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Welcome to Stitching Pirates the Cross Stitching Juggernaut.

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Walk Tall Cross Stitch Bag Tag (FFXV) by ShiroiKoumori



If this is to end in fire... by Thriin



Cross stitch cupcake placemats by Anim-Soul

CONGRATULATIONS!  We have to say that this was a wonderful contest and THANK YOU to all who submitted your lovely stitching.  Please remember that if you would like a private critique on your submitted piece, please note SpitfireFae and one will be provided.  It is our hope that everyone just participates for the pure joy of stitching and checking out what creatively beautiful things other stitchers come up with as that really is a win as well!  We are always so impressed with the submissions it makes it hard to judge at times.

Huge thanks to pinkythepink for being our Honorary Judge for this contest.

Our next contest will not start until January and if ANYONE has contest ideas or prize ideas please do not hesitate to share with us :D  Changing it up doesn't hurt one bit!

For those of you who placed in top three, Mattsma will note you with further instructions on how to obtain prizes.  Please reply no later than November 20th.

Have a beautiful rest of the year, be safe and enjoy your holiday season :love: We have one more surprise for you so STAY TUNED!

:bulletblue:  Now that the contest is closed, the judges will commence with the fussing over of each submission.  As this is the last contest of they year, I wish each and every one of you GOOD LUCK! :bulletblue:

pinkythepink  (this entry does not count as she will be an honorary judge for the next contest)

Have Patience by pinkythepink

Mattsma  (these entries do not count as she is a judge)

Happy Halloween by Mattsma


Granny is a wise one by HGKitten


Oppressors Begone!! by Ryardn


Chasing Sirens by CSHeretic


Cross stitch cupcake placemats by Anim-Soul


Bernard Black's wisdom by BellaGBear


Walk Tall Cross Stitch Bag Tag (FFXV) by ShiroiKoumori


If this is to end in fire... by Thriin


I Love Cross Stitching by Ammeih

(Please read everything as it is all very important!)

:skullbones:  The contest begins on July 16, 2017 and ends on October 31, 2017.  

:skullbones:  The judging will take place from November 1, 2017 to November 15, 2017 with winners being announced on November 15, 2017.

:skullbones:  Once the announcement has been made, please note Mattsma with yer email and mailing address for yer prizes by November 25, 2017 to ensure an expeditious sending of your prizes.

:skullbones:  When the winners are announced, if ye would like a critique of yer work, we will gladly note you the results.  Please note SpitfireFae or Katjakay with the request.

Arrrrg, here be some delectable samples to inspire thee…...

This kitchen is made with LOVE by pinkythepink   Home is... by MordsithCara     Music is Harmony f by Marebear-bear

Summer Words, Cross Stitch Crazy 192 by StitchingDreams   Side 2 of pillow by Electra-Maia   Believe by Ammeih  :thumb284308915:

Love Has No Limits by Mattsma  

Pirate Penguinicon by TheUncle2k  

Fire-orb by kayosa-stock  Yer submission must have a word or words, a phrase perhaps.  Words that inspire.  A single word that would be enough.  Turn a phrase, a quote….a saying or cliche.

Fire-orb by kayosa-stock  Yer submission must have yer cross stitch.

Fire-orb by kayosa-stock  Only one submission per contestant.  If ye feel inspired enough to do more than one, ye can take one picture of all and submit to ye olde contest folder.

Fire-orb by kayosa-stock  Lastly, if yer doing a quote in another language, say Latin for example, please put the translation in your description.

Contest Score Card by Mattsma

 Click on the ship to get to the Rubric!

                        This is how yer entry will be judged!

:thumb401245621:  JUDGES PANEL  :thumb401245621:

:iconspitfirefae::iconkatjakay::iconmattsma: and this contest's honorary judge :iconpinkythepink:

Treasure Chest by Momma--G BOOTY, LOOT, TREASURE Treasure Chest by Momma--G

First Place: Travel Stitchy Bag, Picture to Pattern by :devPinkythePink, Special Box from Magical525

:Shake your Booty: by Wooded-Wolf  First place special note: When you win first place, you will have to sit out of the next contest as a contestant.  However, you WILL be an honorary judge for the following contest if that is something you are interested in. What this means is you will assist in scoring submissions.  You can submit to the contest as a judge but your submission won’t count towards the competition itself (the judges participate but their entries don’t count).

Second Place:  Travel Stitchy Bag, Special Box from Magical525, Stitching Pirate Needleminder

 Travel Stitchy Bag with Stitching Pirate Needleminder

Needleminder by Mattsma   Words of Wisdom First Place Prize by Mattsma   Words of Wisdom Second Place Prize by Mattsma

:bulletpink: If this has shown up again in yer inbox and ye've noticed no change, it's because Captain Pinky was movin' it back to the front page. Arr.
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that's so cool i had no idea such contest existed ! i would love to participate next time !  :D hehehe woohoo awesome :D :D