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Neon Sting Ray Lino Cut on Canvas by Stnk13 Neon Sting Ray Lino Cut on Canvas by Stnk13
I have a specific goal in mind with this logo. Linocut printed on canvas. I did about a dozen of these prints over the weekend. My goal is to create a canvas patch for the back of a motorcycle jacket. I also want the final design to have glow in the dark green element. Similar to the Photoshopped green that I added to this image. I have been experimenting with 3 different glow in the dark paints. 1. a green glow in the dark fabric paint, 2. a clear glow in the dark acrylic paint and 3. a neon green acrylic paint that only glows under black light. I seem to be having the most success with the 1st green glow in the dark fabric paint. The trade off is that it appears very bright in the dark but the paint needs to be placed super thick on the surface of the fabric. 

I am also collaborating with a 3-D artist on designing a metal stingray belt buckle that each of the members of the gang would be wearing. 

I'm super excited with working on these characters for this fictional gang because not only do I get experience working on the character designs, but I am also working on logo designs, vehicle designs, weapon designs and collaborating with a 3-D artist. And overall I am happy that I am creating something completely from my imagination and able to share it with the world. 
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August 30, 2018
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