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I'm wondering, with the imminent acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, what effect that will have on the Alien(s) franchise?  Will they continue with the Ridley Scott prequels?  Or will they axe them?  Will they give second thought to Neill Blomkamp's idea for a reboot with Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop?  Or something else?  (Or worse, nothing else?)
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A recent article on -… - states that Fox is allegedly "reassessing" the future of Sir Ridley Scott's Alien films, in light of the box-office sales of Prometheus and Covenant.  Basically, the article states that Fox is considering whether or not to continue with Sir Scott's follow-on films to Covenant that he has planned.  The other main take-away from the article is that Fox will still keep making Alien/Aliens films.

Thus (again, according to the article) the question really comes down to - will we see more Prometheus/Covenant films, or perhaps a new take on the franchise, such as Neill Blomkamp's revival that had Ripley, Hicks, and Newt making a comeback?  Which would you prefer - more of the Prometheus/Covenant films by Sir Ridley (pre-Alien) or more sequels to James Cameron's film (post-Aliens)?
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A new pic was added, as work continues on repairing my 3D files to continue with Aliens: Renaissance.  I just found out that now FaceGen isn't working on the new computer either, but hopefully FaceGen's technical support can fix that soon.  I tell you though, it never ends - I'm almost tempted to just fire up the old computer that I was using.  It might have been super-slow, but at least on it everything worked...  :(

Recently, I've finished a med-lab facility set in 3D, and am almost done with a cryo-sleep chamber as well.  The next thing after that on my to-do list is a Colonial Marine Corps space-station, then a briefing-room on that station, and the bridge and crew-quarters of the Montero, a sister-ship to the Sulaco.  There's still more to be done that just those projects, but that's all I can remember without my morning caffeine...  ;)

Anyhow, have a great week and as always, stay frosty!
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I'm starting work on one of the biggest 3D "sets" in Alien: Renaissance - and it is a NIGHTMARE.  To fully capture the busy and cluttered look created by Ron Cobb and Syd Mead (my two inspirations), I've designed a facility that by its very purpose, as well as its industrial design, has to have a LOT of detail.  Lots of equipment, instrument racks, computer consoles, scientific equipment, pipes, panels, vents, servos, girders, beams, wires, buttresses, and the list goes on ad infinitum. My hat is off to ALL 3D content creators that tackle such incredibly-detailed projects, such as were done PERFECTLY in my new favorite game, Alien: Isolation.  (Which is every bit as scary to play as the YouTube videos demonstrate.  Do NOT play that game at night...)

Anyhow, enough writing, time to get back to making more equipment panels and other greeblies. Sigh.  :(
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  • Watching: Aliens (1986)
  • Playing: World of Warcraft, one last month...
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No piccies today - I'm busy working on the pictures for Friday's release of Alien: Renaissance.  Getting a LOT of work done, and should definitely be ready by Friday for your entertainment.  In the meantime, have a great rest of the week, go see Covenant if you so desire, be safe, and thanks for reading.  Speaking of reading, please be sure to check for Friday's premiere of Alien: Renaissance:)
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I hope you're celebrating Alien Day as well, or at least having a great Wednesday today.

To celebrate Alien Day, ST:L's webmaster and 3D artist is releasing his 3D video animation of the Nostromo's landing on LV-426:

It only took five years for him to finish it, so hopefully you'll enjoy it.  (He tends to procrastinate - a LOT.)

To make matters worse, he modeled it and animated it using a 12-year old Dell with 4GB of RAM, running Windows Vista.  And made it with Windows Movie Maker.
It's a miracle he even got it done in "just" five years...

Also, Aliens: Renaissance is on schedule and set to debut on May 19th, to celebrate the release of Alien: Covenant.  Be sure to check for the story.  :)

PS: The Ripley V4 is from the amazing artist WarTech.
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Just bought my tickets for next week's ALIEN DAY next Wednesday, April 26th.  Can... not... wait!

Get it - 4-26?  As in LV-426?

Yeah, I finally get to see ALIEN on the big screen.  :)  When I was a kid, I was only 12 when ALIEN was released, so there was no way I was allowed to see it then.  I did, however, constantly check out the ALIEN Movie Novel from the local library, with over 1000 photos from the film in photo-comic-book style.  Afterwards, when VHS was available, I watched it for the first time, and was completely stunned at how amazing it was, profoundly life-changing in fact, steering me toward a life-long interest in "hard sci-fi".  But until next week, I've never had the joy of seeing Sir Ridley's genre-changing masterpiece on the big screen, and I'm so excited now I can't even think clearly.

So, all fans of Alien/Aliens and hard sci-fi in general, get out there and reserve those tickets - maybe I'll see you there!  :)
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  • Watching: Alien on the big screen next week! :)
Wow, has it been since February since I posted last?  Sorry about that!  :(  I'm staying at, although I'm expanding that site to include my fan-fiction works from other sci-fi franchises, namely Aliens, BattleStar Galactica, and BladeRunner, in addition to Star Trek: Legends.  The site will be completely overhauled to accommodate these new fan-fiction 3D webcomics, once I start vacation in a few weeks.  Look for much more activity there - and here - soon!  :)
I have to confess that I'm just a wee bit burned out on Star Trek at the moment.  Well, not really burned out, just wanting to try new things, still.  Don't get me wrong, Star Trek is my favorite sci-fi franchise, and has been since the 1970's.  My house is filled with Trek memorabilia, art, and toys.  Decades of interest, and I still can't get enough of it.

But it's not the only franchise that I love; it's one of many.  (Too many.)   Aliens, Battlestar Galactica, BladeRunner, Space 1999, Star Wars, Terminator, Warhammer 40000, etc. are also always clambering for my attention, and with my severe ADHD, attention is something that doesn't come easy anyhow.

So I'm thinking of branching out a bit, working on other projects for both artistic and creative expression, and a way to avoid burn-out from working on only one project, all the time.  For those of you that read this journal, that comes as no surprise, but this time I really have decided to follow through with it, take the plunge, and finally start another project.

Which franchise to adopt as an additional project is, however, not an easy decision.  I think my main consideration for which franchise to make my extra project will be based on whether or not that franchise is still active, and has enough of a following to justify all the time, effort, thought, and money necessary to create a 3D webcomic regularly.  Let's look at the franchises:
  • Alien(s) - still going strong, with Alien: Covenant in theaters this year.
  • Battlestar Galactica - oh so very good, both the original and the Ronald D. Moore reboot.  Sadly, however, it seems to have reached a dead-end now.  There's talk of a new movie being made, but that's many years in the future, so for now the rag-tag fugitive fleet's lonely quest for Earth is on hiatus.  Sadly, I have a great premise for a story, and lots of 3D assets already made for it, but I have no good story, no good plot, just an interesting idea.
  • Bladerunner - coming back!  BladeRunner 2049 comes out this fall.  This is the very first fan-fiction story that I ever wrote, with a strong story that I began back in the 1980's.  Still one of my favorites, and the original BladeRunner is actually my favorite film of all time.  Unfortunately, I have hardly any 3D assets built for a BladeRunner project, just a few buildings and the Spinner.
  • Space 1999 - not really seeing a resurgence in this franchise, sadly - ever.
  • Star Wars - love it (I'm a member of the 501st Legion even) but the only story that I have for it is one that I wrote in 1977 as a kid, before Empire Strikes Back was even filmed, and it's not even something that I ever expanded on, just an idea for a story, not even written down except for a few sketches and some plot notes in an old art book.  It was based on the idea that Vader was NOT Luke's father, based instead on the belief in exactly what Ben told Luke on Tatooine - that Vader killed Luke's father, they were not the same person.  As such, any 3D webcomic would be extremely non-canon, an alternate Star Wars entirely.
  • Terminator - I have a story for that, and a decent Terminator model too, but that's it.  A fun idea, but way too much work required, so this one is already not a feasible option.
  • Warhammer 40,000 - tempting, as I don't know of any other WH40K 3D webcomics.  If you know of one, PLEASE let me know about it - I'd love to read it.  Second only to my Trek collection is my WH40K collection - I have almost every WH40K miniature army that Games Workshop has ever released, every codex, and almost every novel ever published.  Also, I have an 8-foot-tall Chaos Space Marine power-armor costume.  Yes, it's time for intervention.  ;)  (And maybe time for a WH40K 3D webcomic?)  Sadly, however, I have absolutely no idea for a plot or story, and as such can't yet consider doing a WH40K project yet either - yet.
I am not, however, abandoning Star Trek: Legends - ever, until all six planned episodes are finished.  I may, however, reduce issues to just two a month, and work on another 3D webcomic the other two weeks of each month.  But what of the other project(s)?  From the list and reasons above, Aliens looks to be the most feasible now and I've already gotten one vote for it (Thank you, Tom!)  :)   So - anybody else ready for ...

Aliens: Renaissance...
The second episode of Star Trek: Legends - In Equity - is now live on my regular site,  It deals with Romulans and Orions this time, and a special faction within the Federation as well - the Bureau of Industrialization.  I didn't make this bureau up, I promise you - it was referenced in The Original Series episode "The Cloud Minders", if I recall correctly.  I also have a flashback sequence planned that takes us back to the days shortly after the V'ger incident, with the TMP-era uniforms and the original refit NCC-1701, without the -A suffix.  Feel free to drop by the site, take a look around, enjoy the new episode, and catch up on the first episode ("Mudd's Slide") as well.  Best wishes to all, and a Happy New Year too!  :)
So, the sequel to BladeRunner comes out next year, Neill Blomkamp's revival of the Alien franchise with Hicks and Ripley (and hopefully Bishop too) is underway, there's a Classic Battlestar movie in the planning stage, Star Trek's 50th anniversary and a new Trek series are in the news, Rogue One is coming out in about a couple of weeks, etc etc.  It's a great time to be a sci-fi fan!

I'm still 100% committed to Star Trek: Legends - In Equity, but my creative mind is always restless.  I have gigabytes of 3D files for every franchise listed in the paragraph above, and fan-comic scripts for each of them as well.  Should I do a rotation of them, one a month, but each month have one episodes of each, one on every Sunday?  Star Trek: Legends on the first Sunday of each month, then Battlestar on the second Sunday, BladeRunner on the third Sunday, and Aliens on the fourth Sunday of each month?  Is that too much to tackle, or a good idea?  Vacation for me starts a week from today, and I'm just itching to crank out some new 3D content for you!  Nod 
Hailing frequencies open, my friends.  I'm trying to do a bit better with my updates, despite everything that's going on here that slows me down lately.  Today in the gallery I've uploaded an image of an Orion Syndicate city, where much of the action in the next episode of the webcomic will occur.  I'll try to upload a close-up image of the Orion spaceship from "Star Trek: The Animated Series" soon.  It's not quite fully detailed yet (and neither is the Orion city, for that matter, I now realize...) but I hope to post it soon, and post more often as well.

Two Months Later...  I finally post again here at my DA home.  Since my last update, I've hit some pretty severe health/heart problems, so unfortunately I've spent most of my free time either in a doctor's office or a hospital surgery room, or just laid up in bed recuperating.  (That's my long-form apology for my lack of activity here on DA.)

Anyhow, I'm still hoping to launch Star Trek: Legends, Episode II - In Equity on Sunday, Christmas Day, December 25th.  The script is finished and now I'm working on two main locations for exterior and interior sets.  Two huge cities, in multiple levels of detail, both exterior shots, street-angle shots, and various interiors.  It's taking absolutely forever to do this all, but in four weeks I'm taking a vacation and hope to get caught up on my work at that time.  It will be a mad rush in the middle of December to get all that done, but that's how I relax; working on the series.

In terms of Star Trek news, I am an admitted Original-Cast-era fan, both TOS and the first six movies.  Still, however, I thought that "Star Trek: Beyond" was absolutely superb, in my opinion.  It will be the first ST movie that I've bought since the Blu-Ray boxed set of the first six films.  I hope that you enjoyed it too, and I very much hope that on December 25th, you'll enjoy "Star Trek Legends: In Equity" as well.

As always, live long and prosper.

Today, September 8th, marks the 50th anniversary of the network premiere of Star Trek.  At first, the magnitude of that statement didn't really hit me.  The more I heard about it in the media, I started to realize just how amazing that is.  What other fictional franchises are still active after 50 years (by active I mean with such a fan-base of millions, around the world, moreso than its current status).  A few Disney IP's come to mind, and perhaps a few other cartoon properties as well, plus comic-book staples such as Batman and Superman.  I tend to keep my reading and media-exposure strictly to sci-fi and fantasy, with a bit of action thrown in, so that's really all that come to mind as far as 50-year old franchises that are still adored by millions of fans internationally.  (Oh, wait, James Bond, how did I almost forget one of my other favorites?)

Either way, a VERY happy birthday to Star Trek, and heartfelt salutations to the fans - past, present, and future - that have kept this vital (IMHO) part of Western culture alive and kicking for 50 years, and will sustain it for at least another 50.

I can't believe it, but this past Sunday marked the end of Star Trek: Legends, Episode I: "Mudd's Slide". After years of work before and during its two-year run, it's over.  I finally finished a creative project.  :)

Thanks to every person on here who has contributed models, clothing, textures, advice, and inspiration, and thanks also to all those who have followed the story here and on my main site,

My only questions is - should I do a Battlestar Galactica story next, or continue on with Star Trek: Legends, Episode II: "In Equity"?  The Galactica story picks up right where the last episode of the 1979 series ended, and will take several more months to prepare than "In Equity" since I will need to create a lot more models - interior and exterior sets, props, characters, vehicles, scenes, etc.  "In Equity", however, can be ready to go by December of this year (I hope...).  Reply to this and I'll take the replies as a vote, since I can't make up my own mind.  :)

Live Long and Prosper/So Say We All;
Star Trek: Legends - Episode I Coming To A Close

I'm in my final 3-4 issues of Episode I - "Mudd's Slide" and wanted to just say thanks to everybody (in random order): Mylochka, PDSmith, JVilmur2, Jed Hirsch, MDBruffy, Bluto, Eismaus, JamesJAB, Esgaroth, Dyald, and many others.  I'll be going on vacation right after Episode I ends, and when I return, I'll begin production on Episode II - "In Equity" so there will only be monthly updates to my site for about six months, until "In Equity" is ready to start. I'll still be posting here more often than that, using my DA account to post occasional "production shots" of "In Equity" - new sets, characters, spaceships, props, etc.

LL&P!  :) (Smile) 
I totally missed my deadline for today's issue of Star Trek: Legends, thanks to things at work getting crazy the latter half of last week.  In the meantime, I've actually made up my mind on what to do next.  Barring any outpouring of interest in the next Episode of Legends( "In Equity"), I'm going to create a BattleStar Galactica web-comic "mini-series" that will only last about thirty to fifty issues, then return to Star Trek for "In Equity".

My main impetus for this is that there is a planned return to the classic 1970's Galactica in the works, this time as a movie.  The hope is that Universal will have classic Battlestar as their sci-fi movie franchise, just as Disney has Star Wars, Paramount has Star Trek, etc.  That being (hopefully) the case, we'll soon (?) see the old-style Vipers, Raiders, and (oh joy!) the REAL Cylons - chrome and all - on the big screen.  To prepare for that, I'm doing my part in resurrecting classic Galactica as well, with... Legends of Kobol.
This weekend will be the first issue of the last scene of Mudd's Slide. Wow.  I'm a bit surprised I made it this far. :o (Eek)

I'm still planning on going ahead with Episode II after a hiatus, but I'm also sitting on a Battlestar Galactica story as well, that I'm quite partial too.  It combines the classic series with the new series (Ronald D Moore) in a whole new story.  My impetus for leaning towards a BSG story is that there is a new Galactica movie currently in the works, and it's based off of the CLASSIC 1978 series.  I love both versions, the 1978 and the RDM versions, of BSG, having always wanted a BSG story that combined the looks of the 1978 version (especially the non-CGI Cylons) with the writing of the RDM version.  And that's what I've written.  :D (Big Grin)

So, if you'd rather see some BSG classic+RDM action, please let me know.  I just can't make up my own mind yet...  No, I disagree! 
So today starts the last act/scene of the project that began more than a year ago - just another (approximately) eight more issues/weeks left until the whole first episode is finally done.  To say that it's been a lot of fun would be an understatement - I've enjoyed every minute spent working on Star Trek: Legends, and I'm already eager for the next episode.  Episode II - "In Equity" will start "pre-production" in May and will hopefully post the first issue of "In Equity" sometime in August.  (I'll need a few months to write the script, design and build new characters, sets, props, etc.)

In the meantime, however, my ADHD has kicked in the past few days, and made me eye other projects that I'd love to also do a 3D fan-fiction webcomic for.  I'm a huge fan of the following as well, and already have quite a few 3D assets built for, the following:
  • Aliens - Colonial Marines
  • Battlestar Galactica (the original series)
  • Bladerunner
  • Star Trek - an Original-Series "flash-back" story or series
  • Star Wars - alternate prequels
Plus I have a couple of ideas of my own for an original web-comic that I'm considering:
  • A retro-tribute to the Gerry Andersen sci-fi series of the 1970's, along the lines of UFO and Space 1999
  • A diesel-punk/film-noir story set in the late 1930's - aliens, flying saucers, ancient celestial god-like beings, robots and Nazis, along the lines of classic Indiana Jones
So - any thoughts?  Any preferences? Let me know, I'm always welcome to feedback.  Thanks for reading!  :)
Egad, more than a half a year has passed since the last update here on the web-comic.  This weekend (January 10th, 2016) marks the 50th issue of the web-comic, so I'm celebrating just a tad bit. (Romulan ale all 'round!)  The story/episode is almost at an end, and I'm gearing up for Episode II - "In Equity" that is currently slated to feature the the Romulans, Orions, and the Enterprise's command-crew devastated by betrayal, mutiny, and a death that hits far too close to home, as war with the all-new Romulans becomes inevitable...