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I'm... Celestia

By Stinkehund
I said it before and i say it again: It's hard work, having a sun on your butt. The always lovely Chickenwhite came up with most of the letter-texts.

Prints, shirts and all that over at redbubble:…
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This makes me wish I could help her out...even if just giving her a nice wither-rub at the end of the day!
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Quite accurate representation of college right now.
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That's quite the interesting assortment of letters. :D
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The poor thing! She deserves much more love for what she does
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Being a princess is not all cake and sunshine!
TooCliched's avatar
So many friendship letters to read.
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And that's the reason we no longer see friendship letters.

BEautiful work
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Man...Letter reading sucks

Oh Celestia, just join the society of the Pink and allow Pinkie Pie to be yours and all of your problems will fade away...  Or Canterlot will fall off the side of the mountain... but it will be a fun ride regardless.
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One of the comics did show that the most mind numbing part of her day was having to read Twilight's letters...
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lol this is funny :D Bored of Pinkie's letters... ^^
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That letter, holy shit, lol.
MiguelofKing's avatar
Oh die arme Celestia ^^
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