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July 24, 2007
Splash Pack by *Stock-By-Crystal is a super stock pack to have for all you fantasy artists - I can see many a mermaid basking in the water's mist :) being unique in stock is a rare thing to see - so my hat is off to you Crystal for being so creative!
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Splash Pack

I wasn't sure which category to put this in, so just to be on the safe side, I threw it here. If you have a better suggestion, let me know :D

Anyways, I apologize in advance for 2 things in this pack.

#1) The second image has a head in it. I couldn't crop it out without cropping part of the splash

#2) The low resolution on some of the images.

The highest is 2492 x 1224
The lowest is 1136 x 508

Sorry ^^;

Download for the .zip folder

Anyways, these are my rules


EDIT 2: YES YES YES, I noticed I spelled "various" wrong. Deal with it. You want the pictures, not the words. thanks for pointing that out, Miss *Lindowyn *chucks more fruit* :orange:)
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Yewrezz's avatar
Used here: [link]
Thank you so much :heart:
Daniel-Abreu's avatar
I used your stock here
Hope you like it :)

Really nice gallery you have here ;)

Keep up
purpledaydreams's avatar
I've used this stock here; thanks for sharing it! ♥
Anschi71's avatar
thanks for wonderful Splashes :hug: used here [link]
DancesWithPonies's avatar
Used here [link]
thank you for the wonderful stock :heart:
just letting you know i used your stock pack here
xxAuroraStudios's avatar
purpledaydreams's avatar
hi! i've used this here. thankyou! <3
SSDema's avatar
Used them here [link] Thank you :)
A-p-o's avatar
Used your stock here
dolfijngek's avatar
cambug's avatar
used this here, thanks for sharing :heart:
Lokiev's avatar

I used this piece here: [link]

Hope you don't mind, and I hope you like it!
Awesome stock, used here-
Aurora-AE's avatar
Thanks for sharing
I used it here [link]
Free-chan's avatar
sweet stock! :D

Used it here ^-^
Esveeka's avatar
this is a standard message to let you know that I've
used your wondeful stock in innocent times.
Thank you for sharing.

theSprout's avatar
Great pack. Used it here. [link]
used a splash here:: [link]
cowsandwatermelons's avatar

I'm just here to let you know I've used this wonderful image in my most recent photo manipulation, Freedom.

Thank you very much for providing this beautiful stock for use!

MySweetPassionX's avatar
Using. Thanks a lot.

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