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night at empty bar Trully
I ask myself... often enough... where are people?
am I in silent hill story or something close enough?
relax, it is only within me...
people are everywhere... ruining everything they reach...
narrator attempting to steer protagonist away from negative emotions...
aim zero... and... fail again... there is greater power than narrator...
look at your own quadrant and all people there...
how different could it be? open your eyes. it is not good. not enough.
all people all over entire world faking happiness... why?
look emptiness in it... look... right in front of you...
narrator tries again...

keep doing good and just take punishment from all you encounter.
protagonist looks away from people... and...
is there anything for me to enjoy for the rest of my pointless miserable existence?
narrator has to try harder now... again... just like before...
increasing imagination to find something for protagonist before it turns for the worse...
just like before... trying harder... then before... and yet failing like before...
all just like before... who is in control of these persons life?
just like before...
just like before...
prophecy? come on...
protagonist does not want this life...
and narrator is helpless to gain something new to offer to the story...
protagonist asks... where are all good women gone?
narrator laughs... then stops...
sorry. forgive me. I don't know what came over me.
no really, where are they?
next to you dummy. look.
no... I was searching for one available for marriage for me.
oh... sorry. I was stating obvious. I forgot your needs. and their lack of existence.
I don't blame you. everyone responds to visible and hopes to say there are still some there somewhere.
there really are still some free classy females somewhere within nation and race.
really... have you seen any in last few decades?
you are pessimist, man. change that.
you are narrator... you do that if you have power for it...
that was low... okay. chase that young girl down street.
what is wrong with you? people have opinion for such behavior these days.
okay... how else you gonna know anything about her?
if you are not just voice in my head... we would...
yea we would have sword battle now.
look optimistically at moment. she may be still single.
I swear to my own sanity and your connection to God... if I approach her once again...
what you gonna do? tell her about me? ask for help? we... are one...
if I approach her again... and have enough time... to ask...
yes... I'm listening... am all ears...
if she says she has boyfriend or fiance or single by choice...
here we go again...
what do you want me to say? if it is like that... you are sending me now to get more misery.
you will never know... Antonija... with such opinion you are going to stay alone forever.
you know that happened last time when I honestly asked someone anything about companionship & combine...
well... let's drink together. now coming up next... you don't even know what you want.
I want... just like before.
see... that's same joy. what are the odds that anyone will notice you other way?
any suggestions? for behavior? for drinks? for female?
okay okay hold on... how about unique self that you do all the time... just visible to public...
you are trying to send me to looney... it's french...
carry me with you to her and I will guide you this time... okay?
you know what? ...I need to rest before I know how good she is...
you cannot be serious...
I alone with my thoughts making faces because of you.
okay... get her and make her make you make faces... green all you want for her interaction...
I still have her face in my eyes...
stop. stop that now. go get her. get embarrassed in front of all local population. get laughed at.
she has a boyfriend... stop that... I don't need to be another one to bother her...
you realize God is going to punish you for that? you do?
I need to know her more before I go get killed again...
all people suggest random stuff. which people you gonna trust.
as if they know my destiny so suggest based on that... always the same...
yes evil is everywhere... look again... she just passed behind you several minutes ago...
what? why? you kept it to yourself? why am I drinking with you?
pay that stuff and go home get glory from all who still see you live in spite of all reason to die...
I know... maybe she would like chocolate and I could attach my number on it?
no. stop. you will get killed by local population of foreigners.
what? why? how are they connected with her?
local women are reserved for them. and if they don't get enough for themselves...
I got it... got it... it... evil from world upon our little nation...
you just have to be greater evil then all of them.
I know... but I fear and love God.
He left you in this nation in this misery to die like rest of you because of prophecy.
no... no no no... I can still turn this around... I can tell everyone...
no you don't. that would be another trigger for them all to hate you. even your people.
I just have to stare at this cup of coffee and wait for free fire zone to be enabled by government.
yes. then what? you know?
all foreigners get all our women. and we have no right to complain. ever...
yes. look again. straight forward.
I see it. it. what is it? that world...
end of all. you get to live forever.
who told you? ...answer me.
look through darkness... and misty fog of war... and beyond horizon...
are you connected to God?
that would be telling. take long hard look around. at the things to come.
things to come... evil under title of love... seen it many times in history... sad... so sad...
you know all that, and you sit here, drinking last souls, waiting to be killed.
am I allowed to practice my free speech?
good point... soo... grab her as soon as possible away from public eyes and tel her like she likes it.
how does she like it? you know that too?
just go on next second opportunity... then you will have at maximum 25% chance of her liking you.
25% liking... what?
and about 33% of her understanding you.
33% understanding... who are you?
we... are one... and we serve who?
I will go with... women?
you really are fighting for existence of this nation.
changing it to... God.
yes. just let all peaces fall into place as He intended to.
I still don't get it.
tell her truth among you. then let her chose. if she comes back... unload all out.
all out? you mean knowledge or dating?
you following me?
go drink that coffee and than angle entire alcohol and that finish coffee.
I wanna go home to her and lie next to her while I tell her about my crappy day.
you cannot be serious. she turns out to be manly character in spite of her feminine looks and you opposite.
okay... but I need this closeness... intimacy now... who can wait for next two plus years for her.
maybe she is not the right one? eh?
I swear to your Creator you are getting out of my head when I marry her.
if... and you cannot get rid of me.
that's it. check please.
any idea I don't know about?
like being so close to random people in this noisy Silent Hill. watching diversity murder originality.
oh I see it coming... God will hear this. there will be a lot of "good" people going to hell.
He can hear my heart weeping for justice and righteousness.
grab Rosary now and bring It down... bring Heaven to earth... and all shall tremble...
for the grace of the might of our Lord...
yes... and that is primary reason people kill us... eternal servitude...
romantic, passionate, erotic status on WhatsApp ..
Udahnuo sam s vrata...
i ramena...
miris tvoje kože...
dok si mi bila okrenuta...
pred ogledalom...
Sad sam time nadrogiran...
i stalno mislim...
o trenutku...
kad ću se vratiti...
k tebi...
Da se opet...
i drogiram...
jer sam zaista ovisan...
o tebi...
Nježna ljubavi moja...
MY corner in bar Trully ..
before marriage even protagonist has nothing to do .. Can one man "trully" make a difference? ..
from now on this is going to be MY corner in this bar where I can sit and drink and write and draw and etc etc ..
"bring me another" .. "yea, any suggestions?" .. smirnova ..
Point (A) it has been few years now...
...still looking for artist with superb skill and twisted mind...
...looking for that one that can pull it off...
...whoever he/she is I need to find them...
...someone to paint detailed pictures of story that is still evolving and expanding...
...who could possibly paint all that detail with duplicity on site...
...and to keep in mind that this story will be printed in average size book... on every left page, front and back cover...

Point (B) might just as well find multiple artists...
...some to paint people, some to paint environment, some to paint illusions with multiple meanings...
...some to paint in color, some to paint in black&white, some to paint in choice of few colors...
...might just as well find someone to do comic book of few episodes...

Point (C) loosing myself...
...insanity it always finds me, keep running but it's right behind me...


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Croatia, Zagreb 1987.


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