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Zecoras house (svg)

By Stinkehund
A vector of Zecoras treehouse.
Download if you want to use the .svg, otherwise just save the preview-image. :)
© 2012 - 2021 Stinkehund
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Mind if I use this for a song? I'll be sure to give you credit.
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This one's amazing as well! :)
May I use this one too in the fangame? :)

Thank you!
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sure. Just don't forget to credit me.
NightBreeze7's avatar
Using this image as the background image of the blog, as well. Your name is credited at the bottom of the blog. Thank you!
(if you're not okay with this, send me a note, please, and I shall take it down).

Thank you!
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This make great reference for my 3D game work. ^_^
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Knowing Zekora was a Zebra, they needed a role for a black person to play that part. I know these kind of things.
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O.o...i cant tell to get closer or back away...XD
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Zecoras hoooood xD !
Nice !
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Oh, this is nice!
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Btw what's better Illustrator or Photoshop for vectoring?
I'm using Photoshop but i may consider switching to Illustrator if vectoring is easier on this software
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Depends what you're vectoring. Illustrator is better for really big pictures with a couple dozen layers or more or if you want to use multiple artboards. It also needs fewer system ressources.
Smaller stuff, Photoshop can do, too.
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System resources arent problem, just curious which one is easier to operate. So you say Illustrator is good for making vector backgrounds and overally better for highly detailed vectors?
Stinkehund's avatar
Since highly detailed vectors usually mean more layers/groups, yeah, Illustrator is better for that in my opinion. As for operating, it's pretty much the same as in PS, plus a couple more specialized tools. You got your pathtool, your pathfinder, etc..
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So basically there is not much difference? Ok thanks for info :)
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
Well, actually there's a fairly huge difference. In terms of the end product, Photoshop doesn't produce actual vector files that can be easily used by non-photoshop users. You can however, with some effort, convert Photoshop files into SVGs. In terms of ease of vectoring, Illustrator is a program specifically designed for the creation of vector graphics, so it has many more tools. This gives you the ability to a lot more, much more easily.

I would not ever recommend Photoshop for creating vector graphics.
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I see, thanks for the info.
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