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EDIT 23rd April 2012: Download link has been updated and now works again. [link]

This truly is the easiest way to make an effect c4d that looks hot.
I even show you what material settings I used.

650x15,000px - Mostly Images.

You can download .TIF, Tutorial and .C4D File here: [link] (8.5mb)
The material used is also in the .c4d file.
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650x15000px 2.29 MB
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Damn it, I wanted those files badly... The download link is dead. Really amazing job, great tut. Thanks.
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Just to let you know, I have updated the download link with a fresh one.
It's also on my own domain, so no waiting times. :)
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WOW, thanks a lot! I'll give it a shot asap!
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Thanks for pointing that out, I will re-upload asap =)
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Nice Tut, thx
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There is no Formula Deformer in C4D R13. Any help?
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Sadly, I do not have R13. Perhaps google to see if there is something similar?
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Ah yeah, I found it out. (So that anyone else can see:) For R13, it's Mograph > Effector > Formula.
Thanks anyway! G'day!
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I now have R13 and it does have Formula.
The Formula deformer that you need to use is located in the same place as with r11.

Alternatively, go to the top menu section (navigation where File, Edit, Create, Select etc is) and choose: Create > Deformer > Formula (it's located towards the bottom).

The Mograph formula can only be used with Mograph.
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yeah , que buen tuto ^^ +Fav
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awesome sneaky great job
stinky666's avatar
Thanks, but I'm not Sneaky.
saRzinureyez's avatar
haha I knew what I meant my bad bro :P
stinky666's avatar
No worries. You're not the first and I doubt you will be the last to get us confused, or to even think we are both the same person lol.
saRzinureyez's avatar
hahha I remember u did us a c4d pack fopr a old site I used to run AGES ago still got it man ;)
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Hey, thanks for the tut!!!!!
shroudedlegion's avatar
Cool, thanks for this tutorial! :D +fav
Ishamz's avatar
Thanks for the tut man ur awesome!
here is my outcome, first time using c4d and u made it so easy lol :D
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nice , thank you
Awesome tutorial! It's very clear! Only where to change the lumas color?
It stays red with me but want is orange, blue or yellow ??
thank you so much!
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