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Restaurant - page 1 by stinkywigfiddle Restaurant - page 1 by stinkywigfiddle
Finally, a multiple paged comic.
And itís another comic about death. I really need some new subjects.
But this one is going to be seven pages long.

Page two: [link]
page three: [link]
page four: [link]
page five: unfinished
page six: unfinshed
page seven: unfinsihed also.
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ksb-artist Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
hehe great comic :) liked that the reader was able to see what was going on inside the burger resturant and hear peoples conversations :) also a great ending frame when he gets shocked he sees his manager dead. MY favorite line is this one, is "do we get the day off?" :lmao:
heemaz Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2004
hahahahahha ... nice work , im happy its a couple pages ... more fun !
cherrytaztic Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2004  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love it :!: ... it's cool how you have counter parts going on
tap-ioca Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2004
I reckon the third or the fourth panel is kind of unnecessary and makes the beginning too repetitive in my eyes, apart of that hilarious as always
0706 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
I figure if that was Mc Donald's he's be in a burger in the next page!.....
the-blue-orange Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004   Filmographer
Yay I needed some entertainment... I'm awaiting the other pages :)
(I don't see what's confusing about the panel order - they go from left to right, top to bottom don't they?)
MPsai Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004   Digital Artist
Well I like what I see so far. I like how no one cares he's dead, thats kind of how people are today. :nod: I'll be looking forward to the rest.
potlan Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
Hmm, panel flow is a bit confusing but I figured it out. But yeah, I'm interested too. Draw more!

Hah, "don't pee in the cooler".
stinkywigfiddle Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004   Traditional Artist
I always do best when I don't try anything fancy and just leave the panels in straight rows.
It looks like they go in a spiral on this page.
potlan Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
Maybe if you had made the seventh panel the eighth and found something else to go in panel seven, some sort of non-timeline-specific aspect to aspect thing going on, it wouldn't matter about the layout. You'd automatically start with the action at the bottom left.

Plus, the comedic take in the second last panel would be in the last panel, which would make for a european-comic-book-style page ender. You leave the reader in suspense while they go to the next page by having some sort of unresolved action in the last panel.
serpian Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
hehe, nice strip, i especially like the old "pheotus in a jar" thing in the freezer, very nice.

keep up the nice work.
darkvvulf Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004   Digital Artist
Interest stroked.
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August 18, 2004
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