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Update 11.07.2010
New version of thm.ufm, thm.ulb and thm.upr released.
To use my classes please first click Options/Update public formulas.

New classes added:

THMJuliaManual is a helper class to switch a formula by editing a seed value.
Note: This class doesn't support switching by Fractal Mode window (shift F4).
But this is not a functional restriction in combination with other classes:)

TswTransform allows to change a fractal shape with one of the many avail-
able Transform plug-ins. The traditional way in UF for that is click the
Mapping Tab in the Layer Properties window and add a transformation. The
TswTransform class has the additional ability to use the Switch Mode (F7)

THMLambdaTransform is a plug-in for TswTransform class. E.g. a Mandelbrot
fractal will change it's shape to a Lambda fractal. (There is a Lambda in
Standard.ufm) You can change any fractal with this plug-in.

TswFormulaTransform is a plug-in for TswTransform class. A fractal shape
is changed by using another fractal formula as the transform operation.

TSwCGreenNewton is a fractal formula invented by Chris Green.

The thm.upr file contains several new examples to play with. Please don't
hesitate to open the odd looking fractals with "Hit_F7" in their titles:)
When you open one, hit F7, hoover over the fractal you'll get a nice surprise:)
(but no money...)

Note: If you used formulas from mmf.ulb within my classes
some changes in your parameters may appear. Then try to set
the option "Manual Over-ride" in the fractal formula. That should
set your parameter to the previous state.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Update 10.21.2010
New version of thm.ufm and thm.ulb released.
To use my classes please first click Options/Update public formulas.

New classes added:
THMSwitchBlend101, THMSwitchNewton101.
These two classes replace the old classes THMSwitchBlend and THMSwitchNewton
due to better functionality. The old classes still exists to avoid parameter
breaking and are from now on not usable anymore. (Except for programmers...)

New formula classes added:
thmSwitchSpider that is an enhanced version of the original spider fractal
and TSwBoniecki1 that is a variant of a sterling formula (newton like).

And i fixed some very nasty good hided bugs ;-)

fixed: The 2 magnet fractals from mmf.ulb were wrong rendered.
fixed: Several fractals (but not all) from reb.ulb denied to switch.
fixed: In Interlace class the switch option worked wrong for those fractals
       that have a start value of zero.(Others have pixel as the start value)
       Now there is an option "Adjust Julia mode" in the Interlace101 class.
fixed: Changing the weightings in the Blend class causes a distortion
       of the fractal shape. This was only visible when only one formula
       was enabled...

I added several new examples to thm.upr.

All parameters from you using my classes that were created between the last and
this release should remain unchanged.
If not, please drop me a note:-)

Update 10.15.2010

New version of thm.ufm and thm.ulb released.

To use my classes please first click Options/Update public formulas.

New fractal classes added:

thmSwitchMandelCake and thmSwitchNewton

Fixed a bug that causes some fractal from reb.ulb not switched
in the correct way.
Fixed a bug that causes wrong render result with mandelbrot formulas
plugged in by the thmswitchinterlace class.

In some cases that fixing can lead to change fractal parameters based on my
classes. Sorry for that. I did my best to avoid breaking existing parameters.
The parameter in thm.upr are not be affected.

In the past i ignore the class feature of Ultrafractal.
  But some weeks ago i found the blend formula from Greenseng and decided to migrate it into a class. (With his kindly permission)
Now it's easy to change the formulas for blending. Before that the
only way was to write a new formula when i want to blend other formulas.

Here is an example: Unreal (with parameter:)

To use my classes please first click Options/Update public formulas.
The quickest way to get an idea what is it all about is to open the
new thm.upr in the folder public/formulas or open the
ThmGenericSwitch formula in thm.ufm.
Some further informations:

Purpose for writing this classes was my wish to have the Switch
feature in classes available. What is a Mandelbrot without his Julia?

I'm not the only one who write switchable class formulas.
There are already 2 authors who provide switchable classes
too. In reb.ucl and mmf.ucl are such classes.
To be able to use this classes from within my ThmGenericSwitch
formula i wrote 2 plug-ins that can support the switch feature
  for reb.ucl and mmf.ucl.
  For class writers it means they have 3 authors to descent their
  switchable classes from. All those classes can now run from within
  my ThmGenericSwitch formula.
  For mmf.ucl switchable classes use THMSwitchPlug_MMF
  For reb.ucl switchable classes use THMSwitchPlug_REB

And not enough: This library contains the
class THMSwitchBlend (Thanks to Stig Petterson)
  that can mix 3 fractal formulas
smoothly together. To mix more than 3 fractals together
simply plug in the THMSwitchBlend into the THMSwitchBlend.
Believe me you will enter new universes.

There is also a class THMSwitchFuncInterlace for combining
formulas. E.g. z=mandelfn(novafn(z))

To make live easier i wrote also some Plug-ins for bailout

And last not least i migrated some formulas to classes all with
the switch feature of course;-)
  Have fun with the new toys:)
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