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Welcome to Stitching Pirates the Cross Stitching Juggernaut.

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:pirateattack by Gomotes  WINNERS   :pirateattack by Gomotes

A very special thank you to our guest just EverildWolfden for not only joining us with our difficult task, but also providing a BEAUTIFUL prize :love:

  Miniature 3D Joust Arcade Cabinet Cross Stitch by LordLibidan  by LordLibidan

    It's dangerous to go alone! - Link cross stitch by Fusainne  by Fusainne

    Genya Arikado (Dawn of Sorrow) Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori  by ShiroiKoumori


:piratejig: by Nautical-Nieky SUBMISSIONS :ahoy:

Final Fantasy Sampler by devilangelwolf27 by devilangelwolf27

Chess Mini Cushion by Katjakay  by  Katjakay

Ouija by joyful-angel  by joyful-angel

Genya Arikado (Dawn of Sorrow) Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori  by ShiroiKoumori

Torterra Cross Stitch by DragonChaser123  by DragonChaser123

Nerdy Christmas wreath by fire-n-ice-dragon  by fire-n-ice-dragon

It's dangerous to go alone! - Link cross stitch by Fusainne  by Fusainne

Tidus Cross Stitch by Fay-Fever   by Fay-Fever

Persona 4 cross stitch by Anim-Soul   by Anim-Soul

Taokaka - BlazBlue Cross Stitch by prophet1991   by prophet1991

:thumb605829977:   by tyrannorus

Miniature 3D Joust Arcade Cabinet Cross Stitch by LordLibidan  by LordLibidan

:new: Please scroll down for an important update.

 photo Gamers2_zps1xv6vhpn.jpg

Sailing the seven seas by CookiemagiK  For all ye stitchers who love to stitch up those fantastically fun game characters, symbols, and game related patterns, this one is for you!  Video games, sports, board games, tabletop RPGs…..anything game related. :thumb401246196:

(Please read everything as it is all very important)

:skullbones:  The contest begins on February 1, 2016 and ends on April 30, 2016.  

:skullbones:  The judging will take place from May 1, 2016 to May 10, 2016 with winners being announced on May 11, 2016.  

:skullbones:  Once the announcement has been made, please note Mattsma with your email and mailing address for your prizes by May 16, 2016 to ensure an expeditious sending of your prizes :D

:skullbones:  When the winners are announced, if you would like a critique of your work, we will gladly note you the results.  Please note SpitfireFae or Katjakay with the request.

The following are some fantastic examples of everything game:

Understitch by glancesherlock   Link in Stitches by gatchacaz   Hyrule Crest Clock by Craftigurumi   Final Fantasy X Cross Stitch by kairi-chan16  

:thumb443847382:   Baseball Sack Magnets by ReddsThreads   Monopoly Board Cross Stitch by rhaben   :thumb331075683:  

Dungeons and Dragons - Dragon Necklace by NomDePixel   Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master by agorby00   Minnesota Viking in Blackwork by Mattsma   Kansas City Chief Design for my Son by fire-n-ice-dragon

:new: UPDATE:  You may submit only one picture for the contest, HOWEVER, that picture can have more than one stitched item or detailed spot in it :D

:new: UPDATE:  Yer judges have had a serious discussion about a gamer subject that has arisen.  The question was, "Can I stitch something from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings? "  

As many of you know, first were the books, then the movies and then the games.

The answer is no.  The game has to be first before books and movies.  If it is not true game, that submission will not count as a true submission to this contest.

May the wind fill your sails and carry you safely to your destination   Sailing the seven seas by CookiemagiK

Olde Rubric photo Follow_zpsmbu16dqe.jpg

Contest Score Card by Mattsma  ← Click on this to get to the Rubric!

:thumb401245621:  JUDGES PANEL   :thumb401245621:

:iconspitfirefae:   :iconkatjakay:   :iconmattsma:   :iconeverildwolfden:

SPECIAL NOTE FROM :iconeverildwolfden: :  Anyone who does anything Skyrim related will win a free digital copy of my latest CD, Dragon's Breath (since the CD was also inspired by Skyrim.) All winners will of course also receive a copy.  :la:

Treasure Chest by Momma--G  PRIZES   Treasure Chest by Momma--G

 A seriously wonderful gift package from Magical525, Picture to Pattern from pinkythepink, item of your choice from…, item of your choice from…, item of your choice from…

First place special note:  When you win first place, you will have to sit out of the next contest as a contestant.  However, you WILL be an honorary judge for the following contest if that is something you are interested in.

What this means is you will assist in scoring submissions.  You can submit to the contest as a judge but your submission won’t count towards the competition itself (the judges participate but their entries don’t count).

 A Handmade Chickie Travel Bag Kit for cross stitch by Mattsma, Picture to Pattern by pinkythepink , item of your choice from… , item of your choice from…

 item of your choice from…,  item of your choice from…,

:ahoy:  Do you have ideas for prizes?  Do you have items to give as prizes?  Do you have your own Etsy store you would like to see as a place to choose a prize from?  Note Katjakay, SpitfireFae or Mattsma  with your ideas or gifts!  No idea is dumb, all gifts are appreciated!

A lovely peek at Magical525's first place's really very awesome!

Gamers Delight: First prize by Magical525

And a look at the 2nd place prize from Mattsma

2nd Place Prize for Gamer's Delight Contest by Mattsma

:bulletpink:   If this has shown up again in yer inbox and ye've noticed no change, it's because Captain Pinky was movin' it back to the front page. Arr.
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Congratulations, everyone!  REALLY difficult to choose the best, but very, very well done to all entrants!