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This scene has a lot of promise, but there are definitely a few posing errors here that hurt it. The knight's stance is a little wooden...

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MIUV Type-8 Myrmidon
The Myrmidon Multipurpose Industrial Utility Vessel is re-designed, modern version of the venerable ODMCV Myrmidon. Much like its namesake, the Myrmidon was built for the express purpose of industrial activities in space. It possesses four large, magnetized and articulated grappling claws tipped with high power cutting lasers for moving cargo, ships, asteroids and other debris. It has a large storage area beneath the main hull for storing extracted ores, hull plating or serving as a makeshift docking clamp. The Myrmidon has four large thrusters on the port and starboard sides of the vessel, giving the ship a high degree of manueverability. As with its predecessor the MIUV is equipped with two high power lights for illuminating the often dark locales of shipwrecks of asteroid mining operations. The largest change to the Myrmidon is the addition of two M.O.V.E pods which can dock on the upper hull of the ship and can be entered via airlocks located just beyond the primary airlock, located at the back of the vessel directly above the engines. The crew complement has been increased to ten personnel, and the interior of the ship giving artificial gravity and spartan crew quarters for longer jobs.

Born out of a need to replace the horribly aging ODMCV Myrmidon, the MIUV was the natural evolution of the design. The old mistakes of the past have been stripped away to make room for the new and modern, and the MIUV Myrmidon is a highly effective industrial vessel. The quality of life on-board the Myrmidon has also risen as advances in technology have allowed for the installation of artificial gravity generators, sleeping alcoves and a small galley for crews on long work rotations. Life on-board a Myrmidon is still not entirely pleasant, but it is a welcome change from the sub-par conditions of it's predecessor.

Myrmidons can be used across a variety of jobs in space, from orbital construction, demolition, salvage operations and asteroid mining, and it's twin M.O.V.E pods replace the limited Dronepods that the previous model relied upon for supply and slipping into tight locations.

Seen here, a flight of Myrmidons pass by two asteroids that have been pulled into position for mining operations.


As usual, I hate the lore but there's really just not that much to say about it. Watch this space for changes, or something.
So. Here it is. The remake of my third ship model I ever put up on DeviantArt, remade for an era of higher skill and ability.
(See here for that:… )

This model has been sitting around for almost a year now, finally got around to putting it up. Basically I just couldn't stand the look of the old ship anymore, it reeked of someone who was still very new to DOGA as a whole. I wanted to make something new but still keep the overall shape of the original Myrmidon. I just sat down and started tweaking the design which largely involved stripping the entire thing apart. No more obvious clipping through parts and the so much better looking grappling claws (which can be extended in several different directions despite the fact no one but me will ever see it. I'm just like that). I definitely wanted to show that it had the ability to dock 'dronepods' onto it, and I eventually ended up modelling a entirely new ship for it, even if you can't really see the pads in this picture. I also wanted to make it bigger, so I upped the crew size and made the quality of life improvements to the inside.

I tried really hard to get an asteroid screenshot to at least mirror the original Myrmidon's image. 

And now for a story, given that this lore is so sparse. When I built the original Myrmidon I had been inspired by a rail-repair vehicle that was sitting on the railroad tracks of my home town. I loved how it looked, this gritty industrial vehicle sitting on the tracks, loaded with supplies and just overall looking pretty bad ass. I had planned to make a much smaller ship at the time but it just naturally evolved into the Myrmidon of old, and now evolved into this.  

All above original content belongs to me.
Model built in DOGA L3
Background taken with Space Engine.
Centaur-IV Rail Tank
The Typhon Dynamics Centaur-IV Rail Tank is one of the primary armored combat forces within the Imperial Star Republic's military. Built around a powerful railgun and modular secondary weapon systems, the Centaur-IV is controlled by a three man crew, as well as a Combat Assistance Program (CAP).

The Centaur is an old design that has been carried into the future through it's many successes in the battlefields of the past. Although designed as a tank destroyer, the Centaur quickly evolved into one of the primary armored weapons platforms used by Vocian forces. Like all Imperial vehicles, it is heavily armored and slower than it's counter parts, but it's long range main cannon gives the Centaur attack capability far beyond that of most other Imperial vehicles. However this power comes at a price; the main cannon cannot aim at targets above or below the vehicle, and it's longer barrel can be somewhat of a hindrance in close urban environments. To make up for these slight shortcomings, the Centaur is equipped with a Modular Tactical Weapons System that allows for it to be quickly and easily customized for differing mission parameters. This includes anti-armor rockets and missiles, heavy Vulcan cannons, machine guns and other weaponry. The Centaur also carries two heavy grenade launchers for combating fortified infantry where it's other weapons may not be able to reach.

The Centaur is manned by a crew of three, a driver, a gunner, and a commander. These are supplemented by a Combat Assistance Program, or CAP, who processes targeting data, communications and other logistical functions. The modern era Centaur uses an autoloader system for nearly all of it's weapon systems, and while the gunner can focus on using the main cannon, the CAP can be given authority to identify and engage with the secondary weapon systems. The Combat Assistance Program is in reality a Virtual Intelligence, or a very limited AI. In the event that the crew of the tank are killed or otherwise rendered inoperative while the tank is still functional, the CAP has the capacity to run the tank alone, although this is heavily taxing on it's systems. In the event that the tank has to be abandoned or the tank crew requires assistance, the CAP can easily be removed from the Centaur's command deck and deployed in another IStaR vehicle or function as a limited field operations computer.

While the Centaur is a powerful attacker, it lacks somewhat in defense. Most of it's weaponry is aggressive and while gimbaled turrets can be attached via the MTWS, the tank heavily relies on infantry support and the support of drones to fully protect it in close range when it cannot utilize it's various weapon systems. Centaurs are often deployed in groups of threes, with several infantry squads and drones each for adequate defense and to bring punishing firepower to the battlefield.

Despite it's age and shortcomings in close range, the Centaur has proven to be a hardy and exceedingly effective combatant in armored warfare, given the Imperial Star Republic's slower, heavier forces a non-artillery mobile ranged unit. The Centaur is also undergoing trials to see if it's treads can be replaced by repulsor jets, joining it's much larger Titan cousin as a hovertank. However due to the Centaur's smaller modern chassis and the recoil of it's main cannon, these tests have, so far, proven negative; large portions of the Centaur's heavy armor plating is required to be removed to make room for the repulsor mechanisms, making it easily vulnerable to even small arms fire. The recoil produced by the main cannon also overpowers the repulsor field, shaking the Centaur out of position when firing. While High Command has shown great interest in having a fast and heavily armored vehicle to support their forces, it seems that the Centaur, for now, is to remain a tread-bound engine of destruction.

Seen here, a Centaur with anti-armor rocket pods attached to it's MTWS hardpoints open fires on a target downrange.

As usual, the flufflore is garbage. Like I hate it more than I usually hate it, but I feel pressured to get this out before I end up sitting on it for another four months. And yeah, it's been done for months now, it just came down to writing the lore and finding a background.

Also, notice anything...different about the picture?

Anyway, after building the Titan Chimera tank and then realizing that I could use that tank's base as a modular platform for all other types of weapon systems, I felt the need to build a more dedicated tank, something that looked more like a tank, and as I had finally gotten over my dislike of the strange new parts that came with my fresh install of DOGA L3, I sat down and started mashing stuff together. Kind of. In reality I was just messing around when the modelling bug bit me. I tossed the main cannon together while messing around with the new parts to see if I could create a cool looking gun with the new parts, and then it all just kept expnading. Before I knew it I had a really incredible looking turret and main cannon, something I liked far more than the Titan's main gun. So then can the issue of giving it a body, but that, surprisingly, came together rather quickly. The main chassis was one large piece that thankfully worked with minimal tweaking and I just had to build off of that.

Design wise I initially wanted to make something that looked far more tankish, and I defaulted to looking at Halo first, but the Scorpion tank has always been a in design, so I tried looking at other designs before finally just winging it, because I knew that whatever I made was going to be defined by how well I made the hoverpods. I didn't realize it until much later, but the tank has an almost World War 1-2 look to it with the large treadwells and squat inner chassis.

Initially the Centaur was going to be a hovertank, just like the Titant. I actually finished it AS a hovertank. To give it locomotion I simply stripped the hoverpods off of the Titan and mashed them together with minimal difficulty, and then just added engine parts with some of the infamous blue orbs and it was done. All that was left was just hull detailing and messing around. I tried really, really, really hard to get a machine gun of some kind on this tank, but the large number of slope and angles and my refusal to have obvious clipping parts be visible simply made it impossible. Instead I went for a modular weapon system that could be switch out easily, just snap one part out and put another in. Also, custom rocket pods. Expect to see more of these on future builds.

So yeah, this tank came together in about two days, which was insanely fast. But then came the hard part, thinking up all the little details and deciding what I wanted to type here, as well as sifting through my very limited options for backgrounds. Due to those factors and work, I sat on it for a month before returning to it and messing around with the design more. I somehow, some miraculous way, managed to get parts aligned in such a fashion that they resembled actual tank treads. 

Like you guys don't even know how proud I am to have managed to make it work. DOGA L3 doesn't come with much in the way for tanks, which is why the Titan was a hovertank and why this one was going to be as well, but after a mixed reception to it hovering I sat down and busted my butt testing out parts until finally this all clicked together. And I couldn't be happier with the treads, but if I keep doing hover vehicles then one day the hovertank variant mentioned in the fluff above might make an appearance.

The name was a late pick as well. My ground vehicles are all based off of monsters in Greek mythology, so it was long process of finding one that sounded cool and fit the tank's role, and finally landed on Centaur. Of course, after I'd already committed I remembered there was a Centaur 'tank' in Gears of War 2, which had six wheels and was more like a Stryker than a tank, but oh well. 

As for picture composition, this was a lucky mistake. Typically when doing these, I just have to eyeball what I'm doing and then do my best to pick a surface texture that matches as best as it can with the background. But just out of curiosity, once I had finally landed on one of my THREE surface level backgrounds I have available until I get on a better PC, I simply decided to see what would happen when I mapped the background image to DOGA's background rendering sphere. And then it gave me this magnificent looking image, complete with reflections and making the tank look less standoutish, I was blown away by how good it looked. Don't expect this to happen with other images though, I got lucky here and the usual space backgrounds don't map well, so this might be a one off thing.

Also, the original upload was going to have three Centaurs in it, but while it looked okay, I wanted something more. So now you get this epic looking shot (with full action blasting!) of a single tank.

Hope you enjoyed it.

All above original content belongs to me.
Use without my expressed, written permission is forbidden.
Model made with DOGA L3
Background taken with Space Engine
Threshold - Class Orbital Defense Platform
The Threshold Orbital Defense Platform is one of several lines of defense that the Imperial Star Republic uses to protect its assets, be they planets, moons, space stations or other strategic positions. At a length of 610 meters, the Threshold is the size of a heavy frigate, and is loaded with two heavy Mjolnir Mk.II cannons, twenty four medium cannons, sixteen Gunnr liight cannons,twelve Artemis missile batteries and has four configurable drone hangars, each capable of launching one hundred SPAR drones.

Developed by the IStaR and constructed by Typhon Dynamics to counter the ever increasingly sophisticated and deadly starships of the IStaR's rivals, the Threshold is typically deployed in groups of twelve around the much larger Warden-Class orbital defense platform. The platforms are built in drydock and then towed into position around the Warden, where they will remain until they are re-tasked of destroyed. Threshold platforms are entirely unmanned and are controlled remotely by targeting computers or officers within the command section of the Warden ODS, with a back-up targeting mainframe located within the Threshold's central core that allows for independent operation, though not as effective. In the event of the Warden's command center falling to enemy attack, the Threshold platforms can still operate on their own accord via a Dead Man Switch protocol. There are very few open spaces within the platform, and what little space is not taken up by the internal mechanisms of the weapon systems and ammo loaders is small, cramped, and built entirely for maintenance purposes only.

The platform can shift it's entire hull into a new position within moments to give it's guns maximum firing arc capability. Few enemy ships have survived unscathed from the onslaught of twenty-one cannons firing down upon them as a Threshold positions itself vertically from a single threshold platform. Four docking ports for supply ships are located at the platform's midsection, at the base of the heavy cannons, behind the Skuld laser defense clusters and between the primary exhaust ports. The platform is powered by two reactor cores, each nestled behind the heavy armor of the platform's midsection.

For defense, Thresholds rely entirely on their armor, their Skuld point defense systems and their small, configurable drone fleet. Threshold platforms are slightly under-armored in comparison to IStaR warship, and prioritize enemy capital ships over smaller strikecraft, which their cannons and missiles have difficulty tracking. For this, the Threshold relies entirely on it's Skuld defense lasers and it's complement of drones. Depending on the importance of a planet, station or other point of strategic interest to the IStaR and the other orbital defenses around it, a Threshold may be loaded with several different varieties of drone strikecraft. In it's most common configuration, Thresholds are capable of launching four hundred SPAR drones within seconds, providing itself with a screen of cheap, expendable units against smaller enemy strikecraft. No matter the type of drone loaded on-board the platform, they are controlled by the platforms's on-board Remote Autonomous Vehicle Network (RAVN) AI, nestled deep behind layers of armor. The Thresholds were also, during initial testing, designed to launch mines into the local area around the platform. However, these tests proved to be a disaster as the outgoing fire from the platforms and the swarms of drones would trigger accidental detonations of the minefield, with one platform being destroyed entirely.

Falling in line with their Dead Man Switch independent fire control module, each Threshold can be detonated remotely to prevent enemy control of the platforms.

Despite it's somewhat lacking defense, the Threshold makes up for it in overwhelming firepower. No matter if they are deployed en-masse with a Warden ODP or in smaller numbers, Thresholds are viciously effective at what they do.

Seen here, a singular Threshold Orbital Defense Platform holds position over a Imperial world.


Hate the fluff, but then again I always do.

Anyway, hey look I uploaded a model (which is what you guys are here for). This is, as it says in the title, an orbital defense platform. But it's NOT the only ODP that I've got in mind, just the first one I've constructed. I've always wanted to do something a little different from the standard 'big giant kill stick of doom' type of planetary defenses you see in science fiction. I instead started thinking about how blimps were used back by the UK back in the days of World War II, basically floating platforms designed to absorb bombs from hitting the homes below. It made a ton of sense, and if I made my own platform and loaded it with guns and missiles? That way, when I eventually built my more traditional 'big giant kill stick of doom', I could focus on making it fortified and dedicated to one thing only: Blowing the crap out of enemy capital ships.

As an aside, I just want to point out that while I was doing research and looking up some inspiration for the Warden ODP, it's really amazing how little actual visual examples there are for orbital defenses. Like primarily there's just the big MAC guns from Halo, the plasma guns from Independence Day Resurgence, and Star Trek Deep Space 9 (primarily the Cardassian orbital defenses, which are crazy overpowered for what their size but then again, Trek). You'd think that there would be more out there, right? But no, it's largely just those examples, and they're almost always some kind of big gunstick. Oh, and the CGI Starship Troopers films have orbital defense platforms, but like the MAC cannons of Halo, they seem to also operate as light space stations. Which I find to be silly; you don't make your orbital defense vulnerable by adding in human habitation sections or things that can be exploited by the enemy. These are weapons, build your dedicated stations behind the defense line if you want fancy atriums with gardens and benches.

*Glares at Halo 2*

Anyway, the Threshold was born. It was actually easy to design. A couple of years ago I had built a large section of hull that was intended for a starship that never came to be, but after fiddling with it a bit I was able to mirror it and turn it into more or less what I was looking for, shape wise. But with old designs come old problems born out of a lack of skill that older version of me possessed. After I had started working with it, it turned out there were far more flaws in part placement than I had first imagined. I tried to correct as best as I could but it turned out to be far easier just to start from scratch. And besides, the previous design didn't have enough guns. So I tossed it out and started building, keeping the same general profile in mind. I wanted it to have two big guns and a load of smaller ones, plus some missiles. At some point my big anti-ship missiles were involved, but I stripped those out because it started to feel a little overpowered. Plus it was suggested to include mine launchers on to platform, which I experimented with but found the concept overall unappealing (mainly due to the reasons in the fluff lore and because again, over-powered).

And I guess if it's not entirely clear, those bigger cannons can fire straight up, as well as spin entirely around. The light cannons, no, but that's fine, not every gun needs to be able to track targets at nearly every angle. I think part of my 'problem' is that I build all this stuff with the ability to 'work' in the sense that if I even needed to pose these things in a certain way for a certain scene, I can. I've gotten a lot better at making ship guns that look more 'realistic' plus more in scale with the actual ships. My older stuff? Bleh, the guns are way oversized and look a little ridiculous. These newer cannons I have are far superior in function and form and I'm slowly phasing out the older ones. Models that already have the old cannons on them, can't really do anything about, but any new models will have guns like the ones in this image on them.

I had also recently come up with the Remote Autonomous Vehicle Network (RAVN) AI system and wanted to include it, so thus the drones (which will get their own upload soon enough) instead of mines. I felt this gave the platform a good enough defense system so that it could, in keeping with what my other warfare focused vessels towards, being a heavy hitter. It has weaknesses, but it's still going to mess you up if you get within range.

Going back to other designs for a moment, in Halo, the big MAC cannons you see and play within during Halo 2 have their own on-board reactors, whereas the defenses for the planet Reach were powered by ground based reactors, which always seemed...well, dumb. In fact, they were the primary reason the planet was lost so quickly, the ground defense forces crumpled and as soon as the reactors went down, so did the orbital defenses. Ugh. So I wanted to avoid that with these and give them the ability to function entirely on their own with a Dead Man Switch type of setup.

Anyway, getting back to the design commentary....

Honestly the part that took the longest for this model was figuring out the hull detailing, giving it greebles to represent armor plating, technical bits and make the model look a little more alive. I took longer than usual because of the amount of guns that would be on the model, and since I'm unable to load each gun model as it's own part, the program has to load every single polygon associated with that model, thus increasing the load on the program. So with all the guns that I knew had to be on it, I had to plan out just what details I needed to add instead of just winging it like I typically do when I go into detailing mode. I added all the details on one side of the model and only had the upper heavy cannon, one medium cannon and one light cannon along with three missile launchers, and then when I was ready I just mirrored everything to the right, bottom and back of the model and prayed like hell it didn't crash or become so overloaded that it took forever to load the model.

Luckily it all came out looking great. I'm not happy with the planet, but I'm relying on the pretty small contents of my Space Engine screenshot folder. The next few models however don't require anything overly specific and they're already complete, so it's just a matter of posing and then sitting down to write some fluff.

Hope you enjoyed.

Threshold ODP, IStaR, Imperial Star Republic, and all above content belongs to me.
Use without my written, expressed permission is forbidden.
Model created using DOGA-L3
Screenshot taken with Space Engine
This scene has a lot of promise, but there are definitely a few posing errors here that hurt it.

The knight's stance is a little wooden, yes. He needs to be in a more 'at ready' stance with his legs. His left leg needs to be a little bent and in a forward position with his shield, while his right leg needs to be extended behind him to allow for additional stopping force or pushing himself forward to strike. His sword arm should also be more locked into a right angle in preparation to strike. This overall stance allows him to have a faster response time and distributes the weight of his armor more so that he can initiate a charge or be better prepared to take the force of an attack on the shield.

The dragon's wings should be pulled in to it's sides, either halfway or entirely. It's in tight quarters so having them out like that would make it harder for the dragon to move and attack. There's no indication that the dragon flew in there, due to the hanging cloth overhead and the small entryway, so for scene narrative, it doesn't work. The eye should also be given an iris, a vertical slit facing forward so that it shows the dragon is looking at the knight. You might also try giving it a better scale texture, if possible as it looks a bit plastic/rubbery where the texture is extended a bit too much, especially on the right wing. Closing the wing and shifting their position so that we don't see the upper part it might help this. You might also add some gore around it's mouth, neck, talons to show the other night is dead, as well as some blood pooling at the edge of the sunlight.

The woman (I assume the dragon's owner) looks fine other than her eyes blend with the facepaint. If possible you might re-work this to go across her eyes like Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road, or pick another facepaint design. Her pose is fine, it shows she has confidence and very little fear or apprehension or her opponent. I would raise the sword tip up just a little bit, the word contrasts well with the dragon's body but it blends in with the stone background, so re-position the tip of the blade upward more, and this will also show that while her body might be casual she's clearly ready to attack/defend.

Also remember to remove to remove the toolbar and window outlines at the bottom and sides of the image.

Other than that, I REALLY like the colors and lighting here, it's very well done and certainly brings you into the atmosphere of the scene. I look forward to seeing the finished product!
Realm Space WIP Logo
This is a [very] Work In Progress logo for a project I've been working on for about four years now (what else is new, right?).  I expect to have a much better one when I'm ready to release more information regarding the project. Plus I felt like just putting /something/ up for you guys to look at/read (however briefly). My work year is coming to a close and I have several models ready to go, so expect some normal stuff within the next few weeks/month.

Realm Space is a science-fantasy setting I've been working on, off and on, with a decidedly more limited scope than my other projects. Instead of taking place across a vast number of star systems and worlds, Realm Space simply takes place in one solar system across a handful of planets and moons. The tech is a mix of highly advanced and sleek cities and starships, to backwater clunk, with themes that borrow heavily from Medieval and Renaissance era Europe. It has plenty of human vs human conflict along with humans vs aliens, with power armor, swords, assault rifles and technology that could be compared to magic.

I'll save the heavy details for later posts, but the origin of this project originally came about when a friend and I were discussing the enormous lost opportunity that Destiny 1 was and how it failed to fully embrace the fantastical elements of it (among all the other things that it had failed to do). This discussion eventually resulted in a massive brainstorming session for me (I filled up a 100 page spiral notebook with concept exploration and development in relatively little time). The result was very much swords and sorcery alongside assault rifles and power armor. Distinct from the original source of inspiration, and honestly and acknowledging my bias, I think it's actually better than Destiny ever was.

The Longsword frigate found in my gallery, for example, was originally made for this project before I eventually moved it into my primary project's universe.

Realm Space belongs to me.

Logo/Model made in DOGA L3
Background taken with Space Engine
Hey there.

Just wanted to let you know that I have tons of models made that I plan on uploading, but it's very slow going as I have to find backgrounds for them via Space Engine, which right now I can only access on a very old laptop that barely runs it. Then I have to transfer it over to this potato of a PC and then hope that all the old models which are just, frankly, overboard on detailing don't crash DoGA when they're loaded, let alone posing them.

So more of the stuff you come here to see is coming, but it's just a long process because getting a non-potato rig costs, you know, a ton of money.


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