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Magic Glass ORIGINAL

:wave: hi. these are the rules for using my stock.
1. link me in your description
2. fav any stock u use
3. send me a comment or note with a link to your deviation so i can fav it.

plz don't slightly alter my work an repost it, and let me know if u intend to use it outside of DA. other than that, have fun
A chunk of glass from the top of a railway pole that has succumbed to the elements, worn smooth and broken, it shines like a emerald gem to those who walk the tracks
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Thank you so much for the wonderful stock! I've used it HERE and you've been credited and licked back too, your credit will also appear clearly on the offsite version =).
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Beautiful and useful. Thank you! :D
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Used Here [link]

Thanks! :heart:
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I used this here! [link] Thank you! :heart:
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absolutely beautiful! it looks like an actual emerald!
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Thats what i thought! :XD:
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Very pretty. It makes me want to say the word OZ. If you ever seen Wizard of OZ 2. There's a part in the movie where Dorthy goes up to objects that are green and touches them. She has to say the work OZ to free her friends. It was pretty funny when she said it. Anyways it reminds me of one of the lost crystals from the movie. The green emerald. Its very pretty peace of glass. I've seen some stock images of larger peaces that are not as shiny as this one but are quite large. I like this one the best so far.
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I haven't, ive seen the original, as well as a series called tin man, but i still think i get where you are going with that. It was a very sunny day and i manged to catch the light just right in it i think
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I have seen Tin man and the original Oz but there is another one Called OZ two and it is what happens after Dorthy gets back she's still a little girl and can't sleep. They take her to an asylum to see if they can help her and there is a miss hap and she ends up back in Oz but its a different Oz a lady and some mountain God have taken OZ over. It is a very interesting movie made in the early 90's I think. Anyways I really liked the photos you take and I really like that you started up a Mushroom gallery. I never new there could be that many different kinds of mushrooms. Keep it up and I still will be watching for more of your stock. I will use it eventually.
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Cool looking forward to it, and ill see if i can find a place to watch OZ2 free online
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If you do its called "Return to OZ" I hope you will like it.
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What Name?,linda.
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