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Gothic Umbrella

Please, vote in my journal, which type of stock want you see in the gallery, be creative, enjoy, and dont forget about rules.

Credit, link back.

Stock Usage FAQ.
Can i use your stock Outside the DA?
NO. If you really want use, please write me a note.

Do you allow to make prints ?
I ask 1 dollar.

Can i use other commercial works?
Note me.

Can i have the transparent pngs?
If you are my devpal: yes. (like you are artist who use me often, or other stocker, etc)

If you don't keep the rules, i will hunt you down.
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I used your fantastic stock here...
Dark Clown by maiarcita
Thankss!! :blowkiss::rose:
I used your stock here:….
Thank you very much.
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used here thanks Heart   Umbrella Moon
Used it here…
Undead-Academy's avatar
Used here , thank you Surreal Unreal by Undead-Academy
llamacria's avatar
Hi! I used your stock here…

Many thanks :)
TCLeslie's avatar
Used your wonderful umbrella here Cornfield by Night thanks for sharing your talents and resouces
jiajenn's avatar
Hello to you. I have use your image. Can i use it outside of DA.
stock4profs's avatar
only inside da

feanen-lazuli's avatar
I used your stock here:

Thanks a lot
feanen-lazuli's avatar
I used your stock here:melusine-fleuravalon.deviantar…
Thanks a lot
Charlene-Art's avatar
Very Kooky and charming. Inspirational.
yuggleganesh's avatar
amazing,I just love your digital artwork,can't wait to try it out,thanks
Grossevi's avatar
Used your stock here: link
RaissaPortela's avatar
You allow me to use this image to make a manipulation?

Do not worry, I will give credits.
stock4profs's avatar
as u follow the rules. no prints no outside da :)
MMelusine's avatar
I used your stock here:
Many thanks :frail:
caroline0neill's avatar
would love one of these in real life!!
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Nice work
Is it ok if I use your work?
I respect your work and for me is completely normal
to give you a credit and the appropriate link to.
But my work may take a little.
I again thank to you.

Greats, Patty
stock4profs's avatar
inside da, no print. if you want use outside da, or commercial use, you have to license
just read the rules :)
have a nice day
little-one-girl's avatar
Sorry, I've got it wrong.
I will not use your work. I respect your rules.

Nice day
MelikeBirsenAtes's avatar
Used your stock here: Pulvinar
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