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I'm... Cadence

By Stinkehund
That one took waaaaay too long to finish. Sorry about that. Credit for most of the letter-text goes to Chickenwhite - she's awesome.
So, first batch of shirt-designs done. Second batch will start soon...ish, with Spike.

Shirts and prints and whatnot over at redbubble:…
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What would you call valentines in the pony world when the holiday is call Hearts and Hooves?
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love letters are lovely!
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"I'm... pregnant" or "I'm... a new mother" would fit as well.

BEautiful work
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Nice!  I just love Cheerilee's cutie mark on the letter.
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So Cadance opens all love letters including those that aren't addressed to her? :D (like that one for Cheerilee)
lol that letter from Chrysalis! XD
Stinkehund's avatar
It's Love-research!
Mikanchan's avatar
I'm going to be your first T-shirt buyer ;)
Stinkehund's avatar
Oh, let me know how it turned out!
Mikanchan's avatar
I bought Cadence and Celestia. I'll share a pic of them if you like :D
Stinkehund's avatar
That would be nice. I still don't know how the transparency looks on those shirts.
Mikanchan's avatar
Can't add the photo here :P. Anyway, they look great! They are not transparent at all!!! I think I'll get more :P. Are you into any new "I'm..." project? I'd love to see shining armour.
Stinkehund's avatar
If you put the photo on, you can link it in dA comments, i think.
Anyway, good to know you like your shirts!
As for more designs, Spike's next, then Discord. Both are in the sketching phase. No idea for Shining yet.
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Too sexy Cadence is Best Princess 
I get the impression Cadence took some yoga lessons or agility training, considering how well she can strech her legs and forelegs in it.
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