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Justin and Brisby by Stitchpunk89 Justin and Brisby :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 5 0 New Home by Stitchpunk89 New Home :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 2 0 Undertaker WIP by Stitchpunk89 Undertaker WIP :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 5 0 Pink Diamond by Stitchpunk89 Pink Diamond :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 3 0 Maka and Louise by Stitchpunk89 Maka and Louise :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 2 0 Giant Snowflake Cake by Stitchpunk89 Giant Snowflake Cake :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 4 0 My Summer Treat 4 by Stitchpunk89 My Summer Treat 4 :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 1 0 My Summer Treat 3 by Stitchpunk89 My Summer Treat 3 :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 1 0 My Summer Treat 2 by Stitchpunk89 My Summer Treat 2 :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 1 0 My Summer Treat by Stitchpunk89 My Summer Treat :iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 4 0
Dear Love, Love Dear
Dear Love,
     When I hear your voice,
           My heart begins to melt instead of turning to cool        
           Cool ice that freezes me to death,
           Taking away my every breath.
            Instead it fills my every breath with warmth.
           Warmth that is rare in the little town I live in.
      When I see your face,
            There is beauty not just outside,
            But inside too.
            Amazing gemstone eyes as blue as the summer
            As blue as the ocean in the Pacific,
            Or even beneath the r
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 2 0
It’s the same day.
I wake up,
And catch up with long due chores.
It’s the same day.
I’m always daydreaming,
And catch up with long due chores.
When will it end?
I’m always daydreaming,
I want to leave home.
When will it end?
I’m getting tired of this.
I want to leave home.
I wake up.
I’m getting tired of this,
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 0 0
Days pass,
Weeks pass,
Months and years,
As I stand here.
I was once that person of yesterday,
Climbing up that mountain in a daze.
Now I walked towards the doorway,
As I exit the thick maze.
My day has come at last!
I am that person of today,
And I will soon become that person of tomorrow.
Making the world a better place,
For myself and others,
And educating those who know very little.
Someday when I pass on,
I will still stand.
Holding out my hand,
To my companions.
To those I care about.
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 0 0
Seven Rose Petals
One rose petal for sunlight,
Two rose petals for creativity,
Three rose petals for three human aspects of life,
Four rose petals for a unified world,
Five rose petals for the universe,
Six rose petals for growth within spirit,
Seven rose petals for transformation,
In the seventh heaven.
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 0 0
Angel of Happiness
We loved you very much,
With all our hearts.
You spread your golden wings,
Far and wide,
Within the sky.
Your soul held light,
You’d watch us throughout the night.
Because you’re gone,
We think of the memories from so long.
Those beautiful memories.
We will always remember you as the angel of happiness,
Because you made our days golden,
Without sadness.
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 0 0
Winter has come (to kill me!)
I look through the glass,
And see what has come at last.
The snow has arrived.
I run to the door,
And I play with the snowflakes,
Along with the snow.
Everyday and night,
I dance in the fluffy snow,
Until the night ends.
Suddenly I’m trapped,
The deceptive frost has captured me.
Will I escape?
Then the sun comes out,
Melting all the snow away.
I am free yet cold.
My pale skin is red,
My body is trembling,
But at least I’m alive.
:iconstitchpunk89:Stitchpunk89 0 0


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Shameless :iconinkohaulyc-1:Inkohaulyc-1 20 2
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Who are you, beautiful sinner? Lips red as the rose, Skin pale as the moonlight, And eyes as blue as winter, As cool as ice. You deciev...

You lived a life of freedom and joy, But then that was all taken away, By man's hand. He used you, Abused you! Yet the animal in you on...


Justin and Brisby
Justin and Brisby cel found on
The site’s galley is under maintenance, so I was able to get it off of Tumblr.

The Secret of NIMH (Don Bluth)(1982)
You know how I've explained how much Jenner, otherwise The Rat With The Demonic Eyes, terrified me in psychological ways alot of people probably would never understand? (Yes, I've told this to a social consult I once spoke to and she understood me, didn't think I was crazy at all.) I was online and I found this article that somebody posted a month ago and it seems I am not the only one who was able to see deep into Jenner's psychosis and be absolutely terrified of him. This might help you guys understand better. To the writer of this article, thank you for writing this.…
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  • Reading: Secret of NIMH New Leaf
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey! My name is REN, at least that's the pen name I go by. I have a real name, but I'd prefer to be called Ren. I am 20 years old and, still, living with my parents. (Boo!!! :cries:) I love my friends and sharing my artistic talents with everyone and I hope to make more friends and explore more of life along the way!). I'm an adult rebel who lives in small, cold town Duluth, MN AKA Hell. If you're thinking of living where I come from, then you better change plans because its filled with crazy weather (like the winters that last for almost half a year) and mostly nature. I love to draw and write, I love anime and romance! Unfortunate to say, until I have enough money to move out, I will be going to a community college to study medical laboratory technician for a job as well as my interests so I can become a great well known children's/teens author, dark animated filmmaker and actress (and hopefully attend one of the two best rated colleges in Austin; The Art Institute of Austin and the University of Texas' Theatre Department) (I'm seriously thinking of moving to Austin, TX where the weather's fuckin' sweet and live there.) I'm a creative and artistic yet headstrong cookie with determination in shooting for the stars and someday (not only living the life celebrities do) but living a happy life with a sweet, outgoing and intelligent husband and maybe one or three or even five (adopted) kids. :) (I know! As crazy as it sounds, I'm willing to risk it all and take flight for that second star to the right.)
So far, my sequel to "The Secret of NIMH" (1982) has a mixture of praise and hate in the fandom zone.
1st, there was Drew47AT, who suggested I should really improve my story by changing the plotline and of course have Jonathan Brisby be alive and not dead.
2nd, I recieved a note from 1st-Hashirama-Senju saying someone (a girl/woman named Lyle) from Library of the Damned "stole" (they actaully critiqued my story in sarcastic manner, not constructive) my story and posted it on their site. You can read it from the links below;……

But you know what, I'm not going to give up on that because I'm not only doing this for NIMH fans out there, but I am doing it for Biff (otherwise Elizabeth Hartman, who tragically died of suicide June 10th, 1987). Like my mom and my role model Elijah Wood, I don't give up on shit. I just push through it because that's life. Everyday is an obstacle we have to endure. Suicide will not rescue you from pressure with anything related to the future or reality. (I took Biff's death pretty hard when I was twelve, that's one of the reasons I'm against suicide. It's even worst to know that people around your age and mine are commiting suicide because they feel that intense pressure building up each day.) Watch some epic, empowering animes, sing a song that'll give you the passion to follow your dreams and strengthen your spirit. (That's what I do and it really does help.)
"Dream the impossible because dreams do come true." is Elijah Wood's quote I follow by. He never had it easy with dreams either. In emotional distress, his mom was there to help him push through the thick and thin of balancing life with fame and reality. He's taught his auidence strength and even finding happiness (if you've watched "Wilfred") Even before "Wilfred", his voice guided me back into the light and to find myself. I want to make the impossible possible, and I bet you all want to too. Take this quote and others in mind. Of course, take it seriously, work your ass off and work hard so you can kick ass and make the world a really cool place. I do hope someday to remake the Rats of NIMH (in dedication to the original cast and crew of the original film, if I'm allowed to and if that's legal) and make my sequel into a movie (if I ever do work with animation.) I am most likely planning on working with traditional animation because it is such a beautiful form of animation. Watching traditional animation is just like watching an actual drawing come to life.

Best Friends; :iconanarchygunrage:, :iconmemory627:, :iconbaren777:
Favorite People; :iconkatethegreat19:

Favourite genre of music: Gothic rock, alternative
Favourite style of art: Anime, traditional handdrawn art, cgi

~Quotes To Keep In Mind~
I believe in the impossible, I dreamt of it yesterday. I'm dreaming of it today and I'll dream of it tomorrow. (REN)(June 2014)

Everyday, an old life dies and a new one is born. (REN)

Never give up. I never gave up, Carl never gave up, Kathleen never gave up. Don't you give up. (Colleen Hegleson Nelson (My grandma Nelson)(12/25/2013))

You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday's junk. (Louise Smith)

Slumber parties are the cat's pajamas, just like my cat pajamas. (Tina Belcher (Slumber Party from Bob's Burgers))

If you're a nerd, join the herd. (Zeke from Bob's Burgers)

Don't be startin' what ch'ou can't finish, bitch. (Roger Smith from American Dad)

Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield it, we can never do anything wise in this world. (Helen Keller)

In the animated world, people who understand pencils and paper usually aren't computer people, and the computer people usually aren't the artistic people, so they always stand on opposite sides of the line. (Don Bluth)

The past is over, the future is waiting! (Liz from IGPX)

There are more valid facts and details in works of artt than there are in history books. (Charlie Chaplin)

Obstacles are only opportunities to succeed or fail; how we handle them determines what will happen. (Art Hurst)

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart. (Helen Keller)

I make films to cure my loneliness. (Ana Lily)

As I matured and grew stronger, the bounds of the madness inside me expanded. (Franken Stein from Soul Eater)

I grew up sheltered and dependent. I was a dreamer. I just always wanted to be . . . an actress. I wanted the people I'm playing to be in trouble. (Elizabeth Hartman)

Without pain, there would be no suffering. Without suffering, we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life. (Angelina Jolie)

Artists are poeple driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. (D.W. Winnicott)


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