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Undead Norm #2 out on Sept 14!

Mon Sep 9, 2013, 8:19 AM

Undead Norm #2 will debut at Soundwave's Secret Villains Party this Saturday, September 14! Afterwards we will release the comic for purchase online and at other comic stores. 
Undead Norm is a zombie comedy webcomic that follows a guy named Norm as he becomes one of the first zombies. In his adventures he meets and sometimes eats interested people along the way.

In this second issue we have the following chapters from the website:
- Hunter Comes to Town - (lineart/letters Melanie Florencio story/colors Christine Brunson) One man strives to fulfill his self-proclaimed calling as humanity's savior from the zombie outbreak.
- What Happened to Brody? - (lineart/colors/letters =MichaelLinkJr story Christine Brunson) - We take a look at Norm's friend Brody and what happened to him.

Book Exclusives:
- What Happened to Brody Production Notes - Michael Link shares his notes and sketches from his work.
- Norm Meets His Makers - (story/lineart/colors Christine Brunson letters Chris Johnson) Find out what happens when Melanie and Christine as faced with their creation!
- Pin-Up by Matthew D. Smith!

Read the comic:

5 Days Left for Skin Crawling Comics!

Skin Crawling Comics is on IndieGoGo and we need your help to get this book published!  The campaign is a fixed funding one meaning if we don't meet our goal then the book doesn't get published!  This book is full of some creepy horror comics and there are a lot of talented creators in the book.  They also let me write a story and color two stories!  There really is a lot of awesome work in this book so if you can help out by donating and/or reposting the link, please do!  Thank you!

Upcoming Conventions/Events

September 14
Summerville, SC

October 26
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November 8-10
North Charleston, SC

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Sketchcard - Vanellope Von Schweetz by StineTheKitty  Sketchcard - Alice Madness Returns by StineTheKitty
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hushicho Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
This is wonderful news!! Well done!! :)

StineTheKitty Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you, Hush! :glomp: I'm so glad to finally have it ready!
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September 9, 2013


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