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I'm... Luna

By Stinkehund
Being a dream-walking horse is hard work..

Prints and shirts and whatnot over at redbubble:…
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How ladylike of her. =P

Great work on the finer details, even the fur on Tiberius is fantastic :>
CrozeTune's avatar
So lovely...Pretty Princess is quite tired of Her nightlong "adventures".
Though, Her something unique. That's correctly demonstrating all the people after work day.
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Tiberius does help her relax after work, at least. :)
BigStevieCool's avatar
OH NO! must help the princess!  
cajobif's avatar
And overloved? Nah! No way!

Beautiful work
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templar127's avatar
She is best princess! X3
TooCliched's avatar
Overworked, underpaid, and possibly working in a low minimum wage factory in Detroit. 
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
That's what she was doing during the Dreamy Crusaders thing.
Th3iPoDM0N's avatar
Dreit's avatar
Would be great poster :meow:
Stinkehund's avatar
... it is. The link in's the description.
Dreit's avatar
Yay! If it will be available even after two years and everything will go exactly the way I want, then it will be first (or one of first) thing I'll buy for my new home ;)  But now I really have no place for poster in my actual room x.x
Makenshi179's avatar
Awesome work! And cute, too! Although, what's with the rat plushy :D
Makenshi179's avatar
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