to make a fight club here, but other services like Blogger gives you the same services than DA for free, FOREVER, and you get to appear on Google search engine, the most known and commonly used search engine IN THE WORLD, besides you can upload videos, pictures in HQ, music, text, design your own skin whit a simple interface or a complicated one depending on your taste, ...this is my opinion.

And they don't charge you whit nothing. DA charges every move you make.

As I respect your opinion, please respect mine.
Thank you.
kkart's avatar
He is talking about the cost of a supergroup
StormyHotWolf88's avatar
Glad you understand, because I was getting confused lol..
Alexandros82's avatar
What about current free stock on da? The people who uploaded them might decide to switch their stock to commercial.

What happens down the road to the people who downloaded them and have already incorporated them in to their work?

Do we have to purchase the license now to?
makepictures's avatar
High grade stock might take advantage of a commercial offering and switch over from free. But if you used stock originally under an agreement with the stockmaker that you could use it, you get to keep using it unless that agreement had a time limitation to it.
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