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Win7 Start Orb Loader v1.1.1



System Requirements
Windows 7 x86 or Windows 7 x64
with default shell (i.e. Windows Explorer.)

Note: not tested on Windows Server 2008 R2.

1. Change your start orb WITHOUT changing explorer.exe. This prevents unnecessary UAC prompts.
2. Choose different start orb for each user.
3. DPI-aware.

Install/Uninstall Guide
Uninstall of version 1.0: run the loader (renamed to explorer.exe), press 'Unload' button, and delete it. Current version is not compatible with ver. 1.0, so uninstall old loader before using current release.

Install of version 1.1: run the loader (w7soldr.exe in the zip, and you can rename it as you want), check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader' and press 'Save changes' button. Read usage section for details.

Uninstall of version 1.1: run the loader, uncheck 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader', uncheck 'Options' > 'Shell integration' and press 'Save changes' button. This will restore all changes done to your system. Delete the loader then you're done.

Summary of Usage (Check details in readme.txt!)
1. Extract w7soldr.exe and run w7soldr.exe.
2. Check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader'.
3. Press 'Browse' button to choose the location that contains start orbs you want to use.
4. Choose a start orb you want to use.
5. Press 'Save changes' button to save changes.

* Checking 'Options' > 'Shell integration' appends a menu item labed 'Start orb' on the context menu of desktop background.

* .resources files are language files. If there's no .resources files, English is displayed by default. See Localization Guide for details.
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