The winning entry will be published as a full page advertisement for Fotolia in
HOW Magazine with credit to the artist.
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Something's happened. Whether it was a catastrophic earthquake, a nasty alien invasion, or an accidental push of the Big Red Button, the world, as we know it, has come to an end. But what happens in the aftermath? Fotolia's #StockProject and deviantART want to see your vision of life after some type of catastrophic, world-changing event.

Using one of the three stock images from Fotolia, show us your visions of new beginnings at the end of times.

Download Assets
Download the asset pack and choose one of the three provided stock images below as the base and inspiration for your entry.

Choose one of three iconic stock photos to alter to show life in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event.

Please be as creative as you like while maintaining the position of the core components in these iconic photos to maximize the before and after comparison.

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To enter submit your artwork to the

Fotolia 4: Stockpocalypse Challenge gallery.

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  • Winning entry as a full page advertisement for Fotolia

    in HOW Magazine with credit

    to artist.**

  • $1,000 USD
  • $100 USD of credits at

  • Winner's choice of either the

    Wacom Intuos5 touch Large Pen

    Tablet or The New iPad (16GB black)

  • 6,000 deviantART Points
  • dA Pro Digital Artist Backpack
  • DeviantART hoodie of winner's choice*
  • 1-Year Premium Membership

    to deviantART

Advertising layout subject to change, but artist's credit will be

included in the ultimate ad design.

  • $750 USD
  • $50 USD of credits at

  • Wacom Bamboo Create Pen & Tablet
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • dA Pro Digital Artist Backpack
  • DeviantART T-Shirt of winner's choice*
  • 6-Month Premium Membership

    to deviantART

  • $500 USD
  • $50 USD of credits at

  • Wacom Bamboo Create Pen & Tablet
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • dA Pro Digital Artist Backpack
  • DeviantART T-Shirt of winner's choice*
  • 6-Month Premium Membership

    to deviantART

  • $25 USD of credits at
  • 800 deviantART Points
  • DeviantART T-Shirt of winner's choice*
  • 3-month Premium Membership to deviantART

*Depending on availability.

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free stock images from Fotolia at #StockProject!

Introducing the deviantART Collection on Fotolia

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 2:26 PM
Today, we are announcing the launch of the deviantART Collection on Fotolia, a selection of over 3,000 images from artists on deviantART. It is a grand experiment bringing together the excellence of work on deviantART with an opportunity for artists to gain worldwide commercial exposure for their work.

:star: What is the deviantART Collection?

A while back, we announced our partnership with through the StockProject group, where you can find hundreds of free stock images. We teamed up with Fotolia once again to create the deviantART Collection. 

A team of professional photo editors started filtering through images on deviantART looking for excellent photographs that would work on commercial websites, like Fotolia, that sell images for designers and art directors to use in magazines, advertisements and product packaging. The team then offered artists on deviantART an opportunity to place their work, non-exclusively, into the deviantART Collection.

Right now, the deviantART Collection launched with over 3,000 images by fine art photographers in over 50 countries. These numbers will grow if the commercial response is as awesome as we expect it to be. The big twist here is to offer high artistic and conceptual value within the context of stock photography users. We are all tremendously impressed with the results.

The artist royalty rates are the best offered by Fotolia and will be paid and monitored through deviantART. The participating artists are free to sell on their own or join other stock services, but the deviantART Collection as a group is exclusive to Fotolia.

:star: What can I find in the deviantART Collection?

Here's just a sample of some of the amazing work being made available to designers and art directors around the world:

:thumb178205273: :thumb193457167:  CM project_rud_7 by Rimka 

Synesthesia by WildRainOfIceAndFire :thumb150734100:  Should I stay or should I go? by MarcoHeisler

It's not my birthday? by Eman333 :thumb150996036:  Dmitri III by Eezeelee

:thumb195489113:  polite conversation by marielliott  Honey love by ideea

:star: What does this mean for the stock community on deviantART?

There will be no changes for the stockers now on deviantART. You can browse for stock and resources on deviantART here, but remember to check with the deviant for their terms for using their stock.

Be sure to watch or become a member of StockProject for all the latest updates and to check out the great free stock resources there.

:star: A round of applause!

This project has taken nearly a full year to pull together and we sincerely congratulate everyone involved for their hard work! Most importantly, thank you to our participating deviants -- we're truly excited to have you as a part of this venture and we appreciate your contributions in helping to make it a success.

News! Seven Deadly Sins Contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 2:51 PM
We're happy to announce a brand new contest! In the Seven Deadly Sins contest, we're challenging you to pick your favorite deadly sin to either promote or fight against in an advertisement format. You may decide that more people should be filled with wrath. Maybe you want to fight against the temptations of gluttony. It's completely up to you! This is your chance to either save or tempt the city of San Francisco, where the winning entry will be featured on a billboard!

Not only will the winner's work be posted on a billboard, but the winner and a guest will be flown to San Francisco to see their work in person! We'll also choose six finalists who will receive a plethora of deviantART goodies, $700 USD, and $25 USD of credits at

You must use three (3) stock images from this group. We've provided a template, which you can find at the contest announcement, in order to format your entry for use as a billboard. We've also curated a special sinful-stuff gallery to make the process easier, which you can find here, You can use any stock from StockProject but cannot use any other stock from anyone else or from any company. Licensed brushes and fonts are OK. Be sure that all stock images used are listed as a resource in the description of your entry.  And be sure to read the Official Rules for the full details.

This contest is open to the entire site, including international audiences who are 13 years of age or older. To read all the rules and enter your submission, check out the contest announcement! :woohoo:

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia

Plans Gone Wrong Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2011, 2:01 PM
We asked you to bring on the pandemonium with your entries to the Plans Gone Wrong Contest. You were given images of pandas, lights, and pies, and challenged to use at least one from each category to depict a plan going horribly awry.

We received so many incredible entries, but we had to narrow them down to the top 25. Check out the Semi-Finalists!

These choices have now been sent to Oleg Tscheltzoff, the world-wide Chairman of Fotolia, Inc. Our top three winners can be found at this news article.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and be on the lookout for new contests and events through StockProject. We're constantly updating our galleries with more stock images, so be sure to keep watching the group for updates!

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia

One Panda, One Light, One Pie Contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 1:38 AM
Here we go again!

We're throwing one panda, one light, one pie up against the incredibly successful Fotolia One Cat, One Fruit, and One Clock Contest. Let's see if our new completely crazed random selection can pull in more than the 10,000 entries we received last time.

Here's the big twist: This time, we're challenging you to use the theme of "plans gone wrong" in your image.
You must use one each of the specific pandas, lights, and pies provided in the asset pack and create an image showing "plans gone wrong." Your entry can originate in any medium! These are stock pictures. You can trace them, draw them, photomanipulate them, stack them, cook them or even collage them!

You can win some seriously deviant prizes!

:bulletblue: Winner will receive $1,500 USD
:bulletblue: $100 USD of credits at
:bulletblue: Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet
:bulletblue: 8,000 deviantART Points
:bulletblue: dA Pro Digital Artist Backpack
:bulletblue: deviantWEAR hoodie of winner's choice
:bulletblue: One year Premium Membership to deviantART
:bulletblue: 1 year subscription for Kelby Training Online Classes

Runner up prizes are pretty awesome too, and all semi-finalists will receive a 3-month Premium Membership to deviantART! :excited:

Read the full contest details here! Good luck, we can't wait to see what you come up with.

Visit the dA Stock Project w/ Fotolia