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Commission pricelist is here:…

Those prices are not set in stone and the examples may not perfectly reflect my current drawing-style, but that's what the rest of my gallery's there for, right?

Some addenda:
- Payment upfront (either full or per workstep)
- Paypal only
- More details = higher price
- The price includes every workfile created (.psd's, for example) and basically unlimited revisions
- Special requests and/or backgrounds are priced case-by-case; just ask for a quote in a note and i'll give you an estimate

If you just want to buy already finished stuff as posters, shirts and whatnot, I have shops over at Redbubble and Teepublic:……


In other news, the nice people over at BronyHouse have started a patreon to help support their running costs and all that other annoying money-stuff. And since they also sell my stuff, it's only fair to plug it a bit.

If you're interested in helping out, take a look here:
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