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Good morning deviants!

Before talking about the Really Terrific Questions coming out of the great comments received on the deviantART Stock Project, we want to address a few simple misconceptions about the Stock Project on Fotolia.

:bulletblue: You are NOT required to provide a social security number at sign up unless you plan to apply as a stock provider.  Artists and others who just want to buy stock do not need to provide a social security number.  The reason for the social security number has to do with tax reporting requirements when you are paid for your work.

:bulletblue: You are NOT required to sell stock exclusively through the dA Stock project with Fotolia.  If you decide to be exclusive, your royalty will be higher.  If you don’t want to be exclusive, you can still become a provider to Fotolia.

The biggest question we have from the comments is:  Will all the free stock on dA get swallowed up in a new stock offering?  It’s easy to just answer “no.”  But a better answer would be to have the community tells us what to build and what to leave alone.  Maybe “free” stock on deviantART could be better organized?  What would this look like? Maybe the “rules” or “conditions” for using free stock could be better stated or could be more uniform from artist to artist?  Or maybe it should just be left alone as is as a true community solution that moves with the community’s will - - organized essentially on a one-to-one basis.

A clear message seems to be a need for commercial stock licenses to allow the use of stock only on deviantART.  So it would be great to have some specific feedback from more of you about what the rules would be in terms of when and where commercial stock can be used on deviantART.  For example, what if people paid a small amount, like a subscription, to use the commercial stock in any art that stays only on deviantART?  Or should it just be free for listed uses?

What does “only on deviantART mean?”  No prints? No downloads?  No off-site sharing? Would it be OK to use commercial stock in a dA Portfolio if the stock was part of a manipulation or of a sample design?  It’s easy to just say “yes.” But people who make a living from stock may not feel the same way.  So what would be “fair?”

There are many other issues brought up in the comments so far and a number of really constructive suggestions outlining how dA should approach stock. This would be a really long, intricate journal if we tried to list them all and it’s time now to get really focused answers, a couple of questions at a time.  So consider these the first among more to come and thanks so much for participating in this terrific dialogue!


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I think your stock-rules are incredibly hard to understand for those who are not native English speakers. I tried to understand what the rules meant but I don't think I did. I'd love to see these rules in simplified english, so that the people with less vocabulary can understand the rules as well.
I'd love to use this stock for my equine manipulations, but I'm scared I will violate one of the rules because I don't understand them.
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Even native english speakers, like myself are confused by these rules.  I'm also doing equine manipulations and credit would be placed on image and used off site with strict rules of use. I cannot tell if this stock is safe to use or not. 
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The licence terms--I showed them to a lawyer friend of mine--essentially prohibit any and all usage of the images.  So they're nice to look at, but nothing more... :(
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Question: For the competition is it okay to do traditional art than digital?
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I signed up but nothing shows up as free d/l everything is paid only. The main screen still wants me to log in even when I'm logged in.


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Hi, I think what they're trying to mean is go to [link] and then click on their gallery and that's where you'll find free images. I encountered the same problem and was frustrated so i went to to look around if you want free images from stockproject site here it is [link] but they've only got a few images that requires 0 credits. -.- i hope this helps...not sure if there're any other ways I've missed out...
Sympli-Me's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Question: Can I use the stock images provided as reference to draw the cat/fruit/clock necessary for submission in a different orientation and interpretation than provided in the stock image? Or would my submission be invalid?
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I'm sorry to ask such a simple questions but I find a bit hard to understand everything on the Terms and Conditions. That's because English isn't my native language and the English you've provided there is a bit hard for us foreigners.

So, firstly if I wanted to make something like traditional painting or drawing with any of these stock photos, I would be allowed to, yeah? And if I wished to sell my work, would I be allowed to do that as it's really my original work? I mean I wouldn't in any way build upon the Work I would be using as reference in means that it would still exist under my painting or wathever (?) Like there is a difference between photomanipulation (where the original Work is still under the layers) and traditional painting (which uses the stock only as reference), huh?

And am I allowed to use the stock without joining this group?

... And please, ask if I didn't make my point clear, I know my English sucks a little from time to time :D
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You are able to use the images in this Group the way you describe and you do not need to join the Group to do this.
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I signed up a couple of weeks ago.

Today I tried to buy a piece of art, and I was happy to get a hold of some free pics too (navigate way to the bottom of the page, and you should see a link).

My experience was good.

It was easy to buy credits with a credit card. I had my image quickly.

I like the "LightBox" idea. I saved some images there to buy later.

The art there is top notch. I really think I could put something together from that place that would be sell-able!

It is a bit pricey for me (I'm new to art), but maybe I will be good enough in time to sell something.

When I was done downloading my purchases, there was no place to "Log-Out". I always expect to see that button near the upper right side of a website.

I had to go back to the main page and hunt for it. Logout is on the left side of the site.

I think websites need to be measured in mouse distance traveled (MDT). If every step in the process is only a few cm from the mouse pointer, then the MDT would be Low, and this (like Golf scores), would be great!!!

The stock projects MDT is not so great.

Overall, good job.
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Is there any difference for previous Fotolia user? I am forwarded to the same menu to submit new works.
makepictures's avatar
makepictures's avatar
At this pint, no differences.
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We need a category called, "Holidays".

I'm trying to find a Candy Cane.
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Personally, I think it would be cool if all resources had a kind of list of options to choose from that will show up with the deviatoin even if it's free... Like "credit must be given" or "commercial use allowed" and such. If it were part of the upload process, perhaps adding fees for different licensing agreements could be part of it.
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For stock, I suggest to use a Red Light, Yellow Light, and Green Light system. Green being totally free use, with very little exception.

Just put the light right next to the art (for quick and easy decision making). Also, put all of the red lights, in a red light folder, etc (for people who are only looking for Red Light Art).

Plus, it is simple for the artist to change his licensing just by clicking the light he wants in his control panel for that piece of art.

It has to be simple.

Simple. Imagine that.
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So with your idea the red light would be paid, and the yellow light free with restrictions?
Compusician's avatar
from the point of view that I am about to submit a piece of art, any art, not just stock...

DA asks me which category, is it for mature audience, yada yada AND then I am asked about distribution.

I am given the choice of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.

Red - Not my art. I cannot sell it. Not for distribution.

Orange - It is my art, but only for viewing on DA. Not for sale.

Yellow - It is my art. It is for sale. Limited quantity.

Green - Use freely, but link back to original artist.

*note, you want to give the user the option for the RED light, even though it is obvious we are not allowed to post artwork that is not our own (you should always give a person the opportunity to come clean... in my opinion).

From the point of view of the buyer, all I need to do is pay the points, or dollars, that the original artist puts right next to the light.

(Yellow) 30 points

That's the basic idea. I think DA could adapt this system to their way of doing business.

How EASY would it be for an art scout to view the art and immediately know that it is for sale, and how much? Very easy with this idea.

Plus, DA would make a lot of money if DA got 5 points per sale (or whatever you determine).

High end art might be priced differently...

This idea is for electronic transferring (people who use art in photo manips), not PRINTS (you already have a great system in place for PRINTS).

I hope you like the idea. It is a rough draft at this point. I know you guys have some brilliant minds to think of something similar. Good Luck! Gary

And YES! :) You have the GREEN light (free) for this idea! (but don't forget to link back) :)
Compusician's avatar
Hell, you could do that with all of the art here at DA. I know I would hand out most of mine. I would have the Green light up for people to use my Stocks, photos, and nonsense that I post.

It really could work.
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Im afraid Im still not getting all the answers here.

First and foremost, will stock artists beable to sell their stuff via da? Or using Fotolia via da's gateway with them?

Its hard to make suggestions when I dont know which way this is going. :lol:

Alot of people have suggested an entire new category for the stocks that are not free, this is a good idea, but it would have to be structured well. Its hard enough staying ontop of the existing categories, without having an exact replica of them under "commercial" as well. Perhaps there could be a clearly watermarked thumbnail placed on images that are for sale so people can see them straight off?

Id love to see more streamlined rules, with checkboxes upon uploading. "tick this box if you allow prints" "tick this box if you allow offsite useage" etc etc Could something like that somehow be linked to being able to browse via the tickbox rules? I don't know, coding is over my head, but if its possible that'd be neat!

I got all excited when this first started up, until I realized it doesn't really benefit stockers, but moreso the people looking to use stock for commercial purposes. I think I just need the ins and outs, I like to know whats going on before making my mind up 100%
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Yes stock artists would be able to sell through dA. The Fotolia platform is a mid-step towards a integration into dA of a new stock offering. This discussion is about what the new offering should be.
shelldevil's avatar
Right! Thankyou for clarifying that for me :D
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Interesting. I don't provide stock on dA but I do use it... so:

I think deviants who provide free stock on dA should be able to continue to choose their own stock rules but perhaps there should be a set of options when uploading stock to add a link to their own rules, maybe have a list of pre-set stock rules to pick from or the option to write/link to your own and have it appear as a clearly stated thing somewhere on the deviation information. This would help to make it easier for stock providers to let people their rules for using their stock and would help deviants wishing to use it find the rules easily.

And, I would like to see stock on dA better organised, as finding good usable free stock in the gallery is hard as hell to do. Maybe, more sub categories should be added to the stock gallery. Like, as suggested above, options like free stock > use for dA only; free stock > commercial etc And maybe something about the quality of the stock should also be in there when submitting. At the moment the gallery is a bit of a mess so specifics could be nice.
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