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Lichen Cliff Precut by StockopediaWattle Stock 1 by Stockopedia Yellow Flower Stock by StockopediaSunset Reflection Stock 2 by Stockopedia Emu Stock 3 by Stockopedia

Please read and follow!

If it is found that your image violates these rules in any way you will be asked to remove it.


1 ~ Credit me with either : devstockopedia : or : iconstockopedia : (remove spaces) and/or a link to the stock image.
2 ~ Notify me by commenting on the stock image you used.
3 ~ You don't need to ask to use in prints or commissions on deviantart. For off-site commercial use please discuss terms via note.

4 ~ Do not upload my stock or anything made with my stock to the photography or resource sections. (Tutorials are permitted)
5 ~ Art with mature content must have a mature content filter.


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DimrillDale-236344's avatar
Is it alright with you if I use your stock in an online SIM game called Horse Eden Eventing? I would possibly be selling the manips for the game money, ebs. Thank you for your time!
melissadsvoboda's avatar
Hi, thank you for the precut cliff. What is the best way to credit you on Instagram? 
HI ! i am a children photographer !!can i use your cliff for a composite pictures? thanks
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Yes! Please provide credit to all the stock photographers whenever you post photomanipulations online. Thanks!
FlyTheFish's avatar
Hello, I am in a graphic design class. Can I use some of your cliff face stock? It won't ever go on the internet I'm told (only to Schoology as an example, if anywhere).
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Go for it! Love to hear that stock is being put to a good use. All the best with your gd class!
Meine-Tiere's avatar
may i use it in a character sheet?
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As in for an RPG on deviantart? Sure! As long as you are not making the sheet available for public use on deviantart. You may use my stock images as many times as you like, just be sure to credit and notify me. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
do you allow your stock to be used in premades
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No, sorry for the late reply.
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