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Project Educate: Resources Week

Journal Entry: Sat May 14, 2011, 12:26 AM

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:spotlight-right: WELCOME TO RESOURCES WEEK! :spotlight-left:
May 8 - 14, 2011

This week (May 8-14) is all about the Resources & Stock Images Gallery at deviantART. Your resources gallery moderators, shelldevil and FantasyStock will be your guides to the wonderful world of resources! Also, keep an eye out for Resources DDs given by some of the GMs from other galleries to show their support for dA's awesome resource providers!

We will be giving away 11+ YEARS worth of deviantART premium memberships and 8000 devpoints this week! PLUS, group owners will have a chance to win a SUPERGROUP subscription for one outstanding group! (Yes, one very lucky deviant could win it all, but that's up to YOU!)

This blog entry will be the hub of activity for Resources Week. You can check back here frequently to get updates as we launch articles and events on the itinerary below.

Come play with us and learn about resources!!

:bulletpink: Project Educate: Resources Week Itinerary :bulletpink:

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We've got some great stuff planned for dA during Resources Week (May 8-14) for projecteducate. As most people know, dA's Resources gallery holds a massive variety of resources, so here's a run down of what each day's topics will cover.



Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 1 - Sunday, May 8th Stock Images
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 2 - Monday, May 9th Textures, Clipart, and 3D Models
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 3 - Tuesday, May 10th Application Resources and Vector Resources
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 4 - Wednesday, May 11th Designs & Patterns
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 5 - Thursday, May 12th Fonts and Literature Templates
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 6 - Friday, May 13th Film Resources
Sod llamas by UnicornReality Day 7 - Saturday, May 14th Tutorials

What is Project Educate: Resources Week? If you are unfamiliar with the resources at deviantART, you'll be introduced to a world of resources available to use in your art. If you're experienced with resources, join in with some of your expertise and share what you know with the community! This is a chance for everyone to learn new things, share some tips and tricks, and for artists to get to know some of the stock providers at dA. Explore our chat games, enter our contests, and win points, subscriptions, friends and knowledge!


Oh! And maybe you're wondering "What's with all the pink stars?" Those are just here to tease you, but we promise it's going to be a fun week!

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