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November 23, 2010
iTunes 10 by ~Stinky9 is one of the nicer iTunes replacement icons I have seen, it's so unique and different from others, and really shows how iTunes have said "goodbye" to the CD and it's now with the clouds...
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iTunes 10



Just let me get it out of my system, so when i heard about the new update to the app I knew they would say bb to the disk, but i never thought it would happen this bluntly, anyways the story behind this would be, we are done with the cd-s, but we are gonna store them on a cloud like drive.
That has some kind of connection to a server etc. [cuz of the bliipin lights :D]
Changed the tune icon a bit, added those curves on the top...makes it a bit more modern i guess.
I dunno about the cd i guess it needs some more tweaking.Overall im happy that it's not a circle like icon, fuk that lol
Here's a bigger preview too, next to the good ol' iTunes 9 icon :D

Some variations id like to include with the release,

So yeah you can download HERE!

Pls share with your fellow tweetiez and stuff :)
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i love this icon but can you release the version without the cd?