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Hello anyone still around.
So, The Book of Armless Theo ended a while ago.
I have been rather busy with drawing stuff, just not anything for this DA account or the equivalent Head Doctor Comics website.
But I am working on a short comic with the Head Doctor/Dr. Therapy and Merv. Remember those guys? Yeah, it's a fun little comic I already have sketched out. It's not the comic I mentioned in my "what to do next" post, though.
I was waiting to finish a few pages before posting any of it. Not sure when that will be. I have a sort of important anthology comic to finish on a deadline, and the cover image for that anthology. It's an anthology comic for those who enjoy the theme of female weight gain. You know, for sexual purposes.
Yup, because "it takes all kinds..." as they say.
Demitopia issue 1 by poundforpoundcake
The fist issue of the futuryistic adventures of Emma and Shelly is now available in print, for $5.00, or digital download, for $1.50

Here's some sample pages:
Demitopia Page 1 by poundforpoundcake Demitopia page 2 - sample by poundforpoundcake
Demitopia page 3 -sample by poundforpoundcake Demitopia page 4 Sample by poundforpoundcake
Here's a couple of character group drawings I posted on my other deviantart, but could have posted on this one.

Centaur ladies:

Mature Content

Three Centaurs by poundforpoundcake

Demon ladies:

Mature Content

Demons by poundforpoundcake
Demitopia issue 1 is now available for purchase as an ebook.

Here it is:

It's a 25 page comic. Contains some nudity and talk of sex, but otherwise this one is pretty tame.

Sample pages on my tumblr:…
(The rest of my tumblr has some very Not-Safe-For-Work comics and stuff on it, just so you know).
So this is the other comic series I've been working on lately:…
Official Space Girl, with three issues finished so far. It's a fun science fiction universe with the usual space travel, advanced technology, and a few alien species. It also contains some nudity, sex, and fat girls who eat a lot and gain weight. So it's obviously not for everyone. If you're not into that sort of thing, that's OK. Some people like it though, and that's who it's for.

I will be continuing with The Book of Armless Theo. I really do plan on finishing it. It's just not coming to me as easily as it use to. I think the problem is I made it too long. I work better with short comics that fit together in a series. I should have done Theo that way. Oh well.
My Plague Santa T-shirt design is now up for scoring at If it gets high enough votes, it will be printed and I will be paid $2,000+.

So if you would, please vote for my design and maybe get others to vote for it too. :^)…
So here's a somewhat interesting thing that happened to me recently.

Someone stole this album cover art that I created for Munook and submitted it to an album cover contest as his own. My artwork won and the album became available to download with my artwork for the cover image.
Then they found out that the art did not belong to the person who submitted it, but unfortunately,the art thief got away. The head of the record label, Rhythm Records, then contacted me and told me all about it. I told him that the artwork had been created specifically as an album cover for Munook, and so shouldn't be used. Unfortunately again, there had already been 2,000 downloads with the stolen art, and they can't do anything about that.

On the plus side, the record label manager guy, Michael Beal, really likes my artwork and asked me to draw the replacement art. I will also be doing the cover art for volume 2, of the same album, and he will help promote my comics as compensation.
He's compensating Munook also, by directing 2,000 new people to his music.
Munook is still annoyed and bummed because the artwork for his album has been devalued, by being less unique to his album.
Do check out Munook's music. He creates some pretty great stuff,

The other album, now with the new art cover, is called Making Waves Forever vol. 1, and can be downloaded here:…
I have a plan, but the plan keeps changing.
As I said elsewhere (Armless Theo, page 81 comment), I really want to finish The Book of Armless Theo this year. Then I can focus more on my next series. I'm also working on other endeavors.

I am slowly getting part 2 of the Book of Armless Theo ready for print. It'll be the next 40 pages of the story, I think.
The next 7 days determine the fate of my design. If it gets a high enough score it could be printed and Threadless will pay me $2,500 in cash and prizes for it.
If you would like to help make that happen, give my design a high score.
You can get to it here:…
I'm working on a T-shirt design for that is up for critique. Here:…

Some of the suggestions have been helpful, but others I'm not sure about. Some have suggested putting more stuff in the background, or add another snail or slug. I kind of like the simplicity as it is.
One thing I will do is make the design smaller on the shirt.

What do you guys think?
It seems that when I work on one long comic for a long time, I get tired and frustrated with it. I may actually do better with a few small projects going at a time. I am still working on Demitopia, and I picked up an older unfinished mini-comic that I would like to finish and print.
I think Demitopia is also going right to print when the first issue is finished, with some sample pages online. Demitopia will be printed in issues, only a few dollars each.
I am also thinking of doing commissions, but I am more apprehensive about that. If you have something you would like for me to draw for you, send me a note and we can discuss it.
The Book of Armless Theo Part 1 is now available in print. Just click here:…
It is the first part of the Armless Theo story, that is, the first 30 pages of the comic. There are also some extra drawings thrown in, including early character designs for Theo and Phylo. It's good quality and nice to have as a actual physical comic book.
I'm so easily overwhelmed.
I get so overwhelmed by all the things I want to do that I end up not doing anything. Or not very many of the things I'd like to do.
I was writing a lot for the Sacred Text and was pretty excited about the project. But then suddenly my creative flow petered out and now I'm having second guesses whether what I've written so far is even worth sharing.
I have a side project I’m working on that is related to Theo’s story.
Coming up soon in The Book of Armless Theo, Theo will go to a public reading and hear a story  read from the Sacred Text.
While I was writing this story I thought “what about the rest of the Sacred Text? That would be interesting and fun to write too.” So I have been writing several stories that will be part of the Sacred Text, the main religious documents of The City, that will not even be in Theo’s story.
I am thinking of eventually submitting these stories, with commentary, to DeviantArt.
Then, later still, I would like to print it all as a book, with illustrations.
Damn computers. You spend so much time and money on one, giving it upgrades so it will run the latest game you're excited about playing. And then the damn thing screws up (or you screw something up on it) and you lose everything on it.
Imagine if you came home and your house was empty because all your stuff just disappeared. You better have kept a recent backup of everything.
I think it happens when my eyes get tired. It's weird.

This has been my journal entry.

P.S. I can't change the mood icon for this journal :(
I have been playing around with the recently released Spore Creature Creator.
I've created several alien creatures, and also one that resembles Theo and his Creator.
The pictures are on my comic webpage Scroll down to the news section to see them.
Head Doctor Productions Presents: Cake is now available through…
It's a bit better quality than the version, for the same price.
I really should have mentioned this earlier. I'm taking a short break from the comic, the Book of Armless Theo, to work on some paintings. Purging and stuff.