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I'm... Starlight Glimmer

By Stinkehund
And just in time to barely miss christmas, here's another tiny magic horse.

Prints, Shirts, whatnot are over here:
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Hehe I like the details of the Alicorn amulet and twilicane and Discords' friendship lockett for Twilight.. haha  and I see Mage Meadowbrook's mask too!! :D  and I think a kite ;) <3 
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* (iconDiscordismadplz)
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(icondiscordismadplz) : HEY!!! What about ME?!?!?! I'm a lot of things! Handsome, brave, unpredictable, funny- are you writing this down?
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Yus you are! X3
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No "Threat level : Sealed Past" box? Still love itHeart 
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Yes, you are.

Lovely work
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So "Threat Level: Pinkie Pie" and "Threat Level: Fluttershy", are those threats only those two can handle or threats only those two can cause?
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lol, shipping. 
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