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Lyra sitting

By Stinkehund
"What? It's good for your back. I think."

uploaded better version

Shirts: [link] [link]
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© 2011 - 2021 Stinkehund
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I'm not sure if it's just me, but every time I see Lyra sitting like that it makes me want to tickle her tummy, SHE JUST LOOKS TOO CUTE!!
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The way Lyra sits, with that little belly, gave me a kinda cute, kinda funny headcanon for her. In my FIMFiction story, Living in Equestria, she 'hired herself' to become Bon Bon's taste tester at her candy store, so she's got an appetite for sweets to rival Pinkie's, but is ultimately a sweet-natured goofball.
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Used as a key chain and sticker here
Gave credit and linked back.
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Used it in a wallpaper: [link]
Gave credits...
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you have this in a pdf?
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I love it!!

In fact, I love it so much that I'd like to do something special with it!

Is it alright with you if I use this for piece I want to do? I'll be sure to cite you and link back to the original!
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I hope you don't mind- I decided to give Lyra a more interesting environment to sit in: [link]
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Do you still have the SVG for this? I really need it if I'm going to use this :C
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I'm pretty sure, i have the .ai lying around somewhere, but why isn't the giant .png enough?
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Because I need it for a comic :I
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Hm.. well here, i've converted the .ai to .svg - [link]
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Thank you so much :)
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Hi, I used this vector and credited here if that's okay :D :[link]
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Thank you for making these. :)

Also I use this [link].
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Are you planning on making available the SVG/AI file for this vectorized image available? So it's a vector and not just a pixellated image?
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mind if i use this?
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Use this here: [link]
Many thanks for providing the great vector! :)
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correct sitting position- check.
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Just. Awesome.

Can I please pretty please use this in my comic? You'll get credit and a link back, of course :D
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