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Recently I noticed a rising amount of   people pointing out other forms of bdsm, and how I handle the topic as if the approach I speak of is the only one

So I may as well clarify some things. Yes, I am aware of many other forms of bdsm, starting from self bondage to 24/7 bondage to real hardcore sadism play...for those that roll like that yknow
So... why don't I get into all of those?
Well it is simple really, a few simple reasons

1 if I went into those I would inevitably be asked why I don't cover inflation as linked to bondage... because... it is. Or tickling bondage or permanent bondage....
2because I cover the balanced peoples bondage
3because to competently write about some of that stuff, I would have to experience it, and as wide as my range of experience is.... and make no mistake ...iiiits wide. I do draw lines at some points

See, here is the thing, bdsm is a part of my life...BUT!!!!   It does not constitute all of my life. This is what I mean by balanced people's bondage. Sexuality, as big and as important part of our lives as it is, is just that, a PART of our lives. There is so much more to life, and balanced people realize that.
When any aspect of your life starts devouring everything else you do, and claiming your personality to the point where it is all about making compromises, and explaining away your life being eaten by the beast you bred...   that is when you , as is the characteristic of  our species, become unbalanced
That is when a fetish, a dear to heart aspect of life, takes over your life
It then becomes a sexual form of addiction, relatable to morbid obesity, or being a fulltime adrenaline junkie, or switching to stronger and stronger drugs
I mean no disrespect to people who decided to live the bdsm lifestyle 24/7 or those who think ssc-or safe sane and consensual rule is for wusses...
That is their choice.

Those people will come and nitpick, and have discussions here, but here is the thing. Just as they won't agree with my points of view, so will I share my own disagreement
That life.
My point of view is this
Bdsm is a thinking person's game, intelligent person's    funtime.  It should maintain the illusion, expand limits of ones sexuality, but know when to stop the game
And this is the way I see it, you may disagree, but that just automatically means I disagree with you- so...
We agree to disagree

So knowing all this, why is it that I do not cover these things in my comic?
Well, first, imp not that far ahead in the story
And second, using those examples first to explain bdsm people would be, as I have stated on few occasions before, a head to toe tattooed guy trying to explain someone without any tattoos how awesome it is to get one
It's a learning curve people. You learn to walk before you run.

There are going to be many things covered in strips to come
Some simple stuff like... you don't know the person at all and you let the person tie you up...yeah..Bad idea
- Now a few of yours are going- wait, Anne didn't know ally and she let her tie her up—BINGO!
- That's one of the things Alan will point out during her.... breaking
Another point sill is made on, no matter how cool an idea something may be on the surface---think 10 times before you actually try it
Seeds of that one have been planted long ago, with 2 pictures- Anne's tongue pierce gag; I won't spoil that one for now
To some degree I will cover self bondage
And the 24/7 bondage and why it's not really such a good idea
We got a long journey ahead of us people, so, be patient, and believe it or not I have quite a few things already planned

So, my advice, relax, have fun take this comic with a grain of salt and a pinch of common sense (a rare spice, I know)  and if you have issues with it... hell, I'll probably read and reply them XD I love a good chat , pointless that it  may be

Lesson 1 on the internet, you're more likely discover magic exists that change someone's mind over the internet XD

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You already have a strip mentioning 24/7 and why not, the one where anne is rigged to something pressure actuvated, with alan as her master. It´s one of the earlier ones, not linked to the story so far.