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BattleStar Galactica: Legends of Kobol - Caprica by STLegends BattleStar Galactica: Legends of Kobol - Caprica by STLegends
Just a teaser shot of a character I've made for a possible (planned?) eventual 3D webcomic of BattleStar Galactica for today's BattleStar Sunday.  I'm a fan of the original Cylon Centurions, and even the devious Lucifer, and always thought it would be great to see both in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.  This image shows what that might have been like.

Legends of Kobol will be a quasi-sequel/prequel to both the original 1979 series and the Ronald D. Moore remake series.  As seen in this image, it will combine both series, with characters and settings from both - but all in an entirely new plot, that will add new meaning to "This has all happened before..."
PeachLover94 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018  Student General Artist
Amazing! This is like something I have in mind for my own take on the Battlestar Galactica universe!

Brace yourself though, for it's going to be a long one...

Somewhere at sometime in the Cyrannus Galaxy (the ultimate name of the galaxy of both the Cylon Empire and the Twelve Colonies of Man), there evolved the civilization of the intelligent, bipedal reptilians known as Cylons. Having found out about the humans' experiments with machine life and their success as a spacefaring civilization, the Cylons recruited humanity's best cyberneticists in the Graystone family (recalling Caprica). With the Graystones' help, the Cylons create their first machines of superintelligence. These were to be the first series of Cylon Centurions (as depicted here). Then they collaborated in creating the ultimate in machinery and technology in order to help the Cylons reach their best potential - a ruler known as the 'Imperious Leader' modeled on the original reptilian Cylons.

Equipped with three cybernetic brains, the first Imperious Leader oversaw both the Cylon Empire's first extents into space and early development of Humanoid Cylons like Number Six
 (as depicted here). But when a slight but catastrophic error was imprinted into the thirteenth Imperious Leader's circuitry by the enigmatic and malevolent entity known as Count Iblis, the Imperious Leader turned against his creators in the original reptilian Cylons. Towards the end of the Fifth Millennium of Recorded Time, the Imperious Leader succeeded in leading both the Cylon Centurions and the prototype Humanoid Cylons towards driving the original reptilian Cylons to complete extinction. This led to the Cylon Empire planning new expeditions into space to conquer and rule over every star in the Universe.

Having been cursed by Count Iblis who had a human form, the Imperious Leader ordered the Cylon Empire to conquer and enslave the whale-like Hasaris' nation of planets. Since the Hasaris were a peace-loving race allied with humanity, the Colonies interceded on behalf of the Hasaris to drive off the encroaching Cylons. Fearing any race that could pose a threat to them being led by the human race, the Imperious Leader ordered his Cylon subjects to exterminate all human life forms to accelerate their spree of conquest. Thus the Sixth Millennium of Recorded Time began with the Thousand Yahren
(Colonial word for year) War with the Cylon Centurions that embraced all the human race across the Cyrannus Galaxy from across the Colonies - especially worlds like Virgon, Sagitara and Caprica.

There would also be two Baltars in the story! Both of them brothers, they each would have some kind of connection with the Cylons.
  • Count Asmodeus Baltar, the eldest son of Councilor Baltar of planet Piscera on the Quorum of Twelve, was once a decorated war hero of the Thousand Yahren War whose reputation was sullied by his attempt to buy and steal the election of fellow war hero and Atlantia Commanding Officer Richard Adar to President of the Quorum of Twelve. Foiled by then Commander Noah Adama nicknamed "Husker", Count Baltar sought to get revenge on Adama by allying himself in secret with the Cylon Union (the faction led by the One Cylon Empire which included other factions like the Eastern Alliance of the Terran Humans - not our Earth, the insectoid Ovion Hive, the porcine marauders of the Boray Crime Syndicate, and the Neanderthal-resembling Warriors Guild of the Borellian Nomen). Willfully selling out the human race of the Colonies to the Union for extinction with the Cylons' ultimate plan to stab their followers in the backs once the last Colonial human is eradicated, Asmodeus Baltar becomes the Commander-in-Chief pro tempore of the Cylon Union in the wake of the fall of the Imperious Leader in one battle with the Galactica and her ragtag fugitive fleet. Obsessed with killing Adama and anyone associated with him, Asmodeus Baltar treats Lucifer and Six (as depicted here) as the son and daughter he was denied by Adama's foiling of his plot against Adar.
  • Doctor Gaius Baltar is youngest son of Councilor Baltar who has for the past several yahrens been the faithful and dependable Chief Engineering Officer (think Montgomery Scott "Scotty" and Geordi La Forge of Star Trek, as well as Doctor Wilker from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series) for the battlestar Galactica whom Commander later Admiral Noah Adama respects and protects from any retaliation against him by other humans. Disgusted by his brother's sullying of the Baltar family name by selling their race out for extinction at the hands of the Cylon Union. Even so, he has vivid dreams and visions in his head of Number Six (as depicted here and in the 2003/2004 Battlestar Galactica series) who guides him in making the right decisions to protect the human race and Galactica.
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