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I was playing Overwatch today, and thinking it might be funny to think of Overwatch characters' ultimate abilities in an alternative light...
- Doomfist - You launch into orbit just for a superhero landing. Make sure to land near as many enemies as possible to really impress them.
- Genji - "Remember, Star-Wars-Kid, if you believe hard enough and watch enough anime... you too can have this power."
- McCree - A magical teleporting tumbleweed appears and transfer all the speed from the lower half of your body into the upper half.
- Pharah - Deadly money shot.
- Reaper - Combine the Gun Kata from Equilibrium, with the "NO!" Scene from Tombstone, and spinning around in place like a 5-year-old.
- Soldier 76 - I assume that senior citizens wear huge visor-sunglasses because they think they'll actually give them abilities like this.
- Sombra - "I'm gonna hack you... with an EMP" (Uh, Sombra, that's not EMPs work) "but your hardware will recover right away" (Also no).
- Tracer - The deadly version of wiping a booger on someone.
- Bastion - *EXPLOSIONS! LIMP BODIES FLY EVERYWHERE!* "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?"
- Hanzo - "Remember, if you believe hard enough and watch enough anime... you too can make people on both teams hate you for choosing me."
- Junkrat - Essentially "Sonic Spindash", but you get to make Sonic explode!
- Mei - Reenact the coolest scene from "Terminator 2".
- Torbjörn - Become the personification of the song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".
- Widowmaker - What do you call a female "peeping tom"?
- D.Va - ...but you get to make ED-209 explode!
- Orisa - This drum contains a concentrated form of the beat drop from "In the air tonight".
- Reinhardt - All that bell-ringing at the carnival finally pays off.
- Roadhog - Step 1: Empty silverware drawer into meat grinder. Step 2: Become super villain.
- Winston - [link]
- Zarya - Basically a cooler version of when you stick random body parts into a vacuum cleaner hose.
- Ana - Grandmotherly encouragement gives SUPER POWERS!
- Lúcio - Glass-shatteringly loud noise makes you harder to kill, instead of making you deaf.
- Mercy - Angel sells soul to devil... goes on murder spree.
- Moira - [link]
- Symmetra - "I created an extremely useful mcguffin, so you too can make people on both teams hate you for choosing me."

(I know I'm not that clever or funny, but I thought some of these might make you smile)
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