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Good job drawing a tribute pic of Peter Hannah's famous surreal Nickelodeon cartoon. It's great. And you drew them in that exact design and did awesome on it. Even gave the surrealism on both Cat and Dog's face like Peter Hannah did.

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Species: Felis Catus (or Felis Silvestris Catus) X Canis Familiaris (or Canis Lupus Familiaris)
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Great show here. I had the Catdog toy when I was a kid you know.
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Man this show was awesome.I wished it lasted longer ): 
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riding on top of each other? 
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Guys Think Not On Nickelodeon It Is Come On TeenpoopNick
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I love catdog there's only one thing that bothers me. How the hell do these guys go to the bathroom?!
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watch all the episodes LOL throughout the show they make comments about that, and even showed them going but not really, like it was covered up. Lola's the only character who seen them go to the bathroom, and then Dog said "I thought were were gonna keep that a secret forever". The creator even said "Don't worry about it" every time fans ask that question. i can't imagine being asked that question by everyone. As a huge CatDog fan, I always just assumed they had privates that they didn't want to draw on when they made the character, just like a lot of other cartoons. You can literally say the same thing about Rocko (why don't he have a d***? Or why doesn't he have a pouch like a normal kangaroo?). and same for all the other pantless cartoon characters we don't see privates on.

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I've wondered that too. 
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This along with The Angry Beavers is the gold I grew up with, not the shit that is on TV nowadays such as Spongetard and FagBoy and Cum Cum.

Why did all the good shows have to go. =(

When I have kids, this is what my kids is going to watch, good thing I have the complete series of CatDog on DVD. =D
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So do I. Catdog, and basically all the old nickelodeon shows I've seen are legendary in my book!
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Sponge boob uset to bre good though...
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it's Outreageouse! 
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This image is so good I thought it was a official Nicktoon art!
I used to like and watch CatDog when I was a kid. It was aired on Viacom's Nickelodeon UK and Ireland, Nicktoons UK and Ireland, Channel 4 and RTÉ 2 in my country Ireland.

My favourite episode was All You Can't Eat. It's about that green-skinned jerk, Rancid Rabbit who forbids Cat and Dog from going to the taco restaurant called Taco Depot. They attempt to sneak in several ways but are caught every time. Eventually, their best buddy Dunglap takes control of this restaurant and lets them eat and whenever they want after Rancid Rabbit gets fired by his boss, Mr. Depot.

Mr. Depot was very angry with Rancid Rabbit who was responsible for the mess.

Anyway, that is a very good pic. I like it!
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But CatDog made the food mess!
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One of the best animated series to grace Nickelodeon! 15 years ago
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