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Used here thanks :) The secrest place by annemaria48
If anyone's curious, I'm the only group admin who's actually done anything in this group since 2011. I only have the ability to vote in submissions, I can't make new folders for new members, or rename the folders for users who have changed their usernames, or approve new members.

As I said in a comment below, I did once note the group's founder about this issue - if they weren't going to be active in the group at all, could I at least get some extra admin privileges - but she never responded.

If you'd really like to join this group, or get your folder renamed, PLEASE send a note to the group Founder (listed above). Otherwise, I strongly suggest you just forget about this group and join one of the many others. There are tons of really great stock groups here on dA where there's more than one active admin, and all the admins have the power to do more than vote deviations in.

But I think most of the existing group members figured that out a while ago, since we barely ever get submissions here anymore. I'm still here, voting in the few submissions we get, though.

And now I've said my peace. Thank you.
Hello! Look at my gallery please)
is this group dead?
Sort of. I seem to be the only group admin still working in this group, and the group founder set the group settings so all I can do is vote in submissions. So there's basically no one in this group right now who can accept new members and make folders for those new members, or change the settings on some of the folders so that I can actually vote those submissions in.

I sent this group's founder a note asking her to see about fixing this a while ago, but she never replied or did anything. And she seems to be totally inactive on her profile page.
Yeah. Fortunately there's a lot of other active stock groups on here, but it's too bad this one had to basically die.
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