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Reilly's 2018 Art Summary by Stitchlovergirl96 Reilly's 2018 Art Summary :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 4 3 Another F/O Selfie by Stitchlovergirl96 Another F/O Selfie :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 8 11 Tabi Chi-Chi: Pooka and Skye by Stitchlovergirl96 Tabi Chi-Chi: Pooka and Skye :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 4 0 Cartophyllus and Stray Cat by Stitchlovergirl96 Cartophyllus and Stray Cat :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 14 5 The Wanderer Awakens by Stitchlovergirl96 The Wanderer Awakens :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 6 1 Little Boy Blue by Stitchlovergirl96 Little Boy Blue :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 8 8 Starrie: Baby Number 2 by Stitchlovergirl96 Starrie: Baby Number 2 :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 9 6 Eloraleigh Fan Button by Stitchlovergirl96 Eloraleigh Fan Button :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 4 4 Starrie Fan Button by Stitchlovergirl96 Starrie Fan Button :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 4 3 Self-Insert and Self-Shipper (STAMP) by Stitchlovergirl96 Self-Insert and Self-Shipper (STAMP) :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 68 19 Cute, Fauny, and Dorky Girlfriends by Stitchlovergirl96 Cute, Fauny, and Dorky Girlfriends :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 16 4 Rileigh the Faun: Ref Sheet by Stitchlovergirl96 Rileigh the Faun: Ref Sheet :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 9 5 Almost 1 Year by Stitchlovergirl96 Almost 1 Year :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 9 2 Starlene and Stitch by Stitchlovergirl96 Starlene and Stitch :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 9 3 Starrie Chibis by Stitchlovergirl96 Starrie Chibis :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 10 7 Eloraleigh: Kissu by Stitchlovergirl96 Eloraleigh: Kissu :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 21 9

Papyrus - divider by anineko:iconredheart-plz: Papyrus - divider by anineko

There's quite a bit of stuff in here. Average amount of drawings, Gmod pictures, and mediocre writing that I need to revise. I feel I'm a lot better at drawing/Gmodding than writing. Please do not use (unless it's a base) or copy any of my work, don't post my work anywhere else without my permission. If you don't like the content I create, that's okay, just don't attack me or badmouth me for it. Thank you~

Comments are appreciated, but... comments that are;

:bulletblack: One worded
:bulletblack: One or several emoticons
:bulletblack: Pointing out the absolute obvious
:bulletblack: Quoting the comic/picture
:bulletblack: Roleplays
:bulletblack: "LOL XDDDDDDD!!one!11! FUNNY!"
:bulletblack: COMPLETELY IN ALL CAPS!!!
:bulletblack: Entirely unrelated to the picture/comic/etc.
:bulletblack: Advertisements
:bulletblack: "Ubuuuh cringe!1!"


Please don't spam my comments section with several rows of random emoticons. It clutters up the comments section and I REALLY don't like it. It will be flagged as spam, 'cause that's what it is. But I would appreciate it if you didn't do it in the first place. Thank you.

DO NOT roleplay on any of my art! I have had to close comments on my artwork before; due to some people thinking it's okay to roleplay on someone else's stuff, and that really irritates me.

Anyways, if you read this, I thank you very much.

~Stitchlovergirl96 ;)

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Artist | Varied
United States
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Disney Stitch + Window Stamp by TwilightProwler Star Platinum Stamp by Chnugg Elora Stamp! by xRandomGurl undertale stamp by dustyhyena Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Stamp 010 | Bisexual by okaynine Certified Cringy Person (Stamp) by Stitchlovergirl96 Noot Noot by EmpathicDesign succ (Stamp) by ELLlOTT I get nervous when talking to people by KittyJewelpet78 53 -stamp- by KIngBases shy, but happy to talk by crownstamps Stop treating rl people like fictional characters by pastellene 98 by gur0H unless its pedophilic or creepy by deadstamps Undertale Soul Stamp - Purple (Perseverance) by ItsumoCelestialSushi friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius stamp - jojo's bizarre adventure by choroxmatsu JJBA: Jotaro Stamp by XPixelPriorX JJBA: Joseph And Caesar Stamp by XPixelPriorX Elias and Chise Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Firealpaca User Stamp by 777-shin Tablet User Stamp by milkyribbon -Stamp: Destroy Cringe Culture by starli-i I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by Indiliel STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz to all those users who i never reply to... by JustYoungHeroes wait what was I doing again by Pomeragean STAMP: L O N G Distance Relationship by qnerdi no requests-stamp by Bilianna Romantic Stuff by MaruLovesStamps :: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinel Don't be afraid to talk to me! (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Lemme Smash Stamp by JazzaX 7 by s-k-i-e-s Bara Stamp by PureOdyssey Purple Space | Stamp by PuniPlush Self-Insert and Self-Shipper (STAMP) by Stitchlovergirl96

Oh, um... hi. I'm Reilly. I'm 22 years old, and I love to draw, Gmod, voice act, animate, cosplay, play video games, watch Anime, crush on many fictional characters, and indulge in trash memes.

I am obsessed with Disney's Stitch, Papyrus and Sans from Undertale, and Star Platinum from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I'm a VERY shy little nugget. It will take some time for me to warm up to you, and I'm also really bad a promptly responding to things, because I either forget, or am just too nervous. Please don't think I hate you though, I'm just shy. ^^;

I'm also a huge Canon + OC shipper, as well as a self-insert shipping piece of trash. I am the proud self-insert mother of Papyrus and Sans, and I ship myself with a few characters. The ones I self-ship the most with are Elora the Faun and Star Platinum. :star:

Q: "Aren't you worried about people making fun of you, for being a self-insert mom? Or shipping yourself with Star Platinum?"

A: Buddy, life is so much easier when you learn to not give a shit what other people think, and do what makes you happy. As Dr. Seuss said: "Be who you are, and say what you feel. Because those who mind, don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind."

Idol: Chris Sanders

Current Goal- Move to Australia, and be happy with my lover, and my best friend.

NOTE: Please DO NOT ask/beg me to; watch you, favorite your work, look at your gallery, etc. I will do that if I want to. Also, do not leave Chainmails on my page, as they will be marked as spam.

If you visited my page and randomly get a llama from me, that's just my way of thanking you for checking out my page! :hug:

♂+♀= ♥
♀+♀= ♥
♂+♂= ♥

Well, that's pretty much it. Thank you for reading!

:star: My Website:

Other social media pages:

:bulletpink: (I reblog/post a lot of stuff I like, but I know there's a sum of people that will not like what I'm opinionated about. :lol:)

My Self-Shipping specific Tumblr is: Star-Platinums-Wife

:bulletpink: Although its mine and Joosh-Face's Twitter.

:bulletpink: Art Instagram

:bulletpink: It's mine and Joosh-Face's Youtube account.

Other things such as: Steam, Discord, or, I will only add you if we're REALLY good friends, or know each other in real life. ;)

I love these people:

:iconjoosh-face: (My dorky boyfriend who I love to death.)

Good Friends:

:iconshiina-mako-chan: :iconjustsomenut626: :iconanthrobrownwolf: :iconpuccafangirl: :iconwildnoctis: :iconsparkbag: :iconzerus63: :iconhea777: :iconpaurachan: :iconkjmusicalx: :iconvesaiasthevaliant: :iconblondrosekiller: :iconofcrystalsandart: :iconmantytheartist: :iconbamboosplash:

Sans - divider by anineko:iconblueheartplz: Sans - divider by anineko:iconblueheartplz: Sans - divider by anineko:iconblueheartplz: Sans - divider by anineko

Plzs I've Made (Man do you remember when we had to make plz accounts, just for people to use the icons in comments? :XD:)
Since today's the final day until Tumblr completely nukes NSFW content from their site (or either suffers huge backfire and revokes it), I should share links to other websites you can find me on.

Pillowfort is likely gonna be the next platform I move to and be active on since it will more or less be like Tumblr, except better. It's still in beta so there's a lot to come from it.

I do not host NSFW images here on dA as it's against the policy. My spicier artwork will likely make a return on Pillowfort when sideblogs are a thing.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Hm... I've been having some issues reinstalling Discord on my PC since the reset. I didn't delete my files, just reset my computer while keeping them. Yes it removed apps that originally didn't come with the PC but that's it. I've been getting this "SquirrelTemp" error. I tried looking it up but had little success. 

By chance, would anyone on here know about this issue?
Hey lovelies! I'm home from Kentucky. I'm exhausted from the drive back and it'll take a bit to settle back in, but I'm glad to be home.
See you all in a week! I'll be back around the 30th. Heading to Kentucky for Christmas with my family.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 💗
See, I didn't really think the protest would do much, as when I logged on this evening, my NSFW blog was flagged and hidden. I've been on Tumblr for 6 years, I've seen the site and myself go through changes. I dunno if this is gonna backfire on them or what but as it currently stands...

I will remain on Tumblr for the time being, but when Pillowfort rolls out sideblog options, I'm packing up and leaving Tumblr. It will be hard because of all the friends and progress I've made, but there are a lot of problems with Tumblr that I have and this was the last nail in the coffin.

I've tried to give out my information to followers, fans, and friends as much as possible so they're still able to keep in touch when I leave.
I'm currently participating in the Tumblr Logoff Protest. I, alongside other users have logged out of Tumblr as a protest against censorship. Not just on NSFW content, but they're now actively shadowbanning fandom artists SFW or not.

This protest is supposed to hopefully make the Staff see the error of their ways and not go through with all this bull crap. The goal is to stay logged off all day on the 17th, make noise about it on other sites, and return on the 18th to see what happened.
Some people are skeptical that it won't work because the Staff never listened in the first place... Which honestly, I kind of agree with. However, I have a small shred of faith this might work as this could possibly make the ad revenue suffer for Tumblr.

I'm not sure what's gonna happen... But I'm gonna stand by what I think is right, especially when Tumblr labels itself a "Place to express yourself freely."


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