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~If you wish to display your work that uses my stock outside of deviantART, ask permission by sending me a note - I am very approachable with regards to this =P

:bulletblue: Always credit me in the comment section on your work by either putting : iconstock-kitty : without the spaces or : icon mozarts-cat :  (don't forget to leave out the spaces though) :o

:bulletblue: Do not claim my pictures as your own. Obviously the manipulations you make, belong to you, but the stock photo you use to make them does not, they belong to me.

:bulletblue: Always inform me of use of my stock by leaving a comment if you used my stock, on the actual stock-photo's page where you found it.

:bulletblue: You may upload your work as a print on deviantart - I give full permission to do so ..

:bulletblue: Please don't take my photo's and just do a simple colour change with them .. use them uniquely .. be original .. I won't be impressed if people just do that ..

:bulletblue: All these photo's are the property of me and may not be taken from this site, re-uploaded to other sites to be used as stock .. I'll kick anyones ass who does that

:bulletpurple: My main non-stock account is :iconmozarts-cat:
please .. go check it out if you get a chance .. I'm new to everything and need encouragement :tears:

I probably won't :+fav: everything, but I'll do my best to do so ..

Enjoy :hug: :heart:
© 2007 - 2021 stock-kitty
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Hellooo! :D

Lovely photos you have here! Very well done. ^.^

Just curious, though; we're not allowed to use the pics (after adding our own work to it, of course) on other sites, right? Just curious. :)

I plan of using This pic: [link] For one of my images, if that's alright? :)
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thank you :) .. yeah that's fine :D .. i don't mind so long as people ask me first, and as long as their work is uploaded on here also :D

i can't wait to see what you do with it :hug:
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Oh, cool! So I'll see what I can do, yeah? ;) :hug: Thanks for the quick reply! :D
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Hey, I might use some of your beach stocks, is that okay? I don't know when I'll get around to using them, but I'll let you know if & when I do. I'm watching both of your usernames so I don't forget who you are!!! I like your photography, it's nice and clean. xxx Mx
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absolutely, i hope you do use them :hug: and thank you :D
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