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Planet - Baelos

:wave: hi. these are the rules for using my stock.
1. link me in your description
2. fav any stock u use
3. send me a comment or note with a link to your deviation so i can fav it.

plz don't slightly alter my work an repost it, and let me know if u intend to use it outside of DA. other than that, have fun

A planet not unlike Mars, Baelos has more than just large amounts of iron and iron oxide. It also has sulfur, and iron sulfide & Pyrite in the soil. Some areas have a reddish hue, where others may range frown a dull brown to a sparkling golden. Its mass allows it a thin atmosphere composed of trace gasses, but even if it were breathable, the smell of the sulfur would be near intolerable.

(forgive me if the science of it does not make sense. i just felt like adding a more detailed description and am working with what limited geology and chemistry knowledge i have, lol)

Damn Mass Effect 2, its making me have ideas and want to make planets.... (i have said multiple times at this point i was taking a break with the planet stock, but i make no promises while playing mass effect lol) But anyhow. i reworked my lighting and shadow gradient even better, it looks a bit more realistic i think now. Still cant manage realistic clouds... but ill be working on that soon enough knowing me. (also, I think the new gray background, maintains the space feel and usability as opposed to the white or black backgrounds)
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Thank you for shariiiing <3

I have used it for practice here:

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