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Serpentis Arms
Serpentis Arms is one of the major arms manufacturers in the galaxy, producing the vast majority of weapons used by both civilian, law enforcement, and military operators.

There's not much lore to this one. Just a weapons company within the universe. It's been around forever, but only got it's name a couple of years ago when suddenly Serpentis came to me out of the darkness of the night. Before then it was a nameless company that had produced the MX-90, a rail-powered short barreled shotgun that was banned from commercial sale due to the sheer power of the weapon shattering the arms of most of it's buyers. In one case the gun actually ripped it's owner's arm clean off. It was also known to reduce anyone caught in it's effective firing range into a cloud of red mist and gore streamers, leading to more than a little outcry. As such only a limited number of the MX-90s were ever sold.

It's Successor, the MX-95 was however more openly received as it sported a longer barrel, better recoil system, and lesser overall kinetic force.

Another famous product is the Serpentis Utlra revolver, a custom ordered revolver that is unique to it's owner. No two Ultras are alike, and can be seen as a status symbol for those that are able to afford them.

Logo was designed by me, drawn by Kyrusia.

Serpentis Arms, MX-90/95, Serpentis Ultra belongs to me.
PanGal Sports Entertainment Authority

Speed. Adrenaline. Glory.

Welcome to a new level of reality where the roar of the engine rules all, where the world beyond becomes a blur of glossy lights and where there is only you, your craft, and the track. The routes are dangerous, the risks are great, but the thrill and glory of victory is eternal.

Welcome to the Pan-Galactic Grand Prix.

What is the Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix is a new and exciting venue of entertainment for the galaxy to enjoy. Taking place in specially designed and built gravity repulsion craft called 'Skimmers', pilots will jockey for position along a specially designed course all over the galaxy with the goal of finishing first.

Who runs the Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix is overseen by the PanGal  Authority Board, and is sponsored by many different entities, most of which are corporate.

How does the Grand Prix operate?

The Grand Prix operates in two distinct seasons, Dual and Quad. Each season takes place over the course of ten sprints across ten different tracks located within four different locations across the galaxy. Winners of each season will be selected by calculating the top three racers with the highest overall points average.

How are points accumulated?

Points are awarded differently for each class of Skimmer. In Duals, points are awarded each time a racer crosses the finish line per lap. Twenty points are awarded for first, fifteen for second, ten for third, and five for all other positions.

In Quads,  points are awarded per course checkpoint with a bonus awarded upon completion of the race based on positioning. Points awarded per checkpoint are static and not based upon positioning, with each checkpoint awarded twenty-five points. Upon completion, first place will receive a additional twenty-five points, second place receives twenty, third place fifteen, with all other positions receiving a static five point award.

What are Skimmers?

Skimmers are specially designed gravity repulsion craft. There are two different classes of Skimmers, Dual and Quad. Dual Skimmers are small twin engine craft, focused on technical driving, tight corners, hairpin turns, and close quarters with other racers requires a high skill level and fast reaction time across 53 laps with no breaks. Quad Skimmers are larger, with four engines and are focused on longer endurance races spread out over a much larger two lap course, and require coolant replacement stops, or pits stops.

Do I have to provide my own Skimmer or is one provided for me?

PanGal has its own fleet of stock Skimmers, but individual pilots can submit their own for inspection, and, if they pass, will be welcome to compete with them.

I want to be involved in the Grand Prix, how do I do that?

The Grand Prix, given its vast size and scope, has many different forms of involvement, from individual racers, to teams, to corporate sponsors and to those that wish to host tracks. For more in-depth information on track submission, please see the below section for applications.


The Pan Galactic Sports Entertainment Authority, or PanGal for short.

Another project that never came to fruition (though not for lack of trying). PanGal was to be a large umbrella under which a multitude of Future!Sports were to be represented. As you can see, here it was entirely dedicated to high speed racing (think Podracing but more like Formula1 and Monaco than Mos Espa) but it would have also eventually encompassed at least a small exosuit combat league (which would have been based on the RIGS Mechanized Combat League game for the PS4) and a more violent 'pay-per-view' gladiator bloodsports event. It honestly came into existence just over an off-hand comment my friend made about how they wanted a sci-fi sports league and, me being me, I got hyped on the prospect of it and creating another resource and activity for the Future Tech community on Nationstates to use and enjoy. I more or less came up with the above information, the logo and everything else within a few hours after the discussion.

PanGal was very close to being launched on the Nationstates forum for the Future Tech community, but the player who was going to be handling the actual statistics and managing the races was unfortunately struck with a complete PC death and caused the loss of pretty much everything we needed to get things going. Like it happened a week before we were ready to launch and the amount of work he had to do to get the calculator up and running again was just too much. I had the above rules written (we further ironed them out to fit the calculator that was going to be used but I also lost those files in a hard drive crash of my own) pretty much immediately.

The idea for the Grand Prix was that it was going to be very much an organized 'clean' racing league, and that we were going to allow players to submit their own Skimmers (Podracers, essentially) as well as build their own racing courses for fluff purposes. I had several already created for it, such as Neon City, Glacier Run, Cold Light (which was going to be in and around the machinery of a solar farm on an airless moon), but yeah, we were going to encourage people to build their own tracks so that each racing 'season' could be different. Even pilots would have the ability to be customized which would have an effect on the races themselves, and they would be able to level up with each race, with points being accumulated for all players (but placing racers would gain more, placing an importance on winning and performance). Players could have also created companies that could give out sponsorships and have their logos listed in the main thread each 'season', but those were largely a fluff thing in which we had no plans to actually incorporate beyond fluffl.

I actually built two different Skimmer models at two different periods of development for the project, one of which was a much wider, larger model (which I preferred) and then later on much smaller, narrower model to fit with the refined idea of what the Dual races would 'look' like. You can find that model here:… One day I might upload the other model in a similar fashion and go back and give both of them a proper description. Once we had a better feel for what the Skimmers looked like, my partner in the project also built his own, which honestly put mine to shame. But he lost that along with pretty much everything else in the hard drive crash.

And I was also going to be selecting 'theme' music for each season, most of the list I had is pretty decent Trap music and other remixes. Trust me, it was going to be awesome. I was really excited to have developed this resource for the Future Tech community to use and enjoy but then the Technology Gods struck us down.

But it was really, REALLY awesome, when we first started hyping the project up to the Future Tech community that other players started designing their own Skimmers (or linking images if they had no ability to make their own) and talking about it. To see it really take on a bit of a life of it's own and be something that people looked forward to participating in, that was just really amazing. I was pretty heartbroken when the custom calculator was lost and my partner in the project simply didn't have it in him to make a brand new custom scoring calculator from scratch, not just because of all the work we'd put into it, but because of all the players that had been excited would be disappointed that it wasn't going to happen.

So there was much sadness. But hey, at least it lives on here, right?

And as always, the logo was designed by me, but drawn by Kyrusia.

PanGal, Skimmers belong to me.

Podracers, Mos Espa belong to Lucasfilm and Disney
RIGS Mechanized Combat League belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment and developer Cambridge.

Far Stars Exploration

"It was an old, Solarian author who once said "I am tormented by an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas". The intrepid souls of Far Stars Exploration share this urge, this unquenchable desire to push the horizon of our galaxy and discover the unknown stars.

It has been said that we live in the 'Trade Era', this period of time where the life blood of the galactic economy pumps through the many trade routes and hubs of the galaxy. From the Twin Eagles corridor that is revitalizing the Beta Quadrant, to the mighty and venerable Lanthe snaking it's way through Alpha and metropolitan Gamma and the trade hub of Liu Xiu. It is true that these trade corridors define our current galaxy but they also threaten to limit us. It is true that we are drawn towards the familiar, to their reliable safety and the riches that the Trade Era has brought into your lives but we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent, sedentary, afraid of the forest.  For as long as Sentients have looked to the stars and wondered "What's out there?" have we all known that instinctual desire to break out and discover and become something new. The open road still softly calls.

And we want to answer it.

Join Far Stars Exploration and help us boldly push into the endless frontier. Discover new stars and rekindle the spirit of exploration, unfettered by political agendas or commercial greed."

- Jonathan Fitzroy-Price
Founder and CEO of Far Star Exploration

What is Far Stars Exploration?

Far Stars Exploration is a charter company focused on discovering new star systems and worlds never before seen. Interested parties can apply for a charter contract with their own vessel or hire on directly and crew one of the several dedicated exploration ships of the Far Stars fleet.

Who runs Far Stars Exploration?

Far Stars is not affiliated with any government or corporate entity. It is self owned and funded using investments and the profits generated by discovering new stars systems and selling the rights to use said systems on the galactic markets. The main offices of Far Stars Exploration are located on planet Thera, in the Cycladia Corporate Authority system of Illiad.

How does Far Stars operate?

Far Stars offers charters and employment opportunities for interested parties. Applicants will undergo various trainings for certification in a variety of subjects ranging from basic engineering and repair, to emergency medical response, and even First Contact protocols. After certification and awarding of the charter, a starship and it's crew will head out into the galaxy on a mission of exploration.

What is some of the equipment Far Stars Exploration offers?

Far Stars itself offers a small fleet of top of the line Kenway Class exploration vessels, headed by the CCSV Kirkland. Kenway class vessels also come with a Pytheas class vessel for exploring locations where the Kenway cannot reach safely, such as planetary ring systems, debris belts and fields, as well as planetary landings. Other equipment includes top of the line sensor and communication suites, processing cores, EVA suits as well as three armored combat suits. Also included is an array of medical equipment and medicine, and an small armory of rifles, shotgun, small arms and two flamethrowers with the assorted ammunition for protection beyond the frontier.

While individual starship captains are free to use their ships, a mandatory installation of a Systems Administration Logistics Interface, or SALI, processor core and Far Stars transponder will be installed.


So this is Far Stars Exploration. I had originally meant to launch it on Nationstates as a chartering company in the interest of stirring up some exploration-based roleplay activity in the Future Tech community. Get everyone away from military plots, battles, politics and etc and so forth and embrace the creativity that the Future Tech universe offers.

But much like many other projects, it never came to fruition. I was talked out of launching the project, and I realized that I didn't want to have a Storefront thread in the Storefront forum or manage a Storefront thread. There wasn't even going to be much too it, other than just reading over applications and making sure that they fit the bare minimum for an exploration vessel and then approve it. I was going to treat it more as a resource thread for people to use to tell their own stories, to introduce new characters or plots rather than trying to keep track of any 'money' made through the use of it.

But I did not, other than a few mentions here and there. So thus it lives on here.

The logo was designed by me, but drawn by Kyrusia.

Since I'm still plucking along with building some new stuff in DOGA L3 and still stuck on this horrible potato computer, I decided to upload some really old flags for you to peruse.

Hope you enjoy.
Flag of the Advent-Unity (Alternate)
Same story as the other Advent-Unity flag, this was the alternate design I had made in MS Paint and had planned on using, before the kindly stranger decided to make a high quality version of that flag, and out of sheer goodwill, heeded my request to make this design in high quality. Whoever you are, stranger, if you're watching I have always and will always appreciate your generosity. The wavy ripple effect on the image is something you can do on Nationstates to make your flags look better, and unfortunately this is the only file I have for the high quality version, having apparently lost the original in the near-decade and the several hard drive crashes since.

Symbolism wise, the wings are just meant to give off the general 'seraph' feel that the Advent have in Sins of a Solar Empire, while the big circle is meant to symbolize the Unity, a civilization spanning telepathic network that all citizens of the Advent are connected to. And also because the previous design just felt very formal and rigid for a nation that was based on what amounts to transhumanist hippies, more or less. In the extremely meager lore for Sins of a Solar Empire, being communist drug loving hippies is what got them exiled from human space in the first place.

Anyway, always liked this design. You can see the beginnings of a shift from more 'traditional' flag design as associated with Modern Tech/modern day flag making and a shift towards more simplistic, symbolic philosophy.
Since I'm still plucking along with building some new stuff in DOGA L3 and still stuck on this horrible potato computer, I decided to upload some really old flags for you to peruse.

Hope you enjoy.


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United States
Current Residence: If I'm here, you're there, and Istanbul is in this general area...
Favourite genre of music: Too many, can't pick
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Personal Quote: "Duty and courage for what is right holds more virtue than the ease of submissive conformity."



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