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Bring it on!

By Stinkehund
Just a small Megamare X comic..
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The last frame resembles Crimsonland.
And Alien Shooter, too.
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Been so busy, and I might have said it to you personally, but this is awesome, Stinke. Fantastic work, but that is your usual ;)
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>20 energy bursts
b-but on the game you have a limit of only 3 energy bursts to appear on screen...
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Now this is an interesting crossover with Lyra and Megaman nicely done.
templar127's avatar
After swarms of enemies...

*Megaman WARNING Sign*

Sturmlion1's avatar
I really like the armor. But it needs to be Blue!
age3rcm's avatar
lyra isn't blue.
Sturmlion1's avatar
True, but Megaman was. At least the older versions of him were. There was a reason he was nicknamed the Blue Bomber after all.
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No, it'll be green ingame, so it's green here.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Haven't played a Megaman game in a long time. I just remember him being blue.
Stinkehund's avatar
I mean the Megamare game.
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No earth pony required!
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Finally complete!:la: Been dying to see it!

Simply amazing and badass!
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