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We're happy to announce a brand new contest! In the Seven Deadly Sins contest, we're challenging you to pick your favorite deadly sin to either promote or fight against in an advertisement format. You may decide that more people should be filled with wrath. Maybe you want to fight against the temptations of gluttony. It's completely up to you! This is your chance to either save or tempt the city of San Francisco, where the winning entry will be featured on a billboard!

Not only will the winner's work be posted on a billboard, but the winner and a guest will be flown to San Francisco to see their work in person! We'll also choose six finalists who will receive a plethora of deviantART goodies, $700 USD, and $25 USD of credits at

You must use three (3) stock images from this group. We've provided a template, which you can find at the contest announcement, in order to format your entry for use as a billboard. We've also curated a special sinful-stuff gallery to make the process easier, which you can find here, You can use any stock from StockProject but cannot use any other stock from anyone else or from any company. Licensed brushes and fonts are OK. Be sure that all stock images used are listed as a resource in the description of your entry.  And be sure to read the Official Rules for the full details.

This contest is open to the entire site, including international audiences who are 13 years of age or older. To read all the rules and enter your submission, check out the contest announcement! :woohoo:

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia
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Wait! Can we add "phrases and captions" to our artwork for the contest?
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I am having trouble searching for specific images. I went here: [link] and tried - fish in:stockproject.....also tried - fish by:stockproject.....either I get no results or I get results from all categories. Can anyone please inform me on the proper method?
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honestly, wacoms+talent and they win. -.- w8 for it !
good luck everyone...wish i win....
lets get it on my fellow artist may the mind win......!
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Could I submit more than one Deviations for this contest?
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it says three images here, then it says at least three images are to be used,,,and some people have used more than three images...can someone please clarify exactly how many images are to be used...thanks
You must use at least 3 images. That means 3 OR more.
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Dang... XD it's gonna be me -vs- A DRILLION MILLION AMAZING ARTISTS! xD good luck everyone!^^
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Ok I have a question.....and I've read the rules 3 times, so I'm pretty sure it's not stated in their (not clearly anyway). Can I use images that I myself have taken with my own personal camera for which I have all right etc. In combination with the 3 (or more) stock images I HAVE to use?

Just because I have a really good idea and the perfect image to go with it. Prettttttyyyy Pleeeeease? :D
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aaaaalsoooo, the 3 stock images have to be from the "Seven Deadly Sins" gallery right?
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it "may include any additional original material made by Entrant"
and "At least 3 stock images from #StockProject must be used and easily recognizable in your advertisement. You can use any of the images from #StockProject, not just the ones in the Seven Deadly Sins Contest gallery. Any medium may be used in combination with the stock artwork but you may not use stock from any other sources than #StockProject."
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hope that helps :)
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I may actually hop onto this contest :D
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Since we are only allowed to use stock images from this group's gallery... do you have any newspaper stocks? I can't seem to find any :c
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can you submit more then one? and when does it end?
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Can I use stock images from Fotolia for making my entry for this?
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And by Fotolia I mean from their site, not just images from here.
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i have a thing called crayola art studio would that work for this?
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I think I'm going to try this! However, I have a few questions. Where can I find the template, because I have looked but have yet to find it, and what does it mean for the three stock sizes? Does that mean I need three different sizes or three different works?
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From Official Rules:
"must use at least three images made available in the galleries at;"

There's nothing about stock sizes, just how many you need to use per entry.

The Template is here:

Hope this helps!
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Thank you for this contest. I've been wanting to do something with the 7 deadly sins. Yey~ Perfect opportunity~
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This is awesome. I'll definitely be taking part in this contest. :D
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