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Rainbow Dash...

Wow, it's been long since I drew ponies, no? Well, there, I drew a pony for you... a G3 one. :icontrollfaceplz:
Remember this:… ?
Well, this time I decided to do a similar picture with another character.
In my opnion G3/G3.5 and G4 Rainbow Dashes are different characters, but I made this picture because some people consider them the same character who changed drastically. If not these people, this picture would have never been made. I don't know what's the name of the G3 cartoon where RD says flying ponies don't exist but anyway you can watch the fragment in this video:…

"My Little Pony", Rainbow Dash belong to Hasbro
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to be honest, it may be just her grandmother in my headcanon. the same goes to other Rarity and Applejack, Pinkie Pie and so many more, after all names often runs in family.
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Then she turned into flying Rainbow Dash
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Haha, I like G1 RD and I love her expression in this. It's funny. 
On a slightly different note, Minty is my favorite G3 pony. Anyone agree?
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Don't you mean G3?
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Oh, the irony of ironic irnoy, ironic, isn't it ?
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Ponies that fly? not really darlin...-poof-
-look at wings-
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Oh the irony. Lol.

Well they do have different personalities. It's kinda like G1's Firefly in G3 Rainbow Dash's body with wings which I think is really weird.

I dunno why Lauren Faust couldn't have used Firefly. If they lost the copyright they could have just made a new one because I am pretty sure no other companies than Hasbro are going around copyrighting My Little Ponies.

But hating on G3 Rainbow Dash is a little pointless since they really aren't the same person- er pony.

But this always will make me laugh forever.
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THE IRONY, though!! I remember this scene.... When I saw G4 RD for the first time I was like, "Wooooooooooooooow" because of this XD
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I need to see more of that series... But I can't find it on the internet! 
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I watched some cartoons on YouTube...
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I can't link you to them at the moment, search "my little pony g3"there. ^^;
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I still remember MrEnter's review on the episode!

MrEnter: Of course, the others don't believe in ponies that can fly, and the biggest skeptic is Rainbow Dash.

G4 RD: (laughs so hard)
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and i quote 
"ponies cant fly, now really darling"
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It's called Dancing In The Clouds.
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Sorry...... i am over exited....
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Now she believes!
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o i c wut u did thar
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I think we've all loved the irony that when the universe got remade that Rainbow Dash was turned into a pegasus. 

But was it as ironic as Rarity and Rainbow Dash basically trading personalities? 
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That's called KARMA!!!
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Doesn't know where rainbows come from

lives in the place where rainbows are made
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