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the self portrait

I've had this in mind for a while and finally got round to doing it hurrah! Rather suitable for my atavar methinks... if only it wasn't such a big file dammit! I did lots of self portraits in art lessons at school - much easier than trying to get other people to sit still - so i got called mr vain after a while! Thankfully I'm pretty much over the disease and i only do a self portrait these days when i'm dispairing of finding anyone else to draw... :D

it seemed a bit of a mammoth when i was doing it - 300+ frames!

EDIT: I've speeded up bits of it and added a bit of head scratching - the head scratching made me laugh, i'm always doing it... oh and just added a grey border to the paper to define it on white backgrounds
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It's really great! :aww:
+ fav
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I love it.
He does seem to be floating though. x3
And it does seem somewhat slow to me. :/

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:) thanks!
I've kept parts of it quite slow because i have to have a good ponder before i paint lol. I know what you mean about the floating tho, the height of the easel doesnt help!
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Yeah, that does make sense to think about a painting like that. xD
No the easel does not help. x3
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Nice idea and a nicely done emoticon :thumbsup: The only thing Id change is the speed of the animation... he looks either like he is too old or he`s in 0 gravity :D
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:D yeah he does lol. I was thinking about a little update to speed him up a bit and also make him do a bit more with his second hand, shouldnt be too hard to sort out :)
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