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Hey its Stock7000, And as you may have noticed i am not on all that frequently (usually on my personal account Smithx7000) I do stop by a few times a month to check on any work you guys post using my stock, and to read comments. I am not responding to all the favs, llamas, and watches i receive anymore, but i do try and respond to all deviations using my stock. Im not uploading new stock too frequently atm, but its winter, i might throw up more in summer, who knows. If you need to reach me send a note to my personal account listed above, hope you all enjoy the stock, now for the rules....

Rules for using STOCK7000

1. link me in your description

2. fav any stock u use

3. send me a comment or note with a link to your deviation so i can fav it.

4. If you are going to use my work off sight please credit and try to send me a link
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