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Straight But Not Narrow Stamp

By StirFryKitty
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© 2010 - 2021 StirFryKitty
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May I request a bigger variant of this? If not, may I have your permission to re-draw this as a full-size deviation? I would give you complete credit.
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i'd use this if i weren't gay asf
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I would use this, if I were straight <XD

Still a really good message :)
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Thanks for making this stamp. I am as straight as a board, but completely tolerant.
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I agree with this completely! :D
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Would you mind if I used this quote?
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I wish my school would appreciate this thought! I mean I'm straight but that doesn't mean I have to make fun of someone gay!

This stamp rocks!
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TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm strait (which I take for granted), but even I know that sexuality ain't a choice.
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I love this stamp <3

I'm very happy to be a straight girl who sees all love as just love! :)
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This is so true x) i wish more people at my school got this, i have to deal with people on a daily basis making fun of my bi friends xP
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Finally a stamp on this *favs*
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I'm straight after discovering it for being bi for so long. but anyways no matter my sexuality i'll never feel any diffrent :heart: is :heart: ^_^
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This is so nice :aww:!
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