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Win7 Start Orb Loader v1.1.1
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Published: August 25, 2010
System Requirements
Windows 7 x86 or Windows 7 x64
with default shell (i.e. Windows Explorer.)

Note: not tested on Windows Server 2008 R2.

1. Change your start orb WITHOUT changing explorer.exe. This prevents unnecessary UAC prompts.
2. Choose different start orb for each user.
3. DPI-aware.

Install/Uninstall Guide
Uninstall of version 1.0: run the loader (renamed to explorer.exe), press 'Unload' button, and delete it. Current version is not compatible with ver. 1.0, so uninstall old loader before using current release.

Install of version 1.1: run the loader (w7soldr.exe in the zip, and you can rename it as you want), check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader' and press 'Save changes' button. Read usage section for details.

Uninstall of version 1.1: run the loader, uncheck 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader', uncheck 'Options' > 'Shell integration' and press 'Save changes' button. This will restore all changes done to your system. Delete the loader then you're done.

Summary of Usage (Check details in readme.txt!)
1. Extract w7soldr.exe and run w7soldr.exe.
2. Check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader'.
3. Press 'Browse' button to choose the location that contains start orbs you want to use.
4. Choose a start orb you want to use.
5. Press 'Save changes' button to save changes.

* Checking 'Options' > 'Shell integration' appends a menu item labed 'Start orb' on the context menu of desktop background.

* .resources files are language files. If there's no .resources files, English is displayed by default. See Localization Guide for details.
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Elaessio's avatar
Até o próprio google chrome bloqueou esse arquivo
Elaessio's avatar
 Avast Premier alerta: Uma ameaça foi detectada crome.exe melhor ter cuidado galera
ExClouds's avatar
This is a virus.!!
asoka133's avatar
AVG alert: Trojan
START-ORB-MANIAC123's avatar
I Literally Just Tried It And Chrome Blocked It  :( 
empiresoftware's avatar
where is the download button??????
charlesmilette's avatar
Can you configure it so that it doesn't ask admin, because I'm in a limited account. Asking for admin means running as the admin user, so no visible changes for me...
charlesmilette's avatar
Forget that. I just have to enable the start orb loader and after I don't need to use admin.
master412160's avatar
Can someone tell me if this program works or not for win 7 64 bit?
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arcanan18rannieStudent General Artist
i think i have problems. after the latest windows update. the start orb wont work anymore
Burnsmh's avatar
BurnsmhHobbyist Writer
I am using 64 bit win7 and when I used this it changed my orb but it also changed my taskbar back to default and it wont let me customize it anymore. It looks like the windows XP option list when I bring it up via Control panel > personalize > Window color > looks like winxp options. Never had this problem before I changed the orb via this program. Any ideas?
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this is thr best web
astrojay17's avatar
My BitDefender comes up with

BitDefender has blocked a virus!
Virus Name: Trojan.Generic.6493520
Accessed by: w7soldr
Loacation: C:\Windows\System32\explorer.exe

This is a false positive and is safe right?
kishorekaustubh's avatar
SAME HERE WITH AVG 2013 trojan.generic [link]
stkov's avatar
Yes, it is a false positive. If the loader is set enabled, it extracts a loader for the Windows Explorer into that location. Well, a trojan virus typically does a similar thing. What is extracted by the virus may be a copy of itself, which is harmful to the system. Your BitDefender guesses from this behavior, that w7soldr is a trojan virus.
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KracovHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm curious about trying the start orb loader.  how do i set permissions for it for bitdefender?  i've heard people have problems with your program.  have you since then made any bug fixes?
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I'm really impressed. I looked a long time for a way to customize the Start Orb without modify Explorer (because this way generate a lot of UAC alerts, as you said in the ReadMe file). Thank you very much for that!

I've something to ask. I'm working on a theme for Windows 7 (using the official Aero theme, but with other changes which do not modify system files). I want to make the installation fully automatized, and also to add a custom Start Orb.
I know what your software does to change the Orb. Could I integrate your "Windows 7 Shell Loader" (the explorer.exe file created in Windows\System32) into my installation file? I will credit you without problem. Thank you in advance.
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Note that UAC popups are also generated by modified shell32.dll, when you copy/move some files.
It is difficult to hack them because dll files can be dynamically loaded/unloaded into the memory while exe files are loaded into the memory just once. Also dll files can be shared among several processes.

I tried to redirect copy/move operations so that the modified resources of shell32.dll are still being used and the operations use the unmodified copy of shell32.dll to solve the UAC popups, by modifiying the registry. Unfortunately I failed :( I should have modified more registry keys.

Currently I am not working on this project. =Kishan-Bagaria adopted this memory patch method to his program and he is still active. If you need to get some help, you may ask him.
SpringsTS's avatar
All right, thanks for the info.
stkov's avatar
No problem, just follow the CC license. Thanks!
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