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Client work.
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haha beautiful. looks more tasty than mickeydees :P
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Great work!!!~and....I feel a little hungry.....:P
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Wooo~ Nice icon!!!
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This looks great, but aren't the fries a bit too yellow?
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Does it bother you that much?
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No, it's all fine. It is your icon, please go ahead the way you wish. It was just a feedback. Nice wok.
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Yeah i know but i just make it easy for my self when i resize it, dont have to do the touch ups etc. so i always sharpen the bigger version and also saturate it a bit, so the bicubic sharper can get to work.
Thank you! :)
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Ah, got you. Keep rocking!
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A sharp and clean work .A highly detailed one. :+fav:
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Amazing details, high quality ! Congratulations !
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Mmm... burger
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I happened across this, and I just had to say something. The level of detail is insane. I feel like I could reach out and touch it - and I'd like to, because those fries look crispy and delicious.

Well done, stranger!
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fantastic detail, makes me hungry
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I am hungry!! can you FedEx it.

Nice Work :)
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Good job man!!:D
Delta909's avatar
Nicely executed great graphix Pedja congrats :).
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Amazing work :D LOVE IT :)
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Very nice. However the open wrapper of the burger looks a bit off.
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WOW 0_0
amazing details!
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